Charlie Swan may not have been my birth father but he's the only father I've ever known. So when Renee and Phil got married and she informed me that she intended to travel with him and that she didn't want me tagging along, I jumped at the chance to join Charlie back in Forks. Sadly, Isabella decided against joining her mother and Phil on the road and decided to go to Forks, too. I don't understand why she did seeing as she can't stand either of us. She blames Charlie for not being adventurous or man enough to keep Renee interested, forcing her to cheat on him with my sperm donor and get pregnant with me. She hates me for being born and destroying her life. Ironically, Charlie never blamed me for Renee's choices. In fact, he welcomed me with open arms and cared for me like a real father.

Packing the rest of my clothes, I close up my last suitcase. Looking around my room, I check to see if I have left anything I wish to keep. Knowing that I have no intentions of ever returning here, I have cleared the entire room of all my important belongings, leaving behind things that hold no value to me.

The sound of my door slamming against the wall alerts me to Isabella's presence.

"Yes, Isabella. How may I help you?"

"You could die or disappear but since I know that won't happen. I am here to inform you that Phil wants to know if you are ready to go. I don't know why you act like you're family you're just the bastard that my mother was dumb enough to keep."

Without allowing me to respond, she leaves my room slamming my door again. Following her, Renee comes in and glances around my room.

"Does this mean you won't ever bother me with your presence again?"

"Don't worry mother, I have no plans to ruin your happy ever after a second time."

"Whatever. Let's go. I have to get ready to say goodbye to my daughter."

Wow talk about a kick into a gut. She doesn't even plan to say goodbye to me. Why am I even shocked? I just need to be prepared to let her and her daughter go from my life and thoughts.

Arriving at the airport, I say goodbye to Phil and his wife. Phil hopefully will be good for Renee and allow her to have some of that happiness she has missed having to be alone.

"Travel safely, kids. Let us know when you make in okay." Phil says as he hugs us both once more.

Having said our goodbyes, Isabella and I enter the plane and take our seats. Putting my earbuds in, I prepare for the long flight across country to Washington. Hopefully, this time I have the courage to talk to my siblings informing them that I don't want to change anything in their life but I do want to have a relationship with them.

Closing my eyes, I drift to sleep dreaming of two wolves watching their cubs run around them playing with each other. The dream giving me a sense of euphoria.