Some minutes later… Martin POV

I can't believe on this. I'll be wearing another of Donita's clothes and Soulpath will be Gourmand's dinner. What worse could happen? My brother being ate by Gourmand like last time? Ok... That's just a bit worse.

" Where is your brother?" Gourmand asked

"He died. Thanks to a fire."

Chris POV

I think I have an idea to get out of here and save Martin. I wait till the moon rise, transform me back to human, defeat Donita and Gourmand, free Martin and delete the details of my appearance of the villains minds.

A few minutes before the moon rising...

I got Martin's attention and transformed back to human... Or at least hybrid between wolf and human. I kept my wolf tail and ears. Unfortunately, my face was totally being showed, I mean, even the burned part was visible. Martin couldn't believe. I run into Donita and Gourmand I didn't needed to fight, just made the modifications of their memories and freed Martin.

"S...Chr..." he said. He was too confuse. "Bro? Are..."

"Yeah... Please don't get me wrong..." I tried to explain.

The sun started to rise and I got back to wolf form. I started to step back. Fear, the only feeling I'm having now.

"I don't get you wrong... But... Your face..." he knelt " We both know this is a lot of info at once for me. I'll wait till the full moon..."

Even if he doesn't get me wrong I'm scared. I just start to run away. Martin tried to catch me but he didn't. I stopped on lake after losing him.

Martin POV

I kept looking for Chris. I feel bad for him. I just don't understand how he survived. Or why he didn't told me earlier. I decided to call the crew.

"Go MK." Aviva said

"You are NOT going to believe in just what happened! Chris IS Soulpath!" I said

"Wha... Where is him?" she asked

"Uh... That's the problem... He run away... And I lost him..."

"Oh, good! Now: how do you want to find him?!"

Then I hear some yelps. I turned off the call and followed the sound. I had found Chris!

"Can I?" I said. Chris looked at me and back to the lake. I walked to his side. His reflection is his human form. My brother was crying.

'Why you're here?' his reflection looked to say

"Why I am here?! Chris, I'm your brother! You have no idea how much I've missed you!" I said

He just rest his head on my legs and I pet him. Chris gave me a look like 'It's good to be back'.

"Martin! Come in!" Koki was contacting me.

"Martin here. What it is, Koki?" I asked

"Did you find him?" Aviva asked

I thought. Chris made this situation only by my reaction. What would he do if another three reacted in the same way or worse?

"No Koki. I'm just catching a breath to continue looking for him."

"Ok. Better hurry." And she turned off the call. My little brother looked at me.

"We only go when you want. I already told them but I'm not sure of their reaction."