Life Unexpected

December 8th 2015

Lux- I was at the grocery store when I ran into someone "sorry about that!" I looked up and saw that it was my ex boyfriend "Lux how are you doing?" I looked at him "I'm doing good Jones and I got married last year." he just smiled and wrote something down " well I have to go but call me sometime."

I had a lot of grocerys and I was trying to call Jones but he wasn't answering so I walked in to house and went to our room to see if Jones was sleeping but when I opened the door my jaw dropped and my heart stopped.

There was my husband on top of my best friend I didn't say anything I just slammed the door and started walking to my car when Jones ran out the door "Lux wait I can explain!" I turned around and looked at him and threw my wedding ring in the grass and drove off.

I kept crying so I pulled up to a local diner and called Eric. While I waited for him it started to hit me my husband had slept with my best friend I will admit that he was her boyfriend first but he only dated her becayse I liked Eric.

When Eric got there he looked at me "Lux what is wrong?" I felt my lip starting to qiver "I found Jones in bed with Tasha."

Eric got up and hugged me "it will be okay just not right now but one day it will," we ordered and started talking "so who gets the house?" I looked at him " Jones would since he is the one who brough the house."

We ate then we payed and walked to our cars "if you need a place to stay I have a two bedroom house!"

I took him up on that offer and went to the house to get my things and go to Eric's house.

When I got to the house Jones car was there "great!" I got off and went inside but when I went inside all of my things were thrown on the floor and I saw some of Tasha's things, I walked into the living room "Jones can we talk?"

He got off the sofa and we walked to the kitchen "why are all my things in the hallway?" he looked at me "well when you left I asked Tasha to move in and she said yes!" I felt the tears starting to come " how long have you been sleeping with her?"

"A year!" I was shocked and pissed " we have only been married for a year!" he looked around our home "shortly after we were married Tasha came over and we slept together and we have been seeing each other since then.

After he told me the truth I got my things and went to Eric's. When I got there he was making spagetti "how was it?" I looked at him " we Tasha moved in and they have been sleeping together for a year!" I started crying and Eric hugged me.

We sat down to eat but I just thinking about them in our bed were we made our promises to always love each other but I guess that was a lie.

While Eric went to bed and went to the other room and started putting my thing up tomarrow I needed to tell my parents and get a lawyer there was nothing that Jones had that I wanted.

I woke up to the smell of bacon so I got out of bed and went to the kitchen "hey sleepyhead how did you sleep?" I looked at him "it felt weird sleeping by my self for the first time in five years," after we ate breakfast I called a lawyer to get a divorce and then I called my parents to tell about Jones and the divorce and moving in with Eric.