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Chapter 2: Dear Me, Where in Oblivion Am I?

Year 2509 of the Third Age. Redhorn Pass, Misty Mountains

"Are you quite well, milady?"

Turning around, Lady Celebrían of Imladris, wife of Elrond, shivered, but smiled nonetheless. "Yes, I'm fine."

The elven guard who'd asked looked at her in concern, but nodded. "Very well, let us know if you need anything," he said, nudging his horse forward to join his comrades, leaving her in solitude.

Looking around, she tried valiantly to stop her teeth from chattering. All elves shared a certain resistance to both heat and cold, but on this day, the pass of Caradhras was particularly frigid. Snow was falling in droves and a bitter wind from the north was sweeping over the side of the mountain.

She drew her cloak tighter around herself. 'I wish I was home.'

"Night is falling. We must stop soon," one of her guards said, talking to the captain. They hadn't told her their names, but Elrond insisted that she take them along.

"Why? What threats are you worried about? Nothing would dare attack us."

"It's already growing colder and night is falling. We need to find shelter."

Celebrían brushed some snow from her cloak and looked around. The sun was almost touching the horizon, and already she felt colder.

Then, for a second, she felt something else.

Her insides felt funny for a moment as a surge of something passed over her. Looking up wildly, she saw a flash of light nearly two hundred feet further along the path.

"What was that?" the captain asked.

Celebrían lightly touched her left heel against her horse's flank, urging it forward. "Shall we go see?"

The captain looked back at her, surprised, but nodded. "As you wish, my lady."

As she rode past them at a light canter, she looked around again. The path here was wide, surrounded by rocky cliffs. Snow was making things hard to see.

"Lady Celebrían, you shouldn't get so far ahead!"

Turning, she glanced back at her guards, who were now trying to catch up.

And so, received a perfect view of what happened next.

In a flash, dozens of black arrows fell upon the group. Both elves and horses were struck, as her guard didn't even have a chance to raise their weapons before being cut down. Before she could do anything, another arrow pierced her thigh.

Celebrían had barely half a second to process that before her horse was struck in the flank and reared, throwing her to the snow as she gasped in pain.

She watched as her only escape galloped off.

"Ha! Look what we've got, boys!" a harsh voice growled over the howling wind. Looking up, her eyes widened.


Hulking, twisted forms split away from the cliff face and walked over to the fallen elves.

Celebrían flattened herself against the snow and pressed her hand against the arrow wound on her thigh, gritting her teeth. Hot liquid seeped between her fingers.

Several of the orcs picked among the dead, scavenging for valuables.

Then, from far away, there was a sound like a animal howling in the night. The orcs paid no attention, still looking through the belongings of the dead elves.

'I don't think they've seen me yet,' she thought. 'I have to get away!'

The Lady of Rivendell turned and tried to drag herself away, bleeding and cold.

Then a hand seized her calf.

"Ooh, look what we've got here, boys!" an orc laughed. "A she-elf, fresh as can be!"

Celebrían shrieked as she was dragged backwards by her injured leg, into the waiting arms of the group of orcs.

"Gwah!" Fae yelped as she appeared in a flash of light, twenty feet above the ground. Had anyone been watching, they would have seen a random woman appear out of thin air, slam into a cliff face and then fall onto a somehow snow-free patch of ground.

"Sonofadraugr..." she grumbled as she pulled herself upright, rubbing her face. Fae spent the next minute looking herself over as she idly muttered under her breath. Aside from a few scratches and a bleeding gash on her cheek, she was mostly fine.

Suddenly, her head popped up.

Where was the Elder Scroll?

Her head swiveled as she tried to find any sign of it, but couldn't feel the pull from anywhere close.

'Oh, that's just great. Like I don't have enough to worry about already.'

Fae closed her eye and took in a breath. At the moment, she had no food, shelter, extra clothes, weapons or plan. Food and shelter could be easily acquired and she could use magic or her hands to fight if need be. Clothes might be a problem, since her shirt and trousers weren't made for any sort of blizzard.

She stood up and looked around, scowling. A rocky path high up in the mountains, snow falling all around, no food, no weapons, no armor, no idea where she was, no Elder Scroll and not a damn clue about what to do.

Anger and frustration reared up in her gut, then her stomach, then her lungs and then—

"RAAAH!" she roared into the sky.

For a second, Fae simply blinked, before visibly calming. "Hm. Haven't done that in a while."

Then she paused as a piercing shriek met her ears. Looking down the path, she cocked her head to the side. 'Sounds like someone's in trouble. Great.'

Dusting a bit of snow off her front, Fae rolled her shoulders and stretched. "Time to go be a hero again."


"Quiet, you elf bitch!" an orc shouted at her.

Celebrían managed a glare at the creature who'd just thrown her against a wall, but she quickly began to wince. The pain in her leg was getting worse, and jostling the arrow around was not helping.

Glancing around, she tried to look for an exit. The walls of the cavern they were in seemed to be hewn by hand, though without any of the grace that elves, dwarves or men were capable of. A few bones and spiderwebs were all the decoration that were provided.

The group of orcs were busy piling up their spoils from her elven guards, snickering over their plunder. As she watched, a few of the orcs began to fight over choice pieces, pulling out knives and growling at each other. She grit her teeth as another twinge came from her thigh, and cursed the wetness that threatened to spill from her eyes. In the five thousand years she'd been alive, Celebrían had never felt pain even remotely close to this!

A few of the larger orcs gathered together and started to whisper to each other, occasionally making a gesture in her direction. They began to walk over, grinning lasciviously.

"Well, she-elf, be thankful!" one growled. "We've decided not to kill you."

Celebrían's eyes widened and she looked around at the group. "W-what do you mean?" she stuttered.

One of them, a twisted, ugly thing with missing finger and rotting teeth, sneered down at her. "We mean, you stupid woman, that we will be putting your mouth and other parts of you to better use!"

They surged forward and she tried to scurry away, but the orcs were faster.

Dirty hands seized her dress and pulled her back, and the elf screamed as they touched places that no one should touch.

The orc staring down at her reached for the top of her bodice with a lecherous smirk.

That ended when a spear of ice pierced his chest.

Everything stood still as he stared stupidly at the cause of his death, reached up to try and remove it somehow, then toppled to the side.

Celebrían and the orcs all looked in stunned silence at the person standing at the entrance of the cave.

Fae glared at the group of... creatures... surrounding the woman, and idly dispelled the ice magic that was gathering around her fingertips.

"Hm. What's all this, then?"

No one seemed to know how to answer.

Celebrían, for her part, stared at the woman in shock. With all her guards dead, miles away from her home, she'd expected a future of humiliation and terror.

But this woman, this stranger, seemed to have other plans.

Walking forward, Fae cocked her head to the side. "Now, I'm no expert in local customs, but I would like to think that I stepped into a world with at least a little taste. Therefore, I'm gonna have to stop you."

"Stop us?" the largest orc growled, pulling out a wicked looking knife. "I don't think you know what you just stepped into. I think we'll peel the flesh from your bones and have you for dinner! Unless we decide to let you join her!"

Here he gestured to Celebrían, who paled.

Fae, on the other hand, wasn't frightened. Oh no.

She was angry.

"Really?" she asked, hands tightening into fists. Her eye darkened while she grinned at the orcs. "I think I'll take option three."

"There is no option three!"

"Oh, I beg to differ," she replied, her grin turning feral. "Option three is the one where I rip your guts out and hang you with them."

Celebrían and the orcs couldn't help but feel a chill run up their spines as they gazed at the woman. The leader, however, tried to bluster. "You think you can—"

The orc was cut off half a second later as a fist crashed into his chest. Everyone's eyes widened as they heard several of his ribs break as he was flung into the far wall.

Fae wasn't done yet.

Charging forward, she jumped up and slammed a knee into another orc's face, feeling it cave in.

Celebrían gawked as the woman as she systematically slaughtered the group of orcs.

There was no other word for it.

Every movement she took, every punch and kick she made carried an air of brutality behind it, like this woman was not simply trying to fight them, but destroy them.

The last orc fell with a gurgle, trying to breath around the dent in it's neck.

Fae took a breath and stretched. "Wow. That was intense."

Celebrían simply stared, mouth slightly open.

Kneeling down, Fae snapped her fingers in front of the shocked woman's eyes. "Oi. You alive in there?"

"Y-yes," the elf stuttered, still goggling.

"Good. I think we should leave before more of these things arrive."

Celebrían flinched at the mention of orcs, remembering what had nearly happened and began to struggle to keep from being sick.

Fae swore under her breath as the lady began to shake, going frightfully pale.

Stepping closer, she put her arms around the woman's shoulders and held her close.

"Shh," Fae said as she felt a few tears soak into her shirt. "Its alright, they're gone. They can't do anything to you now."

They stayed like that for a few minutes until the woman's quiet sobs had drained away, then she pulled back. "We should go. Can you walk? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that happens to be a bloody great arrow sticking out of your leg?"

Celebrían looked down at her thigh, where there was indeed still an arrow. "I... don't think I can walk."

"Okay," Fae replied, wrapping her hand around the arrow. "This'll hurt."

"What will— AAH!" the elf screamed as the shaft broke near her thigh. The scream tapered off into a whimper as Fae held her close.

"It's alright. I know you're hurt, but this makes it easier to carry you. Now we just need to wait for a moment."

"What... are you going to do?"

Fae gave her a long look, then sighed. "Something I haven't done in many... many years."

As the elf watched, the woman drew a breath... and then she heard it.


Celebrían shivered as she felt a surge of magic over her skin, deeper and more powerful than any she'd ever felt.

Looking around, Fae frowned. For a place so high up in the mountains, there were a surprising number of people around. Surges of red danced around the edges of her vision in almost every direction, even straight down.

"I think it's time to leave."

Without waiting for confirmation, she pulled the elven lady into her arms, who squeaked at the sudden movement. Fae glanced at her with a raised eyebrow and Celebrían blushed and looked away.

"You heard nothing."

"Of course," Fae said, smirking.

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