She knows why she is here. Her story is not finished yet. And although time does not work the same here as it did during her life, she knows she has been here much longer than most. And time does pass slowly. She does not have to eat. Or sleep. She simply exists, listlessly waiting, pondering for them to arrive. So she can rest in peace and head on to the next step. Whatever her fate might be.

At first, the place was village she had grown up in. She stayed in her hut from her life, though it was a gruesome distortion of it. Not that she had liked it much in life, mind you. Most of her life had been in that hut. She had been born there, grown into a woman there, been carried across the threshold there, and most beautifully, bore a son there. Yet, she had not died there.

She stayed in the distorted version of her village for sometime with others she had known in life, but slowly everyone else's unfinished business became finished. Their missed loves, unfinished feuds, unending hatreds, promises, and vows were all completed or let go in some manner. And when she was left alone in a village, the man came. He was not a man, he was something more elusive, but she knew nothing more of him than he controlled whether she stayed or moved on.

The man relocated her. She was on her beloved's ship. Or, rather, a shadow of his ship. Her beloved would have never let it go into such disrepair. She met some of the sailors she had known in life. They told her that they had lived more than one lifetime, and that her beloved was in Neverland plotting to avenge her. And so she lived on a parody of the ship always sailing through rocky waters, guiding the lost sailors as a way to solace herself, while she waited. But eventually, all the sailors found the ones they were waiting for. And they, too, moved on. And then the hateful man reappeared. She asked when she would move on. He shook his head and said that she was unusual. The three people she had to face had found ways to cheat death. So her business would remain unfinished. So she would have to wait a little longer yet before her judgment.

She was relocated, again, this time to an unfamiliar place. A village unlike any she had never seen before. The other residents told her that it was from a different realm. But eventually, she found a way to navigate the desolate place, and settled down to wait. Again.