Gokaiger of Zero

Chapter 7

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"By the Founder," groaned Louise as she and Alex dragged themselves into the former's dorm room, "I am so glad we are back. What possessed me to agree to work in that place? That was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done."

"It was a bit awkward," said Alex, "I have to admit you did look cute in the outfit."

"We are NEVER speaking of it again," yelled Louise with a red face.

"Though in all fairness…" began Alex, but Louise stopped him with a glare.

"Never. Speaking. Of. It. Again!" growled Louise as she leveled a flushed glare at him.

"Alright alright," sighed Alex placatingly, "but at least you gave the Princess a good report."

"That is something," agreed Louise with a nod, "you want to see if we can't get something for us to eat?"

"Sure," said Alex and the two of them headed out of the dorm room to see if the kitchen staff wouldn't be willing to make them a snack.

Luckily for them, while the staff that maintained the castle disliked the snobbish behavior of the Nobility that they catered to, they had begun to warm up to Louise thanks to Alex's influencing the girl's behavior for the better, so it wasn't long before they were walking through the courtyard munching on some homemade sandwiches.

"So," said Louise, "I don't think you ever told me what your homeland was like."

"Well," said Alex, "it's a place very different from here. It's a chain of Island States in the middle of the ocean with clean skies and warm weather. It has a mixture of beautiful forests and mountains and urban cities with towers made of stone and steel that that are packed together and stretch higher than those of the Academy. Also, there is no governing monarchy."

"But how do the people live their lives without a ruler to guide them?" asked Louise.

"There is a governing body that is elected by the people to rule and guide the nation for a set period," said Alex, "in the past, there was a ruling monarchy, but the rulers got a bit drunk on their power and became corrupt. Thus, my people left their control and established their own nation under a democratic rule."

"But how would the Mages establish themselves without a nobility?" asked Louise.

"Well," said Alex, "while there are magic users in my homeland, after the Witch Trials that occurred in the older days, where magic users were hunted down and killed due to old superstitions that never really died out, those that truly have the gift stay out of public attention and as such, magic does not factor much into the ruling class."

"I see," said Louise as the two of them continued to walk, heading out into the courtyard where they saw a familiar pair of students talking.

"Guiche?" asked Louise as they got closer. The boy had learned his lesson after Alex beat him in their duel, and had become a lot more likeable as well, now that he was focusing his attentions on one girl at a time.

"Louise?" said Guiche in surprise as he stood, "What brings you out on this fine night? You have not been in class for several days."

"We had some…business in town," said Alex, glancing at Louise.

"Business?" asked Guiche's date, a blond girl named Montmorency.

"Important business," said Louise as she took a bite of her food.

"Oh my," said Guiche, "you two, did you have a rendezvous in town?"

This caused Alex and Louise to go bright red as Louise choked on the food she had been eating, grabbing the wineglass from the table Guiche and his date were using and downing the contents to clear her throat.

"Not funny," muttered Alex.

"Oh," said Guiche, "I apologize. But what were you doing?"

"We can't tell you," said Alex, "it was a personal matter. Something rather sensitive and important."

"Ah," said Guiche, "I understand. Would you care to join us?"

"No no," said Alex, "you two enjoy your night. I should get Louise to bed. She's looking rather tired."

Indeed, Louise was slightly flushed and swaying slightly in place with a glazed look in her eyes.

"Well," said Guiche, "have a good night then."

Alex led the petite pinkette back to the school and to her dorm where she flopped down on her bed.

"Feeling alright?" asked Alex.

"Alexander," said Louise softly, "in your world, did you ever have a lover?"

"Where is this coming from?" asked Alex in surprise, "Are you feeling alright Louise?"

"I have this fluttering in my chest," said Louise, "whenever I look at you, I feel like I want to burst. Alexander, I love you!"

Louise emphasized this statement by leaping to glomp Alex, surprising the teen so much that he ended up falling flat on his behind while the pinkette nuzzled into him.

"Louise," said Alex, "what's gotten into you?"

"What do you mean Alexander?" asked Louise, "I love you. That's all there is. Come to bed with me."

Alex's face went bright red and he was against the wall in a flash. It wasn't that he was a prude, but it just felt wrong, what with her looking to be maybe half his age and obviously under the influence of some kind of spell or drug. Quickly thinking up an idea, he pulled out his MagiShine Ranger Key and his Gokai Cellular and transformed.


"Ok," said Alex quickly as he plucked Louise out of the air as she tried to glomp him again and held her at arm's length, "this might be some sort of magical possession. What was that spell Makito used? Jiruma Magiiro? No, that was Kai's. Magiiro Magika? No, that's not right either."

"You're so cute when you're thinking hard," said Louise as she hugged his arm.

"Jiruma Magi Magiine," said Alex, "that's what it was. Now, how does that translate…right."

Alex tapped Louise on the head and chanted as he channeled the magic of his current form, "Luuma Golu Goludo!"

A wave of magic flowed over Louise, but nothing seemed to be any different. The pinkette was still cuddling his hand.

"Ok that didn't work," said Alex, "let's try something stronger. Luuma Golu Golu Goludo!"

Another wave of magic washed over Louise, but she only continued to cuddle and began to purr.

"Ok this is serious," sighed Alex as he changed back and held Louise away so nothing indecent would happen, "looks like I'll have to figure this out the old-fashioned way. Step 1, find the source by retracing my steps."

Alex thought back to the previous events, that happened since they went on their mission. While the experience had been rather embarrassing (though only for Louise. Alex rather liked it), they hadn't done anything or interacted with any people or objects that could cause such a drastic change in behavior. The only time something similar had happened was when Louise had gotten fed up with dealing with overly amorous customers and had drunk a little too much wine with dinner after her shift, leading to a very amusing situation for Alex as the pinkette dealt with being VERY drunk.

'Wait,' thought Alex as he remembered something, 'Louise had that glass of champagne from Guiche and Montmorency…but one glass wouldn't be enough to make her all like this. Unless…'

"Louise," said Alex carefully, "we're going to go for a little walk. There's something I need to take care of."

"I'll follow you anywhere," smiled Louise as she continued to snuggle his arm.

Alex sighed and got up, noting that he was beginning to lose circulation in his arm, and headed for the door. He was going to get this resolved as soon as possible. Who knows what Louise would do in this state.


"Montmorency!" yelled Alex as he pounded his fist against the dorm room door of the girl in question, "Get out here right now!"

"Please leave now!" called the girl in question from inside, "I am very busy."

"You have five seconds before I kick this door down," snapped Alex, "One, two, FOUR…"

Immediately, the door was flung open to reveal an angry and slightly disheveled Montmorency, "How dare you threaten…"

Her rant petered out at the sight of Alex's Gokai Spear in blaster mode leveled at her face, with the barrel positioned between her eyes.

"We need to talk," said Alex coldly.

"Wh-wh-what are you talking about?" stammered the blond girl as she stared down the barrel of Alex's gun.

Instead of answering, Alex simply indicated to his leg, where Louise had latched on and was cuddling the limb, "I assume you're the cause of this."

"What gives you that idea?" she asked as she regained some of her composure.

"Well let me see," said Alex sarcastically, "maybe the fact that Louise has been acting completely normal until we ran into you and Guiche and she downed that champagne from your table. So logically, there must have been something in that glass other than champagne that caused her to act this way, a love potion maybe?"

"What is going on?" asked a familiar male voice as Guiche walked up behind Montmorency, straightening his uniform shirt.

Alex raised an eyebrow as he connected the dots between their appearances, both in dress and location, but put it aside in favor of the current situation, "Here's the brief version: your lady friend was trying to slip you some sort of love potion in your champagne last night, but Louise got dosed instead. Now, I'm going to have her fix this or I'll have the authorities sort things out. I seem to recall that Louise is close childhood friends with Princess Henrietta, so I'm sure she'd love to know what's happened here."

Surprised at this revelation, Guiche turned to Montmorency, who had grown rather pale at the implication that she'd have to explain to the Crown Princess that she dosed her childhood friend with an illegal love potion, "Is this true, Mon Mon?"

"You have to look at it from my perspective!" protested Montmorency, "Guiche, you claim to love me, but you turn your head whenever a new girl walks by. How else could I ensure that your heart remains with me?"

"Montmorency," said Guiche as he took her hands in his own and met her eyes with a somber look, "I apologize if I haven't always been faithful, but is this truly what you wanted?"

Guiche emphasized his remark by motioning towards Louise, who was continuing to cuddle Alex's leg, purring like a kitten.

"Did you wish for me to become a literal slave to your heart?" asked Guiche, "And what if I one day went too far? What then? What would become of us?"

"I…I didn't realize," said Montmorency softly.

"Every action has its consequences," said Alex seriously, "what they are in this situation is up to you. Either you help me cure Louise, or you face punishment for what you've done."

"Sir Alex," said Guiche, "as I am responsible for Montmorency feeling the need to brew the potion, I ask that I share in her fate as a way of atonement."

Montmorency was visibly touched at Guiche's request, but still frowned, "Creating a cure is the easy part. Getting all the ingredients is what will be difficult. One especially: The Tear of the Water Spirit."

"Well then," said Alex as he lowered his weapon, "pack your bags you two, because we're going hunting."

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