A/N: hello everyone! These are literally pointless and stupid one-shots that are non-canon and for comic relief! Zack is an amazing character so I decided to do a fanfic of him that will be diary based about him and his shinanagins! I hope you all enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and all characters belongs to Square Enix. I do not own anything, except this lame story! :D

1st day!

Whoa! Today was my very very very very very VERY and I do mean VERY 1st day of being in SOLDIER!

Now I'm finally on my way to being a hero instead of some lonely fat guy who sits on the couch all day munching on cheese doodles and having his far stuffed in the computer waiting on someone to reply to him for a date at Papa Genios on Match !

I seriously don't get why in Gaia please eople try to hook up online! Do they know how dangerous that is!? The person could be...like some total silver-long haired creep that wields a large katana! Whoops,

That's sephiroth...

Does he have an account on match ?

Should I find out by hacking into his computer right now while everyone is sleeping?

Yup, I totally should...