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As I said in Too Much Past: I'm making specials christmas histories/sequels.

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Chris POV

I was in the middle of a wildfire. Martin decided to stay on Tortuga till Aviva makes the disks. I heard na big howl coming. Little howler was in danger! I run into the florest and found the poor creature. I congrated to find a away out but when Little Howler had already passed it a tree fell and burned half of my face. The way out is close now. I don't have any escape.

Martin POV

I saw little Howler coming in my direction yelping. I saw a wild fire near where I saw my brother last time... Oh, wait... Did he? I started to run and fight that wild fire.

After the wild fire is gone.

I found my brother. Aviva went to check his pulse. Dead... My brother is dead! We all closed our eyes for a second and then. He was gone! We all went to Tortuga.

Some weeks later... Aviva POV

Martin was really hurt with Chris's dead. He don't want to eat or sleep.

"Martin. You have to eat and rest!" Koki was trying to convince him to go.

"No way, Koki!"

I had an idea... " What about opening Chris's room? Only you know the password!" I said. Trying to cheer him up. He ate a lot after that.

"What was my brother hiding in the other side?" He asked him self

"You don't know?!" Jimmy asked. Martin nodded. He opened the door and we saw a lot of technology, holograms... Oh geez that place is my dream!

"Hi I'm Christ-holo (Nana: familiar don't think?) . And you're?" an computed voice said. "Do you know Christopher?"

"Yes we know him. I'm his brother. And these are my friends." Martin said

"If you're here... Did Chris...?" Christ-holo asked

"Yes... He is dead." I said.

"Let me make a tour to his room. It is a lot bigger than you think."