Gokaiger of Zero

I was reading Familiar of ZerOOO by Ten-Faced Paladin, and I was inspired to write this story using a similar concept and plot. I asked him, and got permission to write this fanfic using the knowledge I got from watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I don't own either series, and some credit for this story and, this chapter especially, goes to Ten-Faced Paladin.

Alexander Drake, or Alex as his friends called him, was putting the finishing touches on his costume for a Super Sentai Fan Convention that he and his fellow Otaku friends were going to go to as the members of the 35th Sentai team, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Alex himself was going as the 6th Gokaiger: Gokai Silver. He had even designed a costume and bought a toy Gokai Cellular along with a Gokai Silver Ranger Key to complete his cosplay.

"All right," said Alex as he put his costume in a bag so he could change when he got to the convention and pocketed his Gokai Cellular and Ranger Key, "I'd better get going."

Leaving his apartment, Alex headed down the street to the bus stop so he could catch a ride to the convention. As he walked, Alex was extremely excited about seeing his friends and dressing up as the Gokaigers. In fact, he was so excited, that he didn't notice a loose stone on the ground, causing him to trip and fall forward, dropping his bag. As he fell, he reached out his hand to break his fall, but suddenly, a glowing green oval appeared in front of him and he fell into it, with the oval vanishing once he had gone through.


Meanwhile in another world, a young girl with bright pink hair was facing a bit of a problem. Her name was Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, third daughter to Duke de La Vallière, and Karin of the Heavy Wind but to her classmates, she was known as Louise the Zero, or just Zero if they were feeling cruel.

The reason for this nickname wasn't because they were jealous of her power and prestige, quite the opposite in fact. Louise was given her nickname because of how every spell she tried, every spell, literally blew up in her face. Even a simple levitate spell would explode, leaving her slightly singed and covered in soot.

That led to the problem she was currently having, you see, she had gotten tired of the students jeering at her after she had blown up a classroom trying to perform a spell for a class lesson, and she had declared that she would summon the greatest familiar out of all of them in the upcoming Springtime Summoning Ritual. Now the time had come and all the other students had taken their turns. There had been quite the variety of familiars, ranging from a small toad to a large blue dragon. Suffice it to say she had to summon something really spectacular to beat that.

"Has everyone had a chance to go?" asked Jean Colbert, the professor overseeing the ritual.

"Louise hasn't had a turn yet!" called out a student, causing others to jeer at the petite pinkette.

"Miss Vallière," said Professor Colbert, "please step forward and take your turn."

Steeling her nerves, Louise walked up to the summoning pentagram drawn on the grass and began to focus her willpower to perform the spell. Closing her eyes, she focused on the magic within her soul and began to chant.

"My wise and powerful familiar who exists somewhere in this vast universe,

My familiar with the power of legends in the palm of his hand,

He who unites the past, present, and future,

I call to you across the vast expanse and summon you to my side


For a moment it was silent and every student thought that Louise had failed to even summon the smallest of explosions, but then a the center of the circle detonated as if someone had dropped a small grenade, releasing a blast that knocked all the students and the teacher off their feet from the force.

"Damnit Louise!" yelled a student, "Are you trying to kill us?"

"Figures you'd blow us up!" yelled another student, "That's all you're good at, Louise the Zero."

Louise was about to retort, but she heard coughing and saw a figure move inside the cloud of smoke and dust. When the smoke cleared, she saw Alex pulling himself to his feet.

"Looks like Zero summoned some commoner off the street," laughed one student, eliciting laughs from everyone else.

"Mr. Colbert," said Louise, "may I try again?"

"I'm sorry," said Colbert as he shook his head, "I cannot allow that. The Springtime Summoning ritual is a sacred ceremony. You will have to finish or be expelled."

Sighing, Louise walked up to Alex and pulled him into a kneeling position, getting a string of gibberish from the teen that seemed to be some sort of protest.

"Shut up," said Louise, "you should feel lucky. Most commoners will never have this chance.

Pentagram of the Five Elemental Powers, bless this humble being and make him my familiar."

After saying this chant, Louise leaned in and captured the teen's lips, causing Alex to blush bright red. When Louise pulled away Alex could only stammer before he felt a burning pain on his hand as it began to smoke that caused him to cry out in pain.

"The Familiar runes are being engraved into you," said Louise, her cheeks still a bit pink from the kiss, "the pain will be over soon."

Soon Alex's hand stopped smoking and he looked down at it, seeing several runes that looked Nordic in origin burned into his hand. Colbert looked at them as well and made a quick sketch before clearing his throat.

"All right, please head back to the school building so the next group can begin," he said.

The students nodded and used levitate spells to float back to the castle, leaving only Louise and her new Familiar.

"You'd better walk, Louise," laughed one student as he floated off with a cat in his arms.

"Yeah," laughed a girl with a rabbit, "you'd probably just blow yourself up again."

Louise grit her teeth, but didn't dignify their insults with a response. Instead, she turned to Alex and grabbed his wrist, dragging the teen along with her with him yelling out protests in an unintelligible language.


"By the Founder," groaned Louise as she flopped onto her bed in her room, "I wanted a dragon or a griffin, but I got this commoner."

Alex tried to say something, but Louise was running out of patience with her apparent failure of a Familiar. Raising her wand she prepared a silence spell so she wouldn't have to listen to his gibberish.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Louise as she cast the spell, creating an explosion around her Familiar.

*cough* *cough* "Damnit, kid!" yelled Alex, "Isn't blowing me up once enough for you? Are you trying to kill me?"

"Wait," said Louise in surprise, "I can understand you."

"And I you," said Alex, "so what, was that some kind of translation device or something?"

"Actually it was supposed to be a silence spell," muttered Louise.

"Ok," said Alex, "putting aside the fact that you seem to think that magic is real, WHY THE HELL DID YOU BLOW ME UP?"

"It's not my fault," said Louise, "and of course magic is real! How could you function without it?"

"Where the hell am I anyway?" exclaimed Alex, "I was heading to meet with my friends, and now some kid is telling me magic is real?"

"I'm 16!" yelled Louise, "And Magic is real! All the nobles in Halkeginia use magic! That's what separates us from the commoners!"

"Wait," said Alex as he held up his hands, " Halkeginia? Where on earth is that? I don't recognize that country."

"This is the country of Tristain on the continent of Halkeginia," said Louise, "but enough about that."

Alex was about to protest, but instead blushed bright red when Louise began to strip in front of him.

"THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" exclaimed Alex as he looked away.

"I'm changing for the night," said Louise as if she was stating the obvious, "I expect you to wake me at dawn and to have a fresh set of clothes laid out. Also have these clothes washed."

Louise tossed Alex the last of her clothes and finished changing into a nightgown before climbing into her bed. Normally Alex would have tossed the clothes out the window and stormed out of the room, but something in the back of his mind made him hesitate. She really didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't like she whipped him with a riding crop or something. Besides, he was rather good at doing laundry. So, Alex picked up the pile of clothes and headed to see if these people had a washing machine somewhere.


Looking up at the night sky as he carried Louise's clothes through the courtyard, Alex could only sigh. He now knew why that girl had been going on about magic and nobility. This world he was in, wasn't the world he was born in. His evidence of this was the two moons that shone in the night sky.

"Dear lord," groaned Alex, "just where have I ended up? I just wanted to hang with my friends!"

"Excuse me," said a kind voice, "may I be of some help?"

Alex turned and saw a cute girl with black hair and a generous figure wearing a maid outfit standing there with a slightly concerned look on her face.

"Oh," said Alex, "it's nothing. I was just wondering if this place has a washing machine somewhere."

"A washing machine?" asked the maid, "What is that?"

"It's a machine used to wash clothes," said Alex.

"That sounds like a miraculous time saver," said the maid, "but unfortunately we don't have one of those here at the academy."

Alex sighed, "Just great. How am I supposed to wash these clothes then? I've never hand washed laundry."

"If you would like," said the maid, "I would be happy to teach you."

"Really?" exclaimed Alex with a smile, "that would be great! My name's Alexander by the way, but most people call me Alex."

"My name is Siesta," said the maid, "if you'll follow me, I can show you where to find a washboard and some soap."

"That would be a great help," said Alex.

Alex moved to follow Siesta, but caught his foot on a rock, causing him to stumble slightly. When he stumbled, his Gokai Cellular and Ranger key fell out of his pocket and onto the grass.

"I'd better not lose these," said Alex as he went to pick them up.

When he touched them though, he realized something was off about the toys he had paid for.

"Wait," said Alex curiously, "this doesn't feel like plastic any more. I wonder…"

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