Chapter 1: A first, for everything.

Looking through the many requests that seemingly invade my e-mail, every second of the whole fucking day, I spotted one that looked to be interesting. I clicked on it, and soon began reading the contents. I felt my mouth forming a grin. This was going to be an interesting job.

"Let's see what you can give me,"


Just this one time. A petite brunette gazed longingly at the computer on the far end of the school library. He glanced around, checking if anyone was near, but strangely the library was all void of any other living organisms. He looked back at the computer that seemed to be beckoning him to come forward. Can computers do that? He frowned in thought. Shaking the thought off he took tentative steps forward, making sure to check behind him that there wasn't going to be anyone coming into the library anytime soon.

He soon was in the computers range, and with a final sweep of the library, he decided to sit down and play the online game he had always envied.


He didn't understand what the title of the game meant, but by the talk in class, everyone was playing it. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have a laptop to play the game. He did ask his mom about having one, being in Middle School and all, but all he had gotten out of her was maybe next time. So that was how he had found himself in the library, casually cruising the shelves until the computer was in sight.

The screen loaded the home page of the web browser, and the brunette didn't waste time in typing the games URL. It didn't take long for it to be redirected to the destination, resulting in the him having a wave of excitement. Moving the mouse over to Sign Up button, the brunette couldn't help but feel the adrenaline of playing the most popular game.

However, before he clicked the button, the screen blacked out. His adrenaline died, leaving the feeling of despair to flood his senses. "Why?"

He tried to move the mouse, see if the screen would turn on, but it didn't. He checked library's fluorescent lights, but they were still on... "So that can only mean that the computer has some sort of fire wall implanted on it..."

He gave a glum sigh. So much for playing the game at school. Getting up, he tucked in his chair, reaching over to the power button to forcefully shut the computer down. Something green caught his eye, making him glance over to see what it was.

[[ I didn't expect someone to be on this computer... ]]

His eyes widened, re-reading the sentence. Could someone type on a screen like this? He suddenly wished he was able to read English fluently. Looking down at the keyboard, he decided to give a try...

Sitting back down, he took a while to figure out how to send a reply. It took longer than a while, and he soon found out. He then began typing.

[ Japanese? ]

A reply came immediately. This time in his mother language.

[[ Oh, sorry, I didn't realize that I was hacking into Japan... ]]

He blinked in confusion.

[ What is hacking? ]

[[ Are you serious? Not only are you in Japan, but you don't know what hacking is?! ]]

The teen frowned. Was it that bad that he didn't know what hacking was?

[ Well, sorry, I just wanted to play a popular game on the net when you came by. ]

[[ Sheesh, you don't have to go ballistic on me over such a thing ]]

He gave a long sigh.

[ I didn't mean it to come out so harsh, but that's fact. ]

[[ Fact or not, I'm on a job. ]]

[ What kind of job? ]

[[ You're seriously asking that sort of question? Even when I told you about my profession? ]]

[ Oh, you're right... sorry. ]

[[ Sheesh, no need to apologize. Anyways, let me finish this job and I'll talk to you then, got it? ]]

He shook his head. "Why am I even chatting with a stranger over the web?"

Nonetheless, he began typing again.

[ Sorry, I have to head home, this is the school's computer after all. ]

[[ Waitwaitwaitwaitwait, what?! ]]

[ I have to go home? ]

[[ No! The other one! You're still in school?! ]]

[ Um, yeah? ]

[[ Jesus Christ! I'm engaging contact with a student who is a total noob in the world of tech! ]]

He grew red with embarrassment. Even though it was typed up on the screen, he still felt the embarrassment. Just who was this guy?!

[ Now that's just mean! Whatever, I'm headed for home, and I wish you would just die! ]

He reached over to the power button, in order to shut the computer down, but stopped when he read the next message.

[[ WAIT! ]]

He frowned, contemplating on whether he should reply back. It wouldn't hurt to simply reply... Letting out a breath through his nose, he decided a reply was in order.

[ What is it. ]

[[ Damn, you're actually mad? ]]

[ If you have nothing to say, I'm leaving. ]

[[ I have something to say! ]]

[[ Right, do you have a computer at home? ]]

[ ... That's all? ]

[[ Should I take that as a yes? ]]

[ I don't have one. Why would I play a game at school when I have a computer at home? Seriously what happened with all your cleverness? ]

[[ When'd you get so sarcastic? ]]

[ Since the time you hurt my feelings. ]

[[ You're still sulking on that? ]]

[ You have a problem? ]

[[ No! Not at all! ]]

[ Good, now if you'll excuse me, I need to be heading home now. My mom is going to seriously get worried. ]

[[ ... Ah, one more thing! ]]

The teen gave a sigh. Just how long was this going to last?

[ Hurry it up. ]

[[ So mean! Anyway, I want to know your name. ]]

Narrowing his eyes, the brunette contemplated on whether this was going to be some sort of scam. He really couldn't decide, so he settled on something that was in-between.

[ 27, my name is 27. ]

[[ Is that even a name? ]]

[ Better safe, than sorry. ]

[[ So cheesy. ]]

[ What's yours? ]

[[ ... TranquilTantalus, my user that parades the hacking community. ]]

[[ Also, copy this link: bbb. yakyakyak .uio, it's a hub of hackers. Use the name you gave me, and I'll be able to find you on there. We can talk there in casual. ]]

[ ... Alright, I'll bite. ]

[[ Cool, I guess I'll be seeing you later then! ]]

[ Right... ]

This time the brunette, Tsuna, pressed the power button, completely shutting the computer down. He stared at it for a while, thinking on whether that was the right thing to do, but shrugged it off and headed off on his way home. It seems that I have a weird friend on the web... I wonder how he looks like... He shook his head. "That's not something you should be thinking about, Tsunayoshi, you need to come back down to reality, like that test tomo-"

He froze, eyes going wide. I completely forgot about the test tomorrow! He then hurried home, to study for the doom fest known as the Test. His encounter with TranquilTantalus, forgotten.