Gokaiger of Zero

Hello all, I'm back with another chapter of this story. Once again, credit goes to Ten-Faced Paladin for the inspiration for this story. I plan to try to follow the light novels instead of the anime, but I also plan to make changes as events move on. I hope you all enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and the original idea came from Ten-Faced Paladin.

Dohade ni ikuze!

[Gokai Cellular speaking]

"spells/special attacks"


Louise was sleeping peacefully in her bed, dreaming that she had summoned a majestic phoenix as her familiar with a wingspan 20 meters across and feathers that shifted through all the colors in the spectrum like a rainbow flame. Just as she was about to finalize their bond, she was awoken by a harsh beam of sunlight hitting her face from the windows.

"Time to wake up, kid," said Alex as he stepped away from the window, where he had opened the blinds, "I believe you have class today."

"Wha?" said Louise tiredly as she yawned and stretched, "It was just a dream."

Louise got out of her bed and began to remove her nightdress, causing Alex to turn around and head out of the room to give her some privacy. Before he could get to the door, Alex was stopped by Louise's voice.

"Underwear," said Louise.

"Excuse me?" asked Alex.

"My underwear," said Louise, "fetch it. It's in the bottom drawer."

"Why should I get your clothes?" asked Alex, "Do you want me to dress you too, princess?"

"Of course," said Louise, not noticing the sarcasm due to her tiredness, "you're my familiar after all."

"Like hell I'll be your slave," growled Alex, "find someone else."

With that, he walked out, slamming the door behind him, leaving Louise sputtering with rage.


"Damn that girl," growled Alex as he marched through the courtyard, "what the hell does she think I am? I'm a human being! I have rights! I'm not her servant or slave!"

As he walked though, he felt sympathy for her. He had seen how the other students laughed at her as they floated back to the school. Perhaps she was just being mean because she was lashing out at the world as the world belittled her. Maybe he should just talk to her and try to come to an understanding of what is going on so they could work this out.

Still though, dressing her? Was she serious?!

Alex sighed as he continued to walk, wondering where he would go from here, until a kind and familiar voice spoke out.

"Are you alright Alex?" asked Siesta as she walked up, "You seem a bit troubled today."

"I just have a lot on my mind," said Alex, "the kid that brought me here was grating on my nerves somewhat."

"It must be hard for you to be brought here and expected to be a familiar," said Siesta sympathetically.

"Harder than you think," sighed Alex, "but thank you for all the help you've given me, Siesta."

Siesta giggled, "It was no trouble at all."

Alex laughed as well and suddenly his stomach made a sound reminiscent of an angry lion, causing the both of them to laugh again.

"It sounds like you're hungry," said Siesta.

"Well, come to think of it," chuckled Alex, "I haven't eaten anything since before I came here. So yeah, I'm kind of hungry."

"Follow me then," said Siesta, "I'll get you something from the kitchens."

"Thanks," said Alex, "I think I'd like that."


"This is great!" exclaimed Alex as he ate more of a stew that the kitchen staff had served him, "This is better than anything I've ever eaten before."

"Glad you like it," said the head chef, "but its not really that special. We serve better stuff to those noble kids all the time."

"Well," said Alex, "I don't know what they eat, but where I'm from, someone could make a fortune if they decided to sell this quality food for a living."

The chef laughed happily, "well then, how about seconds, kid?"

"Please," said Alex as he held out his empty bowl.

The chef took the bowl and ladled another helping of the stew into it before handing the bowl to Alex. Alex happily took the bowl, but before he could take a bite, an explosion rocked the campus, causing him to jump.

"What was that?" exclaimed Alex.

"Sounds like that master of yours just had a class," commented a chef.

"Wait," said Alex, "are explosions normal for this school environment?"

"Not exactly," said another chef, "but for that girl who summoned you, they're quite normal."

"Does she do it intentionally?" asked Alex nervously, "I kinda might've pissed her off this morning when I stormed out."

"Nah," said a dishwasher, "from what we hear, she isn't good at magic. All her spells literally blow up in her face."

"I see," said Alex.

And he did see. Now he was beginning to understand more about the girl that summoned him here. His suspicion that she was lashing out at the world seemed to be more likely now, and he was beginning to think that he should talk to her and try to start fresh. Maybe he could help her with her issues.

That could wait till she had some time to calm down though. Alex didn't want her to blow him up too.

"So," said Alex, "I'd like to repay you for this meal. Do you think I could lend a hand with some of the chores? I'm pretty decent with dishwashing and such."

"You just don't want your master to take out her anger on you," teased Siesta.

"Well, that might be part of it," said Alex sheepishly, "but I really do want to pay you guys back."

"Well," said Siesta, "the students will get the day off to connect with their familiars, and the staff will be serving snacks and such. You could help us set up and serve treats."

"I think I can do that," said Alex, "I won't let you down."


Alex had helped the staff set up the tables and chairs in one of the gardens for the students to use as they socialized and was now walking around helping Siesta serve small treats. He hadn't spotted Louise yet, which was just fine with him. He wanted to give the pinkette more time to calm down.

Alex found this task strangely relaxing and kept a smile on his face as he handed out pies and pastries to the various noble kids. Several of them gave him strange looks, recognizing him as the human Louise had summoned earlier, but they chose not to comment. As he worked, he suddenly heard a crash and Siesta crying out in pain. Spinning around, he saw Siesta on the ground with a blond student standing over her with a red handprint on his cheek and wine drenching his clothes and head. Dropping his tray, he quickly rushed over.

"What's going on here?" he demanded.

"This maid," said the boy, saying 'maid' like a derogatory term, "stupidly returned a vial of perfume to me, resulting in the broken hearts of two girls. I am punishing her accordingly."

"Why did returning a bottle of perfume break their hearts?" asked Alex, "It's not like you were dating them both behind each other's backs, right?"

At this, the blond student flushed and his friends burst out laughing, saying things like, "he's right," and, "it's your fault, Guiche."

"Wait," groaned Alex, "let me get this straight. You were two timing and when Siesta here tried to be courteous and return a possession of yours, your whole scheme fell apart? And you're blaming her for the two girls getting wise and dumping your sorry ass?"

"How dare you talk to me like that, commoner!" growled the now named Guiche.

"Of course I dare!" yelled Alex, "You people call yourselves nobles, but I've yet to see a single noble thing about you assholes! I see more nobility from the commoners whose backs you stand on!"

"Such insolence," spat Guiche, "you should learn your place, commoner!"

"And who's going to teach me?" sneered Alex.

"I shall," said Guiche with a pompous flourish, "I believe a duel would be an appropriate way for me to teach you your place, commoner."

"Name the time and place, brat," spat Alex.

"Vestri Court in one hour," said Guiche before marching off.

"I'll be there," muttered Alex angrily.

He was about to walk off when he felt an ominous presence behind him, causing sweat to form on his brow. Turning around he saw the pinkette that summoned him standing there with a murderous look in her eyes. Nervously, Alex wondered if he was going to die before the duel even began.

"You," ground out Louise, "not only do you have the audacity to storm out of my room and abandon me, but I find you challenging a noble to a duel too?"

"Technically he challenged me," said Alex, hoping to calm her somewhat.

It was the wrong thing to say.

"Oh, he challenged you," said Louie, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "that makes it so much better!"

Louise then grabbed Alex's arm and began to drag him along. Alex was caught off guard, allowing her to pull him along with little resistance before he could speak up.

"Where exactly are we going?" asked Alex.

"We're going to find Guiche so you can apologize," said Louise.

Immediately, Alex broke Louise's grip on his wrist with a practiced movement, causing her to stumble slightly. Turning around, she saw that Alex was glaring at her with a dark look.

"I'm not going to apologize to that blond fop," said Alex, "he deserves everything I'm going to give him at this duel."

"You can't think you can beat him!" exclaimed Louise, "he's a noble and a mage!"

"He doesn't look much like a fighter," said Alex, "and I think I have a few tricks to counter his magic. I know how to defend myself and that brat deserves a beating."

"You can't be serious!" exclaimed Louise.

"I'm dead serious," said Alex. Turning to a random student he got directions to Vestri Court, "Just watch, kid. I think I'll surprise you."


"I see you've made it," said Guiche as Alex walked up, "I figured you would run with your tail between your legs like the dog you are."

"So are we gonna do this?" asked Alex, "Or are you going to flap your lips in an attempt to bore me to death?"

"If you are this eager to meet your end, then who am I to disagree," smirked Guiche as he pulled out a rose and waved it like a wand, causing a petal to fall off and form into a bronze suit of feminine armor, "My runic name is Guiche the Bronze, therefore, a Bronze Valkyrie shall be your opponent."

The courtyard was silent for a moment before laughter was heard.

"Hahahaha!" laughed Alex as he clutched his gut, "I knew you weren't a fighter, but to actually summon a construct to fight for you? You made this fight a whole lot easier for me."

"What nonsense are you spewing?" asked Guiche.

"You see," said Alex as he pulled his Gokai Cellular and Ranger Key out of his pockets, "now I won't have to worry about holding back."

"What are those things?" asked Guiche as he peered at the items in Alex's hands.

"These are just some toys," said Alex, "or they were before I was brought here. Let me show you what they can do."

Alex flipped open the lid of the Gokai Cellular and placed the Gokai Silver Ranger Key inside before closing the lid.

"Gokai Change!" called out Alex before pressing the Gokai Silver button on the device.


There was a bright flash of light and when it faded, Alex could be seen wearing a silver and gold outfit with a helmet that covered his head. On his chest was a jolly roger with a skull and crossed swords and an anchor emblem was on the helmet.

"With the power of legends in the palm of my hand, I come forth and unite the past and present as we embrace the future!" proclaimed Alex, pointing a finger to the heavens, "I am: Gokai Silver!"

Louise and Siesta had just arrived in time to see this transformation and were both shocked.

"My summoning…" murmured Louise in shock as she remembered her incantation.

"Is that Alex?" gasped Siesta.

"What trickery is this?" demanded Guiche.

"Surprised?" asked Alex, "I was too when I found out last night that I could do this. Now, are you ready?"

Guiche growled and sent his Valkyrie to attack Alex. Alex smirked behind his helmet and whipped out his Gokai Spear in trident mode, noticing a lightness in his body and an instinctual knowledge of how to use the weapon in his head, as he swung the spear and cut down the golem.

This didn't stop Guiche though, and the blond teen summoned seven more golems to fight. Charging into the fray, Alex swung his spear around, parrying blows from the suits of armor's weapons as he fought them off with skill that he hadn't even seen Gai Ikari have in Gokaiger. Finally, he knocked them back and jumped to gain some distance.

Switching his spear to blaster mode, he pulled out his Ranger Key, and turned it from ranger mode into key mode before inserting it into the gun near handle.

[Final Wave!]

"Gokai: Super Nova!" yelled Alex as he pulled the trigger and fired a blast that obliterated the suits of armor.

Guiche tried to wave his wand to cast another spell, but Alex shot forward and hit a nerve cluster on his arm, forcing the blond to drop his wand reflexively as pain shot through his arm. Alex then transformed back to his normal attire and decked Guiche across the face, leaving the fop with a black eye as he hit the ground.

"Stay down and yield or the eye will be the least of your worries," said Alex, getting a frantic nod from Guiche.

"I yield," he squeaked.

"Good," said Alex.

Alex then turned and walked up to were Louise had been watching him with wide eyes, "We need to talk, kid."