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Ichigo's Point of view

I'm going to destroy the soul society.


Just really fucking great

"Soooooo . . . . Any ideas." I asked after a good few minutes in complete silence. Absently I fiddled with my power suppressing glove that keeps me alive, then I switched to my power suppressing bracelet. If I take them off, Sekkiseki rock or no Sekkiseki rock, I will be able to get us out of here. But is it worth it. . . . Maybe. It's not like these two or anyone else here will miss me when I'm gone. My eye flickered to my companions briefly before it went right back down to the floor.

The tension here is so thick it feels like I standing within a brick walk. Or maybe that was the weight of the world that was on my shoulders right now. It's hard to tell.

"We could wait until the other captain's track us down." I suggested half-heartedly, knowing already that that wasn't really an option. Nor am I the type of girl who likes to sit around and wait to be rescued. I am the rescuer, not the rescuee. I just really wanted to break the silence.

"Unfortunately, I don't think that's much of an option. I mean, who know when there plan will take effect or what it entitles besides the obvious. . . . "Toshiro stopped abruptly, leaning against the wall opposite to me, looking deep in thought, most likely about Rukia's parting words. He was the only one here who didn't have to stoop when standing. He was able to stand straight and with confidence while me and Renji had to slouch, almost bow when we were on our feet. "While were waiting here, they could set another dozen reiatsu snakes loose on the Seireitei." He bit his lips. That little gesture was the only indication that he wasn't really this calm on the inside. He was worried too, just like the rest of us.

I smiled slight, acknowledging his softer side. He's so cute when he tries to be tough. But if I ever said that out loud he'd yell and glare at me, much like how he normal talks to his lieutenant.

"Or they could complete whatever end game preparations things they need and come back for you before the Seireitei is even able to pin-point out location " Renji said grimly, sitting on the floor after he for the 4th time, hit his head on the rather low ceiling. Toshiro, I noticed, smirked rather smugly every time that happened. Like it made him happy to see Renji looking like a fool. "Urggh, I hate these Ceilings" Renji complained rubbing his head.

"I'm surprise your head doesn't make an empty ringing noise when ever hit" Toshiro said, in a self-satisfied kind of way. Renji was on his feet in a second, then he cracked his head on the ceiling again, and feel back down. "Ha, what'd I say? You're all brawn and no brain, Abarai."

Renji stood up again, this time with more care. "If I had Zabimaru . . ." He threatened, surprising me. What is going on between these two? They never had trouble like this before. The only person I remember Toshiro intentionally antagonizing was Uryu and I always just figured it was a guy thing. For these two, there was never any big conflicts. What was there for them to fight over anyway?

"Stop it" I commanded, not liking they edgy way they kept looking at each other " This is not time for petty fights. Whatever is going on between you guy. Figure it out, NOW" I crossed my arms and waited but neither moved. "Well, go on"

Renji mumbled something, too quietly to be heard "What " I demanded

"He said 'we can't talk about it while your here'" Toshiro informed me, while not quite meeting my gaze.

"And why not" I snarled

I swear I actually heard crickets in the silence that followed. I didn't even know the Soul society had crickets.

"Are you gonna answer me"

"Wasn't planning on it, no" Renji said, scratching his cheek with one finger.

"URRRRRRRRGGGGG, YOU BOTH ARE SO SO SO-" I couldn't seem to reach the right words.

"Actual, Ichigo there's something I'd like to ask you"

I looked at Toshiro "I won't be distracted so easily" I spat angrily, glaring at him with scorn.

"No, it's not like that. I was just thinking . . . "I was stunned to see some red on his normally pale cheeks. I can barely remember the last time I saw him blush. It was a while ago for sure.

I made a go on motion with my hands when he seemed too embarrassed to continue "Yeah . . ." I tried to be encouraging, despite my annoyance. I hadn't forgotten about their idiotic behavior in the least but Toshiro seemed to really be struggling with something.

"Were we . . . Did we have a . . . I feel . . . I-I-I -"

I blinked, very confused "Are you asking me if we were friends. We were, very good ones, in fact."

"No, I wanted to know . . . . if we had a roma-"

"NOOOO" Renji roared, startling me. I jumped

"URRGH, What the hell, MAN. What's wrong with you" I snapped. "Just what are you trying to pull?"

He blushed "Uh, nothing. I just . . . felt . . . like . . . . yelling "he said meekly.

"I'd slap you but that'd be animal abuse "I huffed, still glaring daggers. "You know you're one of the reasons Humans have the middle finger"


"Just shut up. Right now, I feel like strangling you both"

"What did I do" Toshiro demanded, crossing his arms

"Your breathing aren't you"

"Of course"

"Well, there you go" I closed my eyes and silently prayed for the strength not to kill them both right now.

Uryu Point of view

I turned over and pressed deeper into the cushion, trying to find a more comfortable position.

Deep in thought on Ichigo's couch, I ignored the slight chill in the air and the darkness that's falling. For the past few days I've been staying at her house, just in case she decides to come back. Orihime and Chad offered to do it every other night, to give me a break but I need this. I need to feel like I'm doing something. Even if it's as small as waiting for her.

Ichigo has been missing for DAYS, and the police are absolutely no help. They have no leads and are barely even searching. They are the most useless people I have ever met.

I turned over and rested my head on my arm. Where is she? I haven't gotten any ransom phone call from idiotic thugs who know how rich and powerful my family is, and neither has any of Ichigo's close friends. I know, I checked. I practically jumped all of our friends for info after learning Ichigo was missing. Nada. Nothing with a capital N.

I actually would have rather that have happen, I would rather get that call. Then I could have paid the ransom and gotten my sister back, no problem. At least I would have known what happened to her.

And, I . . . I refuse to believe that she's dead, though I recognize that we've all probably considered it at least once since learning of her disappearances.

I know my sister. She's too strong and pigheaded to be taken down without a fight. I had some officers check and, there have been no major damage to the city, around or during the estimated time of her disappearance, as well as no visible marking on any of the suspected perpetrators the police have found, immediately ruling them out. No one could go against her and not immediately regret it.

She is tough. One of the toughest people I know. No one who attacked her would leave unscathed. For Ichigo to lose to her assailant she would have either have to be vastly outnumbered or vastly out smarted. And the Ichigo I know is not stupid or . . . too prideful. If she knows she can't win, she'd pull out and live to make them pay another day.

I flipped on to my back and placed my arm over my eyes. Maybe she just left. Maybe she just went off to see the world like she always talked about when we were younger. She always gushed about wanting to see Paris and Rio, so maybe she finally did something about it. She stopped recently but then again, a lot has been going on. I rubbed my head as I tried to recall some of the troubles we've had. But nothing really came up. I remember feeling stressed and worried but not about what. I wonder why. I know something happened recently.

But if she's fine, then why hasn't she contacted me. Or Orihime. Or Chad. Why is she keeping us in the dark?

And if she left of her own free will, then why didn't she take me with her. Why didn't she tell me?

I curled up deeper into the couch, as if to escape the horribleness of this situation.

A sudden knock at the door sent me bolting upright "Ichigo" I blurted out into the darkness, even though common sense had caught up with me and made me realized that Ichigo would never knock before entering her own home. I mean, she hardly ever even knocks before enter my apartment. Why would she start now, with her own house?

"Sorry, Afraid it's just little old me" said a tall, lean-built man with light skin and gray eyes. The thing that stood out most was his striped dark green and white bucket hat, which cast a shadow over his eyes.

"Who are you? What do you want" I shot up off the couch and clenched my fists.

"It's not what I want. It's what you want. And what you want is a certain girl by the name of Ichigo Kurosaki."

I activated my bow and was point blank range from him in a second. "WHERE IS SHE"

He lifted his hand up to his hat and tilted it down a little more before smiling slyly at me, seeming not at all scared of my weapon "It looks like I'm in the right place, after all." The he gestured to someone behind him "Can you two come in here please. And put that away" He said, now directing his words to me "We're all friends here, right" a fan suddenly appeared in his hands and he proceeded to fan his face with it.

Since I Felt like being an ass, I raised my bow till it pointed at his face "Talk. NOW"

"I see. So it's going to be that kind of talk, eh kid" A force, heavy and powerful, slammed into my chest, sending me flying back into the couch. I wheezed and coughed intensely, struggling to get breath back into my lungs.

"What was that? What did you do to him" came a well-known and very pleasing voice. Orihime. She rushed from outside, to right next to the couch and gently helped me to my feet. I smiled warmly back at her, despite my chest pain and the difficulty breathing that accompanied it.

"Nothing too bad, I assure you. Your friend is simple feeling the backlash of one of my smarter invention."

"What invention" A low, gruff and equally familiar voice asked. Chad's here too.

"One that affects only those in a certain area, who are using spiritual pressure. Think of it as a feedback loop. It redirects one's own energy into an attack. Basically, your friend here just attacked himself "The stranger continued to fan himself, and smile shrewdly "Now, are you ready to listen"

I opened my mouth to retort, when Orihime placed a hand on my shoulder. Our eyes met for a second before she looked back at the man wearing the hat "We're ready"

"Well, then. Let's begin, shall we"

Byakuya's Point of view

I strolled down the wooden path outside my home. I was trailed by a familiar elderly servant named Dashi, one who had been working for the Kuchiki clan all his life. I remember he was the personal servant to my wife and only love, Hisana. They were good friends and he's a loyal worker.

I looked around, sliding paper doors open and peering inside. For what, I don't know. I just feel like something is missing. My home just suddenly feels too big and empty, even with all the staff and maids running around inside.

Bitterly, I grit my teeth. 'This is all that Ryoka's fault. I didn't feel this way until she showed up. What did she do to me? Not just me but everyone within the soul society'

I started walking again, this time with a sudden urgency. If I find what's missing then this feeling will go away and everything will return to normal. And in a few decades, this business with that girl will be nothing but a foul memory. A really foul memory.

"Is something bothering you, Master Byakuya"

"No. It's nothing." Just that this house no longer feels like my home

I continued my search, looking in even the most remote corners of my abode. Finally, I came to a little room, one that faced the grounds, near an old sakura tree at the edge of the compound. The room was bare, only the faintest traces remained that someone lived there. But that should be impossible, no one lives here, this is not the servant or guest quarters.

The desk in the room held books and paperwork, ones I did not recognize. So whose are these? Carefully, I picked up a sheet, one that wasn't yet filled out. This filing belongs to squad 13. What is it doing here?

Scanning the rest of the desk, a small rather crude drawing of Chappy the bunny caught my eye. Someone had carved it into the wood of the workspace. Irritation flashed through me. The women Soul reaper association did this. They adore that accursed creature. Did they have no respect for a person's items and home?

"Master Byakuya"

Placing the paperwork back on the counter, I responded with "Tell the cleaning staff to take this to Captain Ukitake and to destroy the rest" That will teach them to sneak into a nobleman's place of residence. My eyes fell in the ruined table "The desk too"

"Right away, sir" and he hurried off to fulfill my request.

Once he was gone, I glanced back at the picture etched in the soft wood. I careful traced the rough outline. Whoever did this took a lot of time and energy to engrave it into their space. They must either have too much free time on their hands or must really love this bunny.

Shifting the stake of finished work, I stiffened.

On top of one of the papers, in elegant writing was the words.

Rukia Kuchiki

A sudden agony swept through my head. Placing my hand on the paper door, I managed to remain upright against the onslaught of all the memories.




My younger sister-in-law.

The one who I broke all the rules for.

My family and Hisana's sister.

And her best friend, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Memories, fast and unmistakably true, rushed through my mind.

"Master Byakuya" I jerked up. A gathering of 10 to 15 servants were idling around, looking at me curiously. The one who spoke currently was Dashi. "Are you okay? Do you require a healer from squad 4?"

"No. I am fine" I countered startled, looking at the old man with new eye. I remembered now. He had been an attendant for Rukia too, helping her through all the challenges of being a new noble. She considered him a good friend. When the two of us weren't really talking, he would give me consistent update on her condition and on what she needs.

"Then should we beg-"

"Do not touch anything within that room" They all froze at my tone.

"But sir you said-"

"Yes, but now I am saying something different. Do not touch those items, if anyone does they shall be dismissed on the spot, am I understood" Many gave me panicked nods and one waved his hands in a horrified surrender.

I looked back in the sparsely decorated room. It might not really matter either way, since most of her stuff currently resides in the Substitute soul reaper, Ichigo Kurisaki's house. Only things she needs for work and sleep remained here.

"I am going out" I said vaguely to the gathering of people. "There is something I need to do. Somewhere I need to go"

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