I yawned and started getting ready for bed. I placed my substitute soul reapers badge on my night stand, where it would be easy to reach, just in case. With me you never know.

I turned off the light and laid down on my bed.

I closed my eyes and sleep blanketed my mind for a second before Kon decided to speak.

"Hey, ichigo" called Kon from inside my closet. I locked him in there every time i get dressed. I, also learned not to keep any girly clothes in my closet, when I found him, one morning, curled up with one of my bras. I though he was going to demand to be let out since I forgot to do it before I laid down.

"Yeah" I said not opening my eye's to look. I wanted to groan at the thought of getting up.

"Do you know when Rukia's getting back?"

"Who's Rukia" I yawned turning over to face the window.

"Don't joke. I want to know. You guys don't tell me anything"

I turned to face my closet and this time, I opened my eyes. What- who is he talking about. His tone wasn't joking, in fact he sounded dead serous. It was surprising to say the least. I had only hear him talk like this before when it was something he really cared about or believed in.

I sat up and pushed off my covers. I walked over and let him out. He landed on the floor with a slight squeak "What are you talking about, Kon. This had better not be a joke" i said that even though i was 95 percent sure this wasn't. Kon was really worried about someone. Someone he thought i knew.

"That's not funny, Ichigo. Now tell me, where is Rukia." I could see confusion and slight panic etched into his squishy face.

I knelt down so that i could be almost face to face with him. "Uh, Kon, I don't know who that is. Is she a friend?"

He looked at me like i lost my mind "Your- your serious. You really don't remember her. You don't remember where she went or where she is now" I shook my head No.

He stared at me before starting to talk. He raised his voice with every word, until he was practically shouting. "How can you not remember her, She has big brown eyes and beautiful white skin and a hair style that is all her own. She is scary when she wants to be and nice other times. She yells a lot and. . . . "He rambled on and on, getting more scared and angry at my puzzled expression until finally, he yelled "HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER THE WOMAN WHO TURNED YOU INTO A SOUL REAPER"

Nothing he said stuck with me but that sentence. "Who turn me into a . . . "I looked over at my badge. " Who did make me a soul reaper "Suddenly a pain hit between the ears and I fell over. It felt like my head was splitting in two.

"Ichigo" Kon grabbed my shoulder and shook me "What's going on, are you okay, Ichiiiigo" he yelled.

As if watching a movie, a movie of all my memories of her. Almost like how when you die, your life flashes before your eyes, except it wasn't my entire life, just the parts with Rukia. My memories of her fit into my mind like a puzzle piece. Snapping into place, so many different memory's that i couldn't believe I'd forgotten them all. Or perhaps even more shocking, that I hadn't even noticed they were missing.

I gasped and sat up pulling Kon up with me. I grabbed him off my shoulders and yelled "I remember, i remember her. How could i possible forget her? "I stood up and grabbed my combat pass, dropping my body on the bed and flash stepping to Urahara's shop. Ururu was the only one outside, sweeping in slow deliberate strokes.

As soon as Ururu saw me, she yelped and ran inside, not greeting me in her normal way. I looked at Kon who was equally confused " Ichigo, are you radioactive and didn't tell me"

I picked him up, threw him to the ground and pushed down on his head with my heel "Not funny, Kon"

"On the contrary, I find it quite funny" I looked up and saw Urahara standing there with his signature top hat and open toed clogs. He also had a fan and was fanning his face.

I smiled at him and walked closer "Urahara, i need your help. Something has happened"

I saw a flash of surprise flicker over his face but it was gone as soon as it came "Well, okay then. Why don't you two come in and have some tea while you tell me about what happened"

I walked through the door. I looked around for Yoruichi and Jinta. I didn't see them. Kon followed only a foot behind, looking around hopefully, for Rukia. She wasn't here.

"Through here" Mr. Hat and clogs gestured

I nodded, not sure why he said that. I knew where I was going, I had been here before. I pushed the screen away and moved to sit down at the table.

I sat down, with Kon in my lap and looked at Kisuke. I opened my mouth to speak but before I could Ururu walked in holding two cups of tea. She set one down in front of both me and Kisuke.

"Thanks, Ururu." She jumped slightly but nodded and turned to get up.

"Hey, you there. I want some tea too, ohhhh, I get it just because I'm a stuff animal, I don't deserve tea, Huh, is that it, Well, I'm going to report you to the stuffed animal police. "Kon yelled, startling Ururu. I was confused about why she looked so surprised, after all she was the one who gave Kon to me and Rukia.

"I-I'm sorry sir, I'll get you some tea right now"

I grabbed him by his ear and lifted him off of the ground. "That won't be necessary, Ururu, you can go now." I smiled at her before turning back to the struggling Mod soul in my hand " Kon, remember the last you had tea. When you drink it, it goes into your stuffing, you smelled like tea for weeks and refused to go into the washing machine. "I dropped him on the table and picked up my tea. I took a sip and looked back at Kisuke. His calculating look caused me to shiver, though I wasn't sure why. It was just different from how he normally looked at me, I couldn't quite put my finger on how. It just was.

"You probably already know why I'm here."

"Nope, haven't the slightest clue" I stared at him in shock. He's always in the thick of things.

"I'm here to ask about Rukia, about what happened to her."

"So you want to know about a person named what? Why would you think i know that?"

I slammed my hand on the table "Her name is Rukia Kuchiki"

"Oh, yeah. Rukia . . . . And who would that be?"

"Are you crazy? What are you talking about? It's Rukia, one of your best customers. How the hell can you not remember her?"

He smiled at me before asking "Are you sure about that. The names not familiar to me" He pulled out a small record book and looked through all of the pages. I could tell when he came to a page with Rukia's name on it because his face always held a look of surprise.

"There is such a name on my customer list"

"Told you"

"However, I'm sorry, I really don't recall any such person"

I sighed and looked over at Kon "What is happening here"

"Beats the hell out of me" he climbed back into my lap "But remember, for a while there, you also forgot who she was"

"Maybe something happened to Rukia" A feeling of dread and anger pooled at the bottom of my stomach. "

"Listen, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the whereabouts of this Rukia person, but last night something incredible happened in the Seireitei"


"Yeah, Squad twelve captain, Mayuri Kurosuchi went crazy and destroyed his own lab. As a result a massive amount of reiatsu was released and one third of the Seireitei is in shambles"

I bolted up from my seat and grabbed him by the front of his shirt. "How could you not tell me about this? I have friends in the soul society. People who had my back when the shit hit the fan. How could you think that I wouldn't want to know about this "Renji, Momo, Izuru, Toshiro, Rukia. They have to be okay, RIGHT.

He held up his hands in a Woah-Nelly type of gesture "I didn't think that it was relevant to what you asked, okay. Now stop trying to tear my shirt in two. "I let him go and settled back onto the floor. Kon, who had fallen when I stood up, patted my knee soothingly.

"As I was saying, I was wondering if somehow those two situations were connected, because if they are it could explain why our memories are being affected. We might be under attack. "At the word attack, my hand instinctively reach over my shoulder to where the hilt of my sword sit. It pulsed under my touch and I sighed.

"Pardon me for asking but what is your relationship with this Rukia"

"Is that important" He simply smiled at me until I answered "She's very important to me."

"You would go so far for a friend"

"She's family, and you don't abandon Family no matter how much trouble they've gotten themselves in." Kon looked from me to Kisuke as if he was watching a tennis match but for once he didn't say anything. He seemed at a loss for words.

"Kisuke, please open the Senkaimon. I need to go help Rukia"

"Well, if you insist"

Time skip to arriving at the soul society.

There was the exit.

"(Huff) Finally (Huff)" was all I could say while I was running as fast as I could, to avoid being pounded into dust by the cleaner. I was so focused on getting away from that thing that I didn't stop to think about where I would end up. Well, I ended up several miles above the Seireitei. I plummeted so fast that I didn't have time to scream.

The same could not be said for Kon.

"AAAAAHHHHHH" I landed first. I was almost unscathed. Kon landed next, bouncing several times before finally coming to a stop, right next to a body covered in white Reiatsu. I had to muffle a yelp of surprise.

Kon freaked out too "Ichigo, look at this. It's terrible, what happened" he ran around like a crazy person, until I picked him up and placed him on my shoulder. I looked around and saw that half of our surrounding were covered with the same reiatsu. It was in ruin,

I nodded and started running toward the closest barracks "Come on, Kon, were going to figure out what's going on."


". . ."



"You don't think that Rukia could have been caught up in that mess, do you"

I snorted "Are we talking about the same Rukia. Girls tough as nails. She'd never let something like that stop her. "I reassured him. He nodded but didn't look convinced.

"Okay, then what about everyone else. Your friends do you think there gone too"

I sighed "Sure hope not"

I arrived at the squad barracks and one of the first people I saw was Shuhei.

I sighed in relief "There's a familiar face"

"You know that guy"


"Shuhei" I called "What the hell is going on." He turned and looked at me but I didn't see even a flicker of recognition. He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by a loud roar.

A giant snake, like creature formed out of the reiatsu. Many of the soul reaper let out screams and started backing away. Shuhei tried to fight it but it got past him and targeted some lower ranked soul reapers.

"Oh no, you don't " I called flash stepping in front of the creature. My hollow mask appeared too. "Bankai" in one swift motion, I split the creature in half.

"All righ- Hey, it's not stopping" Kon shouted. It continued pass us, heading straight towards one of the gates. I slammed into it, breaking the door down and sending it flying.

"That was weird" Kon said "Why would they want to take the gate down"

"Yeah" I agree, I turned back to talk to Shuhei but instead found myself surround by soul reapers, each with their blade drawn.

I held my hand up around my chest "Whoa guy's, what is this about"

"Identify yourself. Who are you? That is not a typical squad uniform so I know you don't belong to any"

My outfit is slightly different from there's. Zangestu said that it was because I'm a substitute sold reaper. My uniform was created based on what i preferred. The biggest difference would have to be that I had a hood and a cape, but I also had sleeves. (I always wonder why Ichigo had these thing but no one else did) I had my hood up now and the rest of my face was being blocked by my hollow mask.

I dissolved my mask but didn't remove my hood. "What's the matter? It's me Ichigo Kurosaki"

"Seize him"

I jumped backwards to avoid the first attack. I don't know what was going on but I didn't want to hurt anybody so I focused on disarming only. I had taken down half of his group when Shuhei attacked me.

"Ichigo, if these are your friends, how do your enemy's treat you" Kon yelled as I dodged another of Shuhei's attack.

Shuhei swung over his head and I blocked it with my own sword. He was on a whole nother level than the other's I fought so far.

"Why are you doing this? I'm your friend"

"Shut up, intruder" I blocked another attack

"Shuhei, I don't want to fight you"

"I said shut up" He swung his sword near my neck. I dodged it but because of my abrupt movement, Kon fell off and landed right in front of Shuhei.

"No" I shouted when Shuhei grabbed his. I leaped forward, punching Shuhei in the face, I hit him so hard that he fell to the ground. I could tell I caught him by surprise by the way his eyes widened and the way his grip on Kon loosened.

Kon jerked around as much as he could, even going as far as biting Shuhei's fingers. When Shuhei fell, Kon managed to jerk out of Shuhei's grip and rushed at me. I snatched him off of the ground and flashed stepped out of the barracks.

"You okay" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so. Thanks"

I could hear Shuhei yelling out order and the sound of pursuit. A large group, 15 to 20 strong was after us. "We need to go. It's not-"

I was cut off by a very familiar sword attacking in a very familiar way. I blocked it with my sword but was still pushed back several feet.

"Got you, you intruder" Renji yelled appearing in front of me.

I smiled when I saw him, Sure that he was going to tell Shuhei to stand down and explain what was going on. Instead he pointed his sword at me.

"Stand down, intruder" He ordered.

"Renji" Shuhei called, he and his group catching up with us "Don't let him get away"

"Kon made a strangled sound, part laugh and part gasp" They don't know you're a girl . . . . . Is because you have you hood up. "

"I don't understand what's going on here." I whispered back "How could they not know, I mean -" the rest of what I was going to say was interrupted by Renji. Typical

"Are you responsible for all this" He spat, looking at me like I was something he found under his shoe. I know that look very well, he always wore that look where fighting an enemy.

I jerked back like he hit me. Hearing him talk to me like that, with so much anger, it broke my heart. Sure we argue sometimes but he never looked or spoke to me with so much . . . . Hatred, like I was an enemy. Even at his angriest, he always looked at me with amusement and friendship, never this out right loathing.

I heard Kon whimper in surprised at that look. He shifted so that he was partly hidden behind me and I could see that he was not handling being on the receiving end of Renji's glare any better than I was.

"Renji, it's me Ichigo" I tried "Don't you recognize me"

He charged at me "Don't know what you're talking about" He shouted, swinging his sword at my chest.

I was too stunned to do anything but step back. His first swing met only open air and by his second I had recovered enough to defend myself. I blocked him.

"Renji, what the hell do you think you're doing. You need to quit messing around. I don't want to fight you, I'm your friend." I felt something really wiggly in my stomach, when I noticed how close we were standing. I wanted to back away but I knew if I did he would attack me.

"Oh really" he sneered "Tell me, how is it that you know my name" Without waiting for an answer he pushed me back and swung again, this time at my head. I jumped backwards both avoiding his blows and putting some distance between us.

I felt both disappointed and relieved at the same time. I shook my head and tried to ignore the strange feeling lingering in my stomach. Rukia is what matters right now, I'll sort everything else out later.

"You need to listen to me, Rukia's in real danger."

"Rukia. I don't know anybody by that name so who is she."

I jerked upwards in surprise "Come on now." I stomped my foot on the ground "I don't understand what's happening. You're saying you don't know Rukia"

"Rukia" he said and for a second he adopted a dazed, sort of expression.

"No way you could forget about her, try to remember, Renji" I plowed onward. Big mistake. My words broke Renji out of the daze he had been in, and seemed to make him even madder at me.

"You shut up, and stop all you babbling" he roared.

"Damn it, Kon we need to run, I can't fight him" Whenever I thought about It, my stomach would twist unpleasantly and my eye's would burn. What the hell is wrong with me?

"Right" he grabbed on tighter "Let's go" We jumped up and rushed away.

"Ichigo, what's going on around here? Why do they not remember you?"

"I'd like to know why too but right now Rukia is our main priority and we can't look for her if were dead or capture " I could hear footsteps behind me and knew that Renji and Shuhei was closing in.

I was so focused on who was following me that I almost didn't notice Captain Komamura until it was too late.

"Damn it"

"Surrender" He ordered.

Of course, I didn't.

"Not a chance Captain Komamura, sorry dude."

I heard the mob behind me (which seemed to grow bigger by the second) gasp. I forgot that their not used to people disrespecting there captain. Not the first time, I did it and it most certainly won't be my last.

"I do not have patience right now, Boy" said a cold, voice. A mixture of fear and dread blocked my throat from speaking. I turned around.

I looked at Byakuya first because he was the one who had spoken but when I saw who was next to him my heart dropped, I was face to face with two other captains and their respective lieutenant.

"Captain" Renji said "I'm sorry, he was-" Byakuya held his hand up for silence and Renji stopped talking.

"Don't be so mean" Rangiku insisted, looking over her Captain's head "He did his best"

When she said that I wasn't sure who would explode first, her captain Toshiro or Byakuya.

"Rangiku" Toshiro warned. Even in such a tense situation, I had to stifle a laugh at his expression "Hold your tongue for once in your life"

"You should have better control over your subordinates" Sui-Feng criticized

"Yeah" Ōmaeda agreed.

"Did I ask you to speak" She snapped at him

He shrugged and stuffed his face with more crackers "F'o" His No muffled by the food.

"Pig" she grumbled as she picked food out of her hair. Even if they seemed nonchalant I could find no opening to attack, on any of them. They were ready for me, they were waiting for me to make my move first so they can figure out my power, at least, I think.

I can't run, Sui-Feng is fast than me, I can't out maneuver them, Byakuya's petals have 360 degree range, I can't out think them since there all probably smarter than I am, and trying to out muscle all of them is a laughable idea.

Maybe if I surprise them I can get away fast enough, and If I can't, I'd rather fight just Sui-Feng than, all of them at once. I do have one thing going for me. I know all there moves and their strengths, and they don't know mine, I just hope it will be enough.

I crossed my arms over my chest and whispered out of the corner of my mouth " Kon, hang on tight. I'm gonna make a run for it. I can't handle all four of them alone"


I bolted forward right through the mob, which is the last thing any of them would have expected me to do and I flashed stepped as fast I could, and as far as I could.

They were all right on my heels.

"Rain over the frosted heavens, "Hyōrinmaru"

"Roar, Haineko"

"Scatter, Sen bon zakura"

"Sting all enemy's to death, Suzumebachi "

"Roar, Zabimaru"

"Smash, Gegetsuburi"

"Reap, Kazeshini"

"Awake, Kokujo Tengen Myo'o" I gasped. Bankai, very bad. A giant warrior appeared and swung at me. I jumped upward just in time to avoid being cut in half.

Kon was jolted off my shoulder and he slid down my back and for a horrible second, I thought he was going to fall off but he managed to grab my cloak at the last second.

I landed on the ground and Kon jumped to the ground. I had just reached down to pick him up when my instincts kicked in and I blocked an attack from Rangiku.

"Give up" the anger on her face caused me to flinch.

"I can't, this isn't right, you have to know that"

"Stop talking nonsense. You attack my friend and then expect me to listen "She shouted

"Shuhei attacked me first" I protested, before pushing her away and blocking another attacks from Toshiro.

"Come quietly, intruder"

"Toshiro, listen to me." Even in this life and death situation, I blushed having him so close to me. His soft hair brushing against me, his beautiful Teal eye's looking at me with . . . Hate. Suddenly I didn't feel so good, I actually felt kind of sick.

"Shut up"

I pushed him back and jumped backwards myself. He and Sui-Feng attacked as one. I had dodged ice and stinger for only a few seconds before pink Petals were added to the mix.

'Damn, I need to get out of here before me and Kon are- KON' I was so caught up in making sure i didn't die that i completely forgot about him. I whirled around and found him hiding behind a rock. That lapse in focus cost me. Byakuya's Pink petals clipped my leg. I gasped and didn't react in time to stop my leg from being frozen in ice. Then my sword arm. I screamed and gasped again, trying desperately not to pass out.

My friend . . . . They gathered around me. I didn't look at them until I heard Kon cry out. He was being held by Ōmaeda and was fighting like a devil to get to me. I lunged forward but the ice stopped me from reaching him.

We were caught.

Rangiku poked him in the stomach "What is this thing"

Toshiro looked at Kon "A mod soul"

Shuhei grabbed him by the leg "Isn't that illegal"


Ōmaeda made a face "Then i guess i should take him to the department of research and development to be destroyed"

WHAT. Kon looked at me with panic and fear. They can't do this.

"Leave him alone" I screamed and they all looked at me. "It isn't illegal for him to live. You can't say-"

Byakuya slapped me "Silence, you are in no position to be demanding anything. Take this thing away" i didn't know if he was talking about me or Kon but it hurt either way.

"You can't do this. I'm your friend "I ordered firmly." You have to hear me out. I had nothing to do with what happened here, I actually came to see if i could help"

"Tell it to your interrogator"