This is a continuation of the previous chapter however, a month has gone by. I'll let you know when we're all caught up and back to the present that we saw in chapter one. Enjoy!

She wakes to a blaring ringing.

Well, it probably isn't blaring, but she's hung over as fuck so even a whisper sounds like a blare.

She reaches for her phone, staring at a number she doesn't recognize before deciding to answer.

There are always girls she doesn't have names for in her phone, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to hear from them.

So she answers and she's pleased to find that it is in fact a woman.

"Hello, Miss Swan?"

But not the kind of woman she's hoping for. No one she sleeps with called her 'Miss Swan'.

"Yeah, who's this?"

"Hi, I'm Amy Turner, the school nurse at Coral Academy. I'm calling because August fell while on the playground today."

Upon hearing her little brother's name, she sits up in bed.

"Is he okay?" she asks while throwing off the covers and looking for something to wear.

"He's doing alright, but I really think he's broken his arm. I was going to call an ambulance but he refused to go anywhere and said he wanted you to take him. I know you're not listed on his-"

"It's fine, it's okay, I'm uh, I'm on my way and I'll be there in 20. Just tell him to sit tight, please."

"Of course, thank you so much! We'll see you soon."

She hangs up without saying goodbye and finds a pair of chucks lying around to slip on her feet. She grabs her Ray Bands and keys and is out of the door in record time.

She walks into the nurse's office to see her 6 year old brother sitting on the bed with tear stained cheeks and his right arm in a sling.

"Hey, buddy."

Hearing her voice, he looks up and immediately bursts into tears again. She hurries forward to hug him close, while being mindful of his possibly broken arm, and kisses the top of his brown curly hair.

"I felllllll," he drags out in a sob.

She rubs his back soothingly as he wets her shirt with his tiny tears.

She knows she's not the world's best daughter and she's aware that she isn't the best sister either, but she loves this kid.

She admits that a part of her hates him because, unlike her, August is her parent's biological son. Emma herself was adopted at 14. And while she will forever be grateful for that, she knows that they love him more. They cherish him and coddle him and she hates them for it, for swearing that a baby wouldn't change anything when really he changed everything.

But in these moments, when he's holding onto her like a lifeline, she could never bring herself to feel anything other than love and adoration for him.

It's not fault that he's the favorite. Hell, he's her favorite too.

"I know kid, but it's okay. We're going to see Dr. Danny right now and he's going to take a look at it."

She feels him nod against her shoulder and she gently wraps her arm around his waist to pick him up.

He cries out a bit, but otherwise seems fine so she carries him to the front office to sign him out for the day.

She manages to scribble her name with her left hand and prepares to leave when August nearly bursts her ear drum.

"Emmy, wait! I needs my backpack!"

"Okay, okay. Right," she turns back to the nurse and she smiles sweetly.

"His classroom is 312."

She nods and makes her way out of the office and down the hall.

She passes all of the hideous artwork and wonders if any of it is his. She hopes not. It really is all awful.

She stops at 312 and looks in. There doesn't appear to be anyone in the room which is great because she's in no mood to explain who she is.

She opens the door gently and looks around for a backpack hook or something.

"I'm cubby 7."

Right. Of course. This was a private school. There wasn't just a hook for kids to carelessly hang their bags. There was a whole cubby for all of their shit.


She finds the cubby easily enough and grabs his Lego ninjago backpack.

"And my collage from art today, please."

He's so polite that she grabs it and even finds something nice to say about it.

"I absolutely love this. There's no way you made this by yourself."

"I did, I promise! All by myself!"

Yeah, that's pretty obvious. The "collage" is really just different colors of ripped up paper glued together and put on a piece of paper, then a picture drawn over it.

All this money they spend on his school and his art is just as shitty as mine was in public school.

But he looks so proud of himself that she isn't going to burst that bubble.

"Well in that case, this is really good August! I'm so proud of you!"

She turns her head to blow a raspberry on his cheek and, for a brief moment, he forgets about his hurt limb and laughs.

As they're headed back to the door, she remembers that for some reason, the kid has the smallest bladder in the world and their mom always makes him check the potty before going anywhere.

She lowers him to the ground, instructing him to use the bathroom before they go.

"But I don't hafta go."

"Try," she tries to sound firm like their mother and it must work because he goes without further complaint.

As she waits, she examines the room, checking out other boards around the room.

She's finds a spelling test that her brother received an A posted on the "You Rock" wall. She reaches up to get a better look at his work and freezes midway when a strange, but somehow familiar, voice calls her name questioningly.


She turns to find her.


She tries not to seem surprised or pleased to see her. But really, she sort of is.

After giving Regina her number that night, she had expected a call. She always received a call. But no call ever came and even though it stung a bit, after a month of nothing Emma had all but forgotten about the beautiful, paranoid brunette from the bar. But standing in front of her again, seeing her in a respectable black dress and a boring pair of black heels, makes her wish that she had called. She had forgotten how beautiful the brunette was.

"What are you doing here? How did you find me?"

Emma has to laugh at that, mainly because Regina sounds so serious and fearful.

"The taxi cab driver I had take you home? He works for me. After you failed to call, I gave it a respectable amount of time, then I asked him to return to your home and follow you for a few days. He informed me that you worked here. So here I am. To inquire about why you didn't call."

Regina's eyes widen as she obviously believes the bullshit Emma is feeding her.

Well, not complete bullshit. It would be nice to know why she didn't call.

"I-I-uh…I just…"

Emma smirks at her loss of words. "Don't worry about it, seriously. I-"

"No, I mean, I just didn't expect it. Or, I didn't know what to think. I didn't know if you were expecting a date or something."

She cocks her head to the side at the ridiculousness of that statement. "Regina, I was flirting with you, though obviously not well enough. And I was wearing a suit, for God's sake! Of course I was asking you out."

That's a tiny bit of a lie. She really had no intention to taking her to dinner or anything. She had, however, wanted to take her home. But Regina's departure put a stop to that, so she had no choice but to give her her number if she wanted to see her again.

Regina's tan cheeks flush a pretty scarlet and Emma has to look away. It's too cute.

"So, do you do this often? Show up at people's jobs when they don't call back?"

Before she has a chance to respond to that, August comes barreling out of the bathroom, his shirt almost completely soaked with water.

He's laughing at first, but the moment he sees Regina, he stops in his tracks looking like a deer caught in headlights.

"Hi, Ms. Mills."

"August," she says looking over at him, "What are you doing in here? You're supposed to be waiting for your mother in the nurse's office, young man. And why on earth are you covered in water?"

August says nothing, but at least he looks sorry for his obvious misbehavior.

"I'm going to need an answer August Nolan."

He sighs, resigned to giving her some sort of answer.

"I couldn't wash my hands with the only one hand and I didn't have no one to help me so I had to do it myself but my slinky was in the way and so then…it got my shirt wet."

The story makes no fucking sense and Emma has to bite her tongue to keep from laughing.

By the look on Ms. Mill's face, they would both be in trouble if she laughed.

But she must take pity on him and his arm that's in a 'slinky' because she smiles gently and crouches down to his level to speak to him, touching his arm gently.

"How are you feeling sweetie?"

He shrugs a little, "Okay I guess. Emmy said we're going to see Dr. Danny so he can see if it's broken or not."

Regina looks back at her and she shuffles uncomfortably.

"I take it you must be Emmy," she stands and extends a hand.

"He's the only allowed to call me that," she says, being somewhat short with her and not taking the offered hand. "Emma Swan. I'm his sister. I'm the guardian while my parents are out of the country doing their humanitarian thing."

"I've never seen you before and they never mentioned a daughter. And when Ingrid isn't free, usually Lilly picks him up."

Emma sighs, completely unsurprised by that information. "Yeah, I'm sure they didn't. Lilly is the nanny, she's the primary person for watching him, but she has classes while he's in school so they had to call me."

"Well…sorry for the trouble."

She looks down at August cuddled into her side and moves his slightly shaggy hair out of the way.

"It's totally fine. He's my favorite kind of trouble."

Regina smiles at the two as August sticks out his tongue at her and she reciprocates.

When he hugs Emma's legs tightly, she starts to feel like she's intruding on a moment so instead she walks over to August's desk to confirm he has everything he needs for the weekend.

"August, take your work book home and get it signed please."

"Can Emmy sign?"

"Sure, just make sure he writes his entire lower and upper case alphabet one time, he'll show you what page he's on, and sign it."

Regina looks up at Emma, who looks terrified at the thought of having to do some sort of work over the weekend. She hands the workbook over to her anyway and she slips it into his virtually empty backpack.

"Please write neatly, okay August?"

He doesn't acknowledge her request. Instead he grabs Emma's hand, tugging her towards the door clearly ready to go.

"Come on Emmy, I wanna see Danny! I wanna get a lollipop!"

"August, Ms. Mills was speaking to you. Don't be rude." He looks at her like she's crazy and she feels a little weird being so assertive with him. She never reprimands him about anything, she never really says anything authoritatively. Most days, she's more immature than he is. But it seems like Regina has high expectations of him in the classroom and so she feels bad letting him be kinda disrespectful.

"Okay, I'll write neat. Promise."

"Thank you, August. I hope you feel better."

"Thank you," he says quietly as they head towards the door.

"Yeah, thanks. I will…make sure this all gets done. See you around. Or not actually," she mumbles the last part under her breath but Regina must hear because she calls out to her.

"Miss Swan?"

"Just Emma. Not Emmy. Not Miss Swan. Just Emma."

"Emma…sorry. Um, I know I probably have no right to ask this, but I was just wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me. Tonight, if you're not busy?"

She sighs.

On the one hand, she wants to say no. Though she would never admit it out loud, the lack of a phone call had really bruised her ego. They always called. They always wanted whatever it was she had to offer.

Never in her entire life had someone not been head over heels after their first encounter. Girls usually loved Emma Swan.

Which made this an even harder enigma to solve.

What sort of girl was Regina Mills?

Which brought her to the other hand. She was dying to find out what kind of girl Regina was. She was desperate to know if she was as bland as she seemed or if there was a dirtier, sexier side to Ms. Mills.

And it seemed impossible to get any answers if she turned down what might be the only opportunity to spend time with her.

So against her better judgment, despite the voice of reason in her head screaming 'DON'T DO IT', she agrees to dinner.

"Sure, if you learn how to work a phone you can call and we'll work out the details."

She smirks and says it with just enough humor in her tone to not sound like a complete bitch and Regina hears it because she smiles back, laughing breathily.

"I've been watching How To videos on YouTube so we should be good."

Emma just nods and decides to leave it there. She usually likes to have the last word but there is also power in refusing to respond. So she just walks out with August's hand in hers and anticipates Regina's call.

And, as promised, she calls later that afternoon on her way home from work.

7 p.m. A little Peruvian place on 3rd and Canal.

She didn't choose the time or place and couldn't care less about the details. All she knows is that by the end of the night, she intends to fuck Regina Mills so good and so hard that she won't remember her own name.

She'll fuck her, get dressed, promise to call, and then show Regina what it feels like to await a call that never comes.