Ghost Hunt Random Roleplay

Summary: What happens when Naru loses a bet with Yasu?

AN: Heuheuheu Oh hai thar~ This was my 1st attempt at role playing and it ended up like a story so I decided to edit some stuff and post it ^.^ This is also my 1st fanfic btw~ Enjoy~ ;w; *throws cookies*

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/Starter: Naru loses a bet to Yasuhara .


Italics: Tsunami

"...So what is it that I have to do?" Naru sighs deeply in exasperation at the loss, wanting to get it over with with whatever Yasuhara was planning.

"Well…" Yasuhara pauses to think for a second, plotting all sorts of ways to humiliate Naru. Glasses glinting evilly, Yasu smiles, sending chills down Naru's spine. "Go into the room where Masako, Ayako, and Mai are and tell them that the two of you look pretty cute today."

'No. Fucking. Way.' was the only thought that passed through Naru's had before he promptly refused outright, "Absolutely not! Unthinkable! Something else rather. This is only a petty little loss, why would I need to do something as ridiculous as that?"

"Well it's either that or asking Bou-san out and admitting that you're actually gay," Yasu said while casually reaching for one of Mai's chocolate cookies; the very cookies that caused Naru to lose the bet. Smiling evilly, Yasu leaned back and took a bite of the cookie while watching Naru's internal conflict.

"WHAT?!" He shouted loudly, this being one of the rare moments where he lost his cool.Just as quickly however, he quickly regained his cool composure, "Why...something so foolish? I am neither gay nor willing to say such things to the girls. If I don't truly mean something, then what's the point of even saying it?"

"Naru, I thought it was pretty obvious," Yasu deadpanned. "First of all, YOU are the one that lost this bet and also," Yasu whispered quietly as he turned to leave "the earth is a sphere, there is no point."

"Did you...did you just-?" More than anything, he was exasperated by the pathetic attempt at sarcasm the dark-haired male tried at. A tic began to form under his left eye, otherwise his calm expression remained on his face, "You're unbelievable. "He then gave a deep sigh of contempt, a hand reaching up to brush through his hair, "Why compliment the girls? If it's you who has feelings for them, then you should say it yourself to then rather then sending me as a dog to do your biddings."

Smirking, Yasu pushed up his glasses. "This is why you never make bets with me Kazuya, because when you lose, I'll be sure to make you regret it." "Excuse me, Mai just called me," with a smug smile on his face, Yasu turned and left the room

"Tch! Oi, Yasu-!" Before he could finish his words, the said person had already disappeared. That damn bastard! Huffing with irritation, the supposed narcissist stayed sitting upon the couch for a moment longer, thinking about his doomed fate before finally relenting. With a quiet groan, he stood to his feet before making his way to the room where the girls were for sure dwelling at. Standing in front of the shut door, he could hear loud chattering and peals of laughter from within, the cheerful aura from the room nearly repelling him. Gritting his teeth, he then steeled himself to knock on the door briefly and loudly.

"Coming!" The sound of light footsteps were heard as Mai quickly walked to the door. Opening it and sticking her head out, Mai saw Naru and thought the tyrant had come to demand for more tea. "I'm assuming you're here for your tea, give me a few minutes and I'll have it ready." Mai started to close the door and head towards the kitchen, stopping to hand Yasu another plate of cookies.

"Wait-Mai, stop. It's not about tea." Naru had to force himself to even try and stop the girl from her action. "It's something...just get back into the room." Altogether he gave up on trying to be gentle with his words for once-going back to his usual stern attitude. As he exchanged words with Mai, he casually noticed that the other two girls in the room were watching him with distrustful looks, as well as curiosity and interest. "Please." he added for persuading the other girl to listen.

Walking towards Yasu, Mai raised an eyebrow. "Did the great narcissist just say please?" "Yasu, please tell me you recorded that." Holding out his phone, Yasu smirked. "Psssh I did actually, would you like to hear it again?" Naru just glared at Yasu, whose hand was hovering just above the playback button.

He sighed heavily, "Get IN." Without another word, he had taken Mai by her wrist before practically dragging her back into the room. The stressful situation itself that he was in bringing him to fluster and embarrassment. When the three girls stood before him in the room, eyes pinned on him, he was suddenly at loss for words. Coughing slightly to delay his words, he then looked down slightly, an undeniable red tinge to his cheeks. 'Fuck you, Yasuhara.' was the only thought that passed his mind.

Yasu, as if reading Naru's mind, mouths, "I'm not cheating on Bou-san" The three girls looked at each other, having no clue at what was going on. Looking straight at Naru, Yasu changed his facial expression into something that caused Naru to almost shudder. "Naru are you gay?"

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