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I've never been one to count days,
things come when they do,
but now I swear these days stretch on and on,
while I do nothing but wait for you – Anonymous


Harvey woke up at 4am and to his surprise there was Donna fast asleep on his shoulder, her hand was resting on his thigh and his arm was around her waist. He started to panic, they hadn't had anything physical contact since the 'other time'.

"Donna" he whispered trying not to alert her, he remembered from the 'other time' that she was a light sleeper.

But she never woke up.

"Donna" he tried again, this time shaking her waist. It seemed that over the years she had became a heavy sleeper and he was convinced she even snored.

She opened her eyes to notice Harvey's face was inches from hers, her eyes grew wider and she quickly removed her head from his shoulder. Harvey stood up and extended his arm for her,

"Let's get you to bed, you're up in a few hours"

She accepted his arm and he pulled her up from the sofa. She was confused to say the least. Was Harvey inviting her into her own bedroom? She didn't speak she just followed his path. He let go of her hand and opened the door to her bedroom before gesturing her inside. She plodded inside dragging her feet cause the act of walking at 4am was far too tiring. Once she was over the threshold Harvey smiled at her and pulled the door shut behind her, he went back to the sofa to try and get some sleep in before work.


"When will you stop bothering me?!"

Harvey heard Donna shout from the kitchen. He jumped up immediately off the sofa, he didn't understand what she was shouting about. She knew he had stayed the night, he offered and she accepted. He popped his head round the kitchen and was pleased to see she was on the phone and not directing her comments at him. She slammed her mobile down and looked up to notice Harvey, he had yesterday's pants and shirt on and his hair was a mess.

She looked down at the floor shaking her head "I didn't mean to wake you"

"Him? Again?" Harvey ran both hands through his head raising his voice "what the hell has he got to say for himself today? If it's anything less than an apology then I'll-"

"Harvey" Donna stopped him "go and get showered and ready for work, I'll call Ray"

He did as he was told and walked off to the bathroom without a word.


The ride to PSL was quiet, to say the least, Harvey couldn't take his mind of Mitchell. If he ever saw that waste of space again he wouldn't be responsible for his actions. He had Donna, the most amazing woman in the world, and he wasn't satisfied. It made Harvey's blood boil the more and more he thought back to the events that took place last night in the lobby, how he continued to pull and drag Donna around.


Donna strolled into his office earlier that day with a coffee in one hand and a plastic bag in the other.

"I know how uncomfortable my sofa is… so here's a triple shot latte with a dash of vanilla" she smiled at him "and here is some decorations for your office"

Harvey looked up from his Laptop, he dreaded this time of year when Donna would barge in and decorate his office with pointless Christmas decorations, the only difference is that this year she worked 20 yards down the hall.

"Can't you decorate Gretchen's desk instead? The tinsel gets everywhere! And do not think I'm having fake snow sprayed on my window this year" he laughed "but thanks for the coffee"

Donna walked over to his desk and leaned against it "where's your Christmas spirit? And I hope you haven't forgot the Christmas party in tomorrow?" she questioned him raising and eyebrow.

Of course he had forgotten. He hated the stupid Christmas party but Donna dragged him to it every single year.

"I look forward to being stuck in a hotel reception with people I work with day in day out." he forced a sarcastic smile at his ex secretary "has your jerk of an ex boyfriend been bothering you since this morning?"

Donna shuck her head. She was grateful he was taken an interest in her love life but he didn't seem to be showing any sort of jealousy. Of course he fought for her last night but he didn't seem jealous of her relationship. She didn't understand why she was so bothered about his opinion, but having someone steal your heart for the past decade it would be hard not to.


"Did you do all this yourself?" Mike quizzed his boss whilst running his fingers through the tinsel sellotaped along his desk

"I think you know the answer to that" he didn't even look up from his work

"Donna still decorates your office?" he laughed "right what time shall me and Rachel pick you up tomorrow?"

Harvey looked up from his work now and raised an eyebrow

"The Christmas party? Donna told me you were going so I booked you a room. Most people are staying over" Mike explained

Harvey exhaled loudly to show his annoyance "fine, just let me know what time it starts and what time you'll be outside my place"

If Harvey had it his way he would have the whole office working tomorrow as a normal working day, however Jessica allows it every year for everybody to have 2 days off. Apparently it shows respect to your employees.


The next day Mike and Rachel picked Harvey up from his place and drove to the Rui hotel in Times Square. The 3 of them checked in took the elevator together to place their things in their room. The couple got out on the 7th floor and Harvey continued his journey to the 11th floor. He stepped out the elevator and walked towards room 1116, as he placed the card inside the door to grant himself access the door next to him opened. It was Donna. In a strapless, black ballgown with her hair pinned to one side. His mouth fell open at the sight of her.

"Are you my bodyguard now?" she laughed

"Mike booked my room" he smirked

"I'll meet you downstairs"

He watched her walk towards the elevator, she didn't even look back. Just like the time when she left him to work for Louis and she never looked back. Harvey thought back to when they first met, he had no idea how much she was going to mean to him years down the line and how much of an impact a 'secretary' could have on him.


The party was in full swing, near enough everybody from PSL had turned up for the party. Harvey spent most of his night with either Jessica or Mike, every time he got close to Donna she would swan off to the dance floor with other people. Him and Mike were sat at the bar talking about the time the got stoned together and Mike continued to mock Harvey about his 'cotton mouff'. Then he spotted her, in the corner with some guy from IT. He had both his hands on her waist and speaking into her ear, he watched Donna laugh harder and harder at whatever the man was saying.

The more and more he watched he became irritated and vexed, he hadn't seen this man before but he assumed he worked in IT from how he dressed. His suit was far too big and must of cost no more than $100. Harvey stayed at the bar pretending to listen to whatever Mike had to say, he downed drink and drink to take his mind of it but he couldn't, his eyes would not leave the redhead alone.

To his relief he saw Rachel pull her away from the mysterious man and towards the dance floor.

"2 Manhattan's, large Macallen 18 and whatever he's having" Harvey called to the barman pointing to Mike.

Harvey signalled the 2 girls over and handed them their drinks. Mike wrapped his arm around Rachel's waist and Harvey was envious he couldn't do the same to Donna. It was the first time tonight the pair had gotten to speak. Donna noticed Harvey had obviously had too much to drink, he couldn't hold a conversation without slurring his words or forgetting what his point was.

Donna was being overly flirty with him tonight, she touched his chest a number of times whenever he slurred a joke or brought her face right next to his when she wanted to tell him something. After a while the two girls made their way back to the dance floor. Harvey and Mike were beyond drunk at this point, Mike would order the pair a shot with each with every drink they ordered.

Harvey tried to keep up with the younger lawyer but he wasn't as young as he used to be. When he excused himself from the bathroom he fell right into a bartender collecting in empty glasses. Everybody looked over once they heard the loud noise of glasses smashing left right and centre. Mike burst out laughing at the state his boss was in and Donna scurried across the dance floor.

She grabbed him by the arm before he could walk away from the poor bartender who was brushing the debris up off the floor.

"How the hell have you got yourself in this state?" she questioned him

Harvey laughed and went to explain himself but Donna wasn't laughing, she made Harvey apologize to the bartender and escorted him to the toilets. She waited outside the men's toilets until Harvey emerged 5 minutes later looking whiter than a ghost.

She realised he must have been sick as she noticed the wet patches to the cuffs of his sleeves "can't keep up with Mike and the countless number of shots you pair drank?" she raised an eyebrow and smirked at him.

He was pleased in a way, if she knew him and Mike had been taking several shots she must have been watching him as much as he was watching her. He tried to play it cool and lean against the wall but ended up sliding down it

Donna burst out laughing, she hadn't seen him this drunk in a long time "I think you should call it a night and get to bed"

"Issssss that an invvvitation" he slurred trying to pull him signature smirk out

"You should be so lucky" Donna rolled her eyes "c'mon I'll walk you up"


Donna fiddled round in Harvey's inside pockets to find his room key and accompanied him inside the hotel room.

"Try and get undressed and I'll try and find a bucket" she mocked

She came back into the bedroom empty handed and found Harvey covered in sick as well as the bed covers.

"You have to be kidding me?! Why didn't you go the bathroom Harvey?" she shouted, she tried to sound as serious as possible but she couldn't help but find the funny side to the situation

Harvey groaned and fell back onto the bed. He had completely embarrassed himself in front of her, his Tom Ford suit was covered in sick and the smell off sick in the room was making him want to throw up more and more.

Donna exhaled and pulled him up from the bed "get in my room, you are leaving the maid a HUGE tip tomorrow morning" Harvey followed her out the bedroom hanging his head in shame


Donna started to remove her shoes and made her way into the bathroom to get changed

"Go back down to the party, don't let me ruin your night" Harvey's sentences were evolving after he had threw up and now understandable

Donna ignored him and went to change into a pair of pyjamas. When she emerged from the bathroom Harvey was still in the same position, sitting at the end of the bed with his head in his heads.

"You don't have to babysit me, Mr IT will be wondering were you got to"

"I'd say you were stalking me more than Mitchell" she laughed "besides I can't leave you alone in my room, you might do more damage than in your room"

She turned round when he never answered and realised he had fell backwards on the bed again and fell asleep this time. The last thing Donna thought she would be doing on her Christmas party would be undressing Harvey to get him into bed. As she tried drag him to the top end of the bed he opened his eyes and pulled her on top of him.

The pair of them burst out laughing 'I knew you weren't asleep, get yourself under the duvet before you catch hyperthermia"

Harvey never removed his arms from around her and Donna didn't try to move. Both of them looked at each other lying there, wondering who was brave enough to make a move. Harvey made the first move, his lips crashed on the redhead's face, before he knew it her hand was furiously unbuttoning his shirt. He then flung her off and tossed himself on top of her, the kiss getting more and more passionate by the seconds, there was only one ending to this. Neither of the pair expected their night to end like this.