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"Fuuuuck. Yes, right there baby. I'm so clooose."

Emma's eyes rolled back as she enjoyed the sensation of tight walls grasping greedily at her pounding cock.

"You feel so so good Gina. Shit, that's it. Squeeze my dick!" She tightens and squeezes around Emma's dick and within moments, she feels Emma's hips slam into her from behind as she releases her load.

Between Emma moaning into her back and the feeling of her cock pulsing at it comes into the condom, Regina can't help but reach her own climax, flooding Emma's cock and balls with her own stream of cum.

Emma kisses her sweaty back as Regina comes down from her high and when it appears that she's done, Emma pulls out slowly, knowing how sensitive she is after sex. She removes the condom, and as Regina collapses on the bed, she sees the look of disgust on Emma's face at handling the cum filled condom.

She ties it, tosses it in the trash, and heads back to the bed. She slips back on her Calvin Klein boxers then grabs her phone from the nightstand next to her. She's texting rapidly, from what Regina can tell, probably letting someone know she's going to be late before putting her phone down to look for the rest of her clothes.

This is the part she hates. This is the moment where she remembers that Emma isn't her girlfriend. In fact, she isn't anyone's girlfriend. Because Emma Swan doesn't believe in monogamy. And Regina knows this. She has since day one because Emma was nothing if not forthcoming about it. She lays there watching her dress quickly and she doesn't know if it's her confusing feelings for Emma or her pride that makes her speak up, but she sits up in bed, using the sheets to cover her.

"I don't like that you finish fucking me and then immediately get dressed to go fuck someone else. It makes me feel like a cheap whore."

Emma doesn't stop trying to pull up her jeans and doesn't even look her way as she responds, "I'm not going to fuck anyone else. I'm just meeting some friends for drinks."

Regina scoffs and rolls her eyes. She knows that's a half-truth meant to sooth her. Emma has said that before. She was just going for drinks or headed to the movies or bowling. Something boring to ease Regina's fears but the truth always comes out in the morning when there are pictures all over the internet and social media of Emma leaving a woman's house in the morning in the same outfit she left Regina's in.

"It may not start with sex, but that's always how it ends."

Emma finishes with her jeans and begins looking for her shirt. She hasn't turned to face her so she can't tell what she's thinking or if she's angry.

Don't sound so jealous Regina, you'll scare her off. Just play it cool.

"And I'm…I'm fine with that Emma, I am. I knew what this was when we started. I just…I didn't expect you to be hopping from my bed to someone else's. I just—"

Emma unexpectedly jumps back on the bed, forever playful, and climbs her way up to Regina's body.

She places gentle kisses on her tight stomach, before moving to each nipple and giving them just enough attention before moving up to her neck, a spot she knows is particularly sensitive for Regina.

She knows this tactic of avoidance and she knows she should put a stop to it, but damn, if Emma isn't the best lover she's ever had. But, in typical Emma fashion, she opens her stupid mouth and reminds Regina about why she was upset to begin with.

"Gina, don't think about those girls. It kills the mood. I'm with you right now and that's all that matters."

Regina's eyes shoot open and she sternly pushes Emma away, hands on her chest to keep her at a distance.

"Is that what you say to every girl? Emma, I'm serious. If you're going to insist on coming over here and then just leaving like-like I'm your dirty little secret, then you can say goodbye to sex with me at all."

Regina says it with a firm tone, and she supposes she could follow through, the only problem is that sex with Emma is the best part of her week. She's never had someone so big or so skilled and she is in no way trying to lose that. But she also can't stand the fact that Emma thinks it's okay to have sex with her and someone else in the same night. Not being interested in pursuing a relationship is one thing, but to treat her like another notch in the headboard makes Regina sick to her stomach.

She and Emma stare at each other for almost a full minute before Emma slowly starts to smirk.

She rolls her eyes, knowing that whatever comes out of the 24 year olds mouth will probably be something crude.

But instead, Emma moves forward and places a gentle kiss onto her lips, something that is very rare for the blonde. She doesn't do a lot of kissing and if she does, it's usually rough while in the throes of passion. But she's pleasantly surprised when Emma grabs her face, and deepens the slow, sensual kisses.

If this is a new form of distraction, she must say, it's working well.

Or it is until Emma unexpectedly pulls away and the smirk resumes. Regina forces herself to look away. She doesn't want to see the look of triumph on Emma's face.

"Gina, look at me."

"No," she says crossing her arms, "I hate when you do that. You think you can just kiss me and everything is going to be fine, but-"

"You know, if you want something Regina, you can just ask for it. I don't like games. And I hate to be told what to do. If you want me to stay, just ask me to stay. If you want a night that belongs solely to you, just say so, but don't threaten to take away something you know we both enjoy."

"I'm not trying to tell you what to do, Em-"

"You know, I realize that I don't have the same fancy education as you or whatever, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid, Regina." She says with a hint of laughter so at least she knows she isn't actually angry.

"I know…"

Emma sits back waiting for more, waiting for her to ask for what she wants, but after a few minutes she figures that prideful Regina Mills isn't going to do it, so she'll just have to take the initiative.

"How about we don't do Wednesdays anymore?"

Regina looks up at her abruptly. Well now look what you've done! She doesn't even want to see you now.

"Why…why not Wednesdays?" She tries to keep her voice from shaking but by the raised brow that Emma is giving her, it's pretty obvious that she's failed.

Instead of responding right away, she scoots up towards the head of the bed to sit beside Regina and laces their fingers together.

"I've always felt like Wednesday's were bad for you. It's the middle of the week and I know you have to be up early in the morning. I-I don't just pack up my shit and leave because I'm in a hurry to get away from you or anything. So never think that. I just imagine that working with kids all day is exhausting. That's why I usually try to leave right after. I want to get out of your hair, you know?"

For some reason, Emma's thoughtfulness surprises her, though really it shouldn't. This isn't the first time Emma has shown a softer side. And it's moments like these when she has to wonder, which version is the real Emma Swan.

She watches Emma's thumb stroke her hand and it hits her that they've never held hands like this. Only when Emma is rushing her up the stairs does she grab her hand and even then, their fingers are never entangled like this.

This is new.

But despite this being uncharted territory for them, Emma looks completely content. Which makes her wonder what all she is willing to give, if only Regina would ask.

"I actually really like our Wednesdays. I mean, the kids drive me nuts every day and by Wednesday, I'm always in need of a pick me up so it's nice to come home and enjoy your company."

Emma laughs heartily at that. "My company…nice euphemism. Alright…we can stick with Wednesdays!"

"But…" she releases a breath then just goes for it, "I also like Fridays."

Emma laughs again, looking over at her, "Now you're just gettin greedy."

Regina blushes and prepares to retract the statement, but Emma leans over and kisses her cheek.

"But I kind of like it. Consider it done. Wednesdays and Fridays are just you and me. All night."

Regina is speechless. Never in a million years did she think it would be that easy. Emma had always shied away from anything that even slightly resembled commitment. She had asked once if she wanted to go to dinner with a few fellow teachers and Emma had disappeared for a two weeks, silently letting Regina know that that wasn't acceptable for their relationship. Or lack thereof really.

But, as she feels something wet and scratchy brush against her cheek, she's finding that Emma is full of surprises.

"Did you just lick me?"

"No," Emma answers seriously.

"Emma, you definitely did. I felt it." she wipes her cheek off in disbelief.

"If you're going to nag all night, I'm just going to go," she makes a move to get out of bed, but Regina pulls her arm back and effectively puts a stop to all movement by climbing onto her lap.

"Well, if I have you all night, I should make good use of you. And since you licked me…it seems only fair that I return the favor," she finds the hem of Emma's shirt and lifts it over her head to reveal a braless chest and abs she could trace with her fingers and tongue all night.

"Mmm, please do."

And that's all the permission she needs before pushing Emma back onto the pillows and making her way down her torso to her favorite part of Emma's body.

As Regina unbuttons her jeans, she hears her mumble something about giving a whole new meaning to hump day and she can't help but laugh.

Emma Swan is going to be the death of her. In more ways than one.


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