I saw that the plant pot they carried in earlier as now sprouting green with baseball sized yellow I pauses and realized they were lemons and that the stuff on me was lemon juice another large lemon came down with a splat not reaching me entirely

"I understand I tell people to throw lemons BUT NEVER AT ME!" I shouted hoping they would hear me

I peered over the hedge that was separating the two houses and saw a ginger cat licking her paw she glanced up and saw me and threw another lemon I ducked just in time and moved towards the house crawling like soldiers I got inside throw the door and slumped against the couch My owner nearly stepped on me definitely could not trust him Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you there well I'm going out for work see you tomorrow tartar! He said slamming the door behind him

"Thanks for the warning" I said

I scanned the house for a good hiding place I couldn't find anything good I found a flight of stairs going down I'll just see how hard it is and if its not 100% easy for me I won't do it I have done to much work today! I thought to myself I reached out a paw

"To hard." I decided

And went to turn around but I fell down the flight of stairs and into a room I landed on all fours of course this room had cobwebs it was dark I decided that this would be my hiding place even though it was ... perfect! I would have to make adjustments, the window was a perfect view to the neighbours house I thought that I wouldn't be able to see the neighbours I thought I was in the ground I looked at the staircase and realized something I had not before there was one step thats why it was able to have windows!

Now I need a plan a perfect one so perfect that the other cat throwing lemons at me will have to stop! So what can I do? I put my thinking face on

1 hour later

Nothing! I don't have anything my mind isn't made to do so much work then something creaked and for the first time in my life apart from the time I was born I was mad! very mad! I heard a noise I heard more and more lemons thats it I would have to make friends with this cat and then when it trusted me I WOULD USE FORCE AND MAKE IT STOP ANNOYING ME It had to work!

2 hours later

I finally made it up the stair and out the door

"Stop throwing lemons at me I'm friendly!" I meowed loudly

"I doubt that!" the other cat said

Their talking to me this is a start at least! I walked to the very end of the fence, and peered round the ginger cat was licking lemon juice of her paws and fur I slowly creeped round the bushes trying not to spook them

"to much effort is going into this plan mabye I need to think of a new one" I thought aloud

then she swiftly looked up her ears twitching and she smiled a wicked grin and slinked off into the house

Writers POV

Ending it now well bye HEY! I see you Mr don't you dare throw that tomato I like this top good bye I'm running away now