So one day, Pheonix and Maya we're hanging out at office.

"hey nick what you got htere?"

"It's a new case. its pretty intresting. you shuld look atit.:

It was a case for someone names Frisk. they were accussed of killing a living(?) robot named mettaton. the evidence was taht metaton was trying to kill frosk earlier and that Firks had a knife and a frying pan. There were dent marks on mettaton and he also had been stabed.

" wow nick thats so cool! a robot murdrer case! will you acsept it?

:"But its in a place called the underground so i dont know if I will." sed Pheonix. Then he saw how much he would get paid. "Muahahahaha look! I will get pays in GOLD! Ill be rich! AHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH."

author's note: I forgot to say, phoenix is evil

Maya said "but how to we get to the underground?"

Phoenix replied "it says we should go to this place called 'mt Ebot' oh ya, it also says that there are monsters taht dunt liek humins."

Myaa was scarred "Oh nick i dont want to go" "NO! you will be comming weather you ike it or not! ...Or do I have to take away your burger privelages again?"

"Oh i have to go!"

Pheenix and Maya were in the RUENS. a small harmlessd monster showed up.

"Hi my name is froggit." said Froggitt.

"Goodbey." sed Feenix as he kilded to forgit with his spikey hair. it turnd into dust.

"Oh noes! Nik that monster was frendly! why did yu kill it?" Mayo stared crying.


After that, Evil nick kiled all the monsterds that got in there way, but most of them just hided from him.

They had almoost got tu the criem seen when they got to a place called MTT hotel.

"yo nick lets stop there." "no mayo we got to get to the crime scene so we could investiget." But then maya saw a burger shop. She ran and ran and ran. Pheonix was chased her.

"Moya coem back or i will take ayaym yur borgers for 10000 yeers!"

But maya was faster. and locked the door behind her. When she turned around to order her burgers, she sees the hootest munster in all of the undrground. His name ws Burgerpants. He had gloden brown fur lik a perfctly toaster burgr and looked likea cat.

"Wow your so hot lik a burgr of the gril" said burgerpunts. It was tru love at frist site.

"Oh babby you spackel like a glemburder undra a desco liht." Sed Burmerpints.

"Yuu shinne s briht like a fry in oild." Myay said. They loucked at eachother passonately.

But then Fphenix Busted through the loked door! He was cerrying sum gold abd he wus covred in munstra dest!.

"AHa! i fund yu maya! No mor burgars for you! And now yoa will haev to screb all the tiolets in the uderground!

mayo strated to cri. "no neck I jsut met brurgapant and hes goong to git merried to mee.

Oh ne yu dont maya i will keap you elslavd forevra. You stel own me 1000000000000000000000000000000 $ for all of the bragers you eet evrydye. Add besids its almust time for the caes to statr. He gave an evil gran. "i getta lotuf evidense." ill use my nwe muny to buy the wordl ! amauahahahaha."" oh ne. Mayo creid.

"iheff to go im soray" sed mayo to brurgrpun. I luve yo Bugerpents. mayya cryed out." "Yoo Are hottre then all uf Hutlands Nurgerpans said to Muya"