3rd Person View

Martin opens his eyes and sees nothing is wrong with him. Even though he wasn't really showing signs before. He crawls over to Chris who was laying down on the ground with his eyes still close.

"Chris? Brother, are you okay?"

Chris moans and mumbles something.



"Hey Zach, you have any water...that antidote stuff makes you thirsty," Martin said realizing he too was thirsty.

"Zachbots! Get them some water! Hop along to it now...no not literally!" Zach turns to Martin, "Now give me my watches."

"Hold on, I want to make sure we're cured."

Zach let out a cry of frustration and crossed his arms. He could just make his Zachbots take it...and then throw them out but he too was curious to see if his antidote actually worked.

The Zachbots came back and hand Chris and Martin their drinks.

"Lemonade? I thought we said water," Martin says looking at Zach in confusion.

"Water, lemonade same thing!" Zach snaps not wanting to admit his Zachbots has a defect.

Martin shrugs and turn to Chris who at the same time sat up. Chris sat up so abruptly that his shoulder hit Martin's hand causing his lemonade to spill into his lap.

"Chris! My lemonade...my pants!" Martin yells in dismay. Chris quietly laughs.

"It looks like you peed on yourself," he tells his mildly irritated brother.

"Yeah because of you!"

"Less chit-chat Give the clocks!"

Martin looked at Chris. The guy in green nod. They grabed their clocks and broke them with their hands.

Zach looked at them in horror. He quickly bent down and put them up, when they had stop.

"No! You iditots! You destroyed them!"

"What, are you telling me that they weren't lemonade-proof," Martin asks with a joke face. The bros were laughing so much inside. Just a good provocation! Zach looked up and glared at them.

"Zachbots! Get them!"

Martin grabbed Chris up and they ran out. Good thing the antidote worked or they'll be in trouble. Once they get outside, they find a hiding spot and waits until the Zachbots gives up looking. Then they ran to the Tortuga.

When they run inside they instantly met with 3 pair of arms grabbing them into a group hug. They stood there a few minutes before simultaneously letting go.

Martin tells everyone what had happened while Chris inched closer to Aviva. Martin smiles when he sees them holding hands.

"Wait so you destroyed the watches but what if Zach makes another one."

"He been lost the blueprints after his ship fell when this all started. It'll take him a long time if he tried to build another."

"Oh yeah, Aviva Zach told us about some defects in the suit," Chris then tells her everything Zach has said. He could just see her calculating a solution in her head.

"I think...I know how to fixed that," she says slowly, "Actually it should be pretty easy. The same way you would remove a virus from a computer."

She grabs their suits and goes straight to her invention station, immediately plugging them up and getting to work. Chris walks over to her and watches her, smiling softly.

Koki gives Martin a gentle smile and lays her hand on his patting softly. Martin captures her hand and gives it a squeeze before letting go. Koki goes to her computer while Jimmy went to find something to eat.

Martin stares at his brother back as he watch him whisper with Aviva. Chris feeling someone watching him turns and catches Martin's gaze. Chris whispers to Aviva who nods. He then walks to Martin and gestures his head to the cockpit. Martin nods and they both walk in.

They awkwardly stare at each other not saying anything. Martin shoves his hands in his pockets, grimacing when he notices he still has his lemonade soaked pants on.

"Ahem," Chris clears his throat.

Martin bites his lip before blurting at the same time as Chris, "I'm sorry." They smile weakly at each other. Martin takes a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Chris. I had no reason to be upset at you," Martin holds up his hand silencing Chris's objections, "Let me finish. Like always you were trying to think reasonable and quickly made a plan to get us both safe. You were just trying to do what you thought was best and I'm sorry for the things I said. I didn't mean it.

"I'm sorry too Martin. I should have never ran away like a coward. I should have tried to talk with you and put myself in your footsteps. I should been able to respect your wishes and even if I didn't agree I never meant those words I said to you. You're the best brother I could ever wish for."

"I love you Chris," Martin says reaching out to his baby brother. Chris embraced his older brother tightly.

"I love you too bro."


If you want you can give ideas for a sequel if you don't want it to end