Writers POV

Hello This is my first story - Addie writing this. This is a Grumpy Cat Fanfiction, if you didn't understand that from the title. Let's get started before you start throwing something at me! Also its in 1st person... I think!


I was strolling in my front yard and thinking about the horrible fresh grass smell. Why couldn't it be dead grass? It doesn't make you want to start itching and it smells nicer and it feels good on the paws. Then, I heard a horrible screeching and smelt a horrible smell! I looked up immediately to see a large van with letters on the side spelling MOVING VAN open 7 days. I spelt it out and figured out that it said "moving van."

"Whats up with humans making everyone do so much work? As if being awake isn't enough."

I heard a soft meowing and it made me even more upset, they have a cat too? As if infesting the neighbour's house with happiness wasn't enough, a man came out of the back of the truck, rolling up the door. A cat sprang out, hurdling towards their new home. I was even more disapointed when I saw who I suspected were the owners come out of the van holding a plant pot. They were bringing too much life to my home! It wasn't fair, I would have to get them back somehow.

I took a long nap. I guessed 4 hours. it made my day a little better. I heard my name.

"tartar sauce?"

Writers POV

Yes, that really is Grumpy Cat's real name! I think... BACK TO THE STORY!


Oh yes, my owner, the one I couldn't trust, who always tried to make me happy.

Like I always say, if life gives you lemons, squirt them at people... or throw. That's good too anyway.

I crept inside through the annoying new door he had made for me, which made me have to do more work! My owner says I need exercise but I think he has mistaken me with himself. I came in to find a bowl with my name on it.

"Perfect more reading!"

I looked in and saw milk with bits of kibble in it. Just how I ... hated it. I went outside to get more sleep, only taking a small nibble of my food, planning to throw it all up later and hope my owner finally realizes THAT I HATE IT! I stormed outside and lay down on a spot. I had been working on killing all life there for a while now when a lemon came down with a loud SPLAT!

"My spot IT'S RUINED. All that time and work all gone! ITS THE ONLY THING I EVER REALLY PUT WORK INTO...all gone! And I'm covered in a icky substance."

Writers POV

Gonna end it there. I know I'm evil, not insane like most of my friends. Oh and I'm evil for ending it on a cliff hanger! Just in case your one of the few people who didn't understand that and yes, I am treating you like idiots, after all this is a Grumpy Cat fanfiction!