Nana: Hi again! I'm working with Jakaynne.WE DON'T WON WILD KRATTS! ONLY ALEX IS MINE!

Reminder: I'm making christmas special/sequels. I'm asking for help in some histories. Anothers will have options to you choose the destiny of them. To collab on the histories you need or an fanfiction acount or a deviantart acount.

Let's start!

Chris POV:

Here we were again...fighting Zach. Again we won... But an unspected thing happened...

"You rats made a big mess! The ship is falling!" then he saw a Jetpack "I'm our of here." Martin and I were lost. We decide to call Aviva and the others to say good bye.

Aviva POV:

We saw Zach's jet falling and then a guy in black flew away with a jet pack. Some minutes later the boys called.

"*cough* We can't get out of here... But we want to present you Alex Kratt "Chris said showing another boy. He had light brown hair and an brown and blue eyes. He was taller than Chris but smaller than Martin.

"Or he get out of here and we try to find another way or we all die... Alex will take our charge on the team till you find us...*cough cough cough zzzzippzzzz*" Then we lost communication.

We saw somebody falling in a parachute .We landed and helped him. He was Alex. We went in on the rest of the plane. We found the guys creature pods...we saw that those had 2 videos.

"Guys? Martin! I lost contact!"

"That's bad... A way out!" Martin pointed

Then the bros jumped and leaved the creature pods and the t shirts (green and blue) there. The low battery signal appears both turn off.

"They will be okay." Alex said. I looked him in his eyes... For a second they looked totally brown...and in another they were brown and blue again.

We went to the Tortuga. And went to sleep.

Zach POV:

I looked to the cameras again... unbelievable... what those rats can make. Those brothers stole my invention! They will pay... With their dear Alex.