Chapter 2: The second meeting.

He wasn't anywhere. Not at the hub, like I told him to be, not online surfing the web, nowhere! I grit my teeth when a message popped up, alerting me that I had a new job proposal awaiting me. Scanning it, I found it to be quite simple, so I proceeded to finish it. It wasn't until after I had done so, I had hit the jackpot with 27.

"Damn bastard, you're going to get a whole worlds worth– why is he with them?!"


Tsuna perused the library shelves for the reference book he needed to read up on English.

Ever since the last encounter with TranquilTantalus, just a little over a month ago, he had vowed to get his English subject on the rise. Nevermind Math or Science, English was obviously top priority for him. Plus his English teacher, Haruto-sensei, was willing to take some time out of his personal schedule to actually help him with his extra self-study. If he didn't know any better, Haruto-sensei was the most kindest teacher he has had out of all his classes combined.

Rumours went around that unlike Haruto-sensei, Nezu-sensei was a practical lethal monster that breathes fire down students' necks when he was teaching. He also heard that Nezu-sensei would eat the failed students' brains if they flunked three tests consecutively.

Tsuna gave a shiver, giving a small mutter under his breath. "I seriously hope that isn't true... Or maybe I can just hope that I don't ever have him as my teacher..."

Where are the books on English? Tsuna sighed, double-checking the shelves he had just gone through in the aisle. Not finding anything, he held in his disappointment, preferring to search for something that held of similar value. He didn't get so far with his small expedition, when he was met with the sight of the lone computer.

Its sleeping screen began beckoning him again, resulting in the brunette to shake his head in absurdity of the situation. He was starting to get paranoid, and he didn't think that it was anything good to begin with.

Nonetheless, he headed for the slumbering technology and clicked on the web browser. It didn't take long for it to load its main page, but from there Tsuna stared at the screen blankly. What was he supposed to search for? Something about a hub... What was the URL? Looking down at the keyboard, he frowned pensively. What was it? He hated it when his answer was on the tip of his tongue, they never would come out in the end...

Heaving a sigh, Tsuna shoved his hands into his pockets, alerting himself to the small crinkling sound, with the smooth touch of paper. Taking it out, his eyes widened at what was scrawled on the slip of slightly crinkled paper. I totally forgot that I had written it down! Wasting no time, Tsuna typed in the URL, and awaited the webpage to load.

It didn't take long, much to the brunette's relief, and it looked to be quite difficult to navigate through, much to his horror, with no tabbed shortcuts. Groaning slightly, he concentrated on figuring out on how to navigate the site.

An hour nearly passed when the brunette had completed his task, with satisfaction guaranteed. "Finally! Now I can try the chat blogs!"

Clicking for a couple of times, Tsuna prepared his user.

{Welcome to DAbeel ChATROoM}

{Please type in a username:_}

It didn't take him even a second to figure one out, mainly due to the fact that it was already meant to be with a predetermined one.

{Please type in a username: 27_}

Tsuna hit the enter button, awaiting for the next course of action.

!#[27 has joined the chat]#¡

[TANTILIZEDbiU]: Oh¡ A new guy¡ 8D

[caREeNA]: ignore him, bi here is an asshole. :0|

What was going on? Tsuna blinked as the green words appeared, again in English. How was it that everybody spoke in English? Withholding a sigh, he began typing.

[27]: Japanese?

It didn't take long for the other two compute that he was not an English speaker, and was very glad when they knew what he was speaking of.

[caREeNA]: so ur japanese?

[27]: Yes I am.

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: Then you must be short¡ 8D

Tsuna twitched at the comment. It wasn't often that he would have that insult thrown at him, but when it was, it'd be a very touchy subject.

[27]: Well sorry for being short! ):|

[caREeNA]: touché. ignore him, 27, bi is just an asshole.

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: That's mean¡ D'8 Don't believe rena-chan, 27¡

[caREeNA]: who da fuk told u dat u cood place a fooking chan da end of mi name, fooktard! i'm a fooking guy, 4 fooking pete's fooking sake!

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: Uuwaahh¡ D8 Language rena-chan¡ 27 could just be a child¡

[caREeNA]: i can say vatever the fuk i want! D0:(

While the conversation continued on with similar lines, Tsuna merely stared at the screen. What the heck was going on? The idea soon dawned on him that he entered a... very unique chatroom. His original intent soon unveiled itself to him, making him snap out of his trance and break apart the ongoing squabble.

[27]: Um...

[caREeNA]: what da fuk da ya want! can'tchya see dat imma beezy? D0:(

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: LANGUAGE, rena-chan¡ D8 That's 27¡

[caREeNA]: du I fooking cayre?! D0:(

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: You should¡ Anyways, what did you need 27¿ 8D

[27]: Um, I'm wondering if you guys know where I can find TranquilTantalus...?

[caREeNA]: ...


This is starting to get interesting... Tsuna mused in thought. The users who had been squabbling, no longer than five minutes ago, throwing insults one-sidedly, had grown hushed with the user he had identified. Just who was TranquilTantalus? He snapped back to reality when another user entered the chatroom.

!#[TranquilTantalus has joined the chat]#¡

[TranquilTantalus]: A month passes and I find you in this kind of group?

[27]: Tantalus-san! :D I was just asking these guys where you were right now!

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: How do you know of him, 27¿ 8|

[caREeNA]: i'd like to no of dat as well. ):0/

[TranquilTanatalus]: We met when I hacked into a computer.

[caREeNA]: elaboorate mister smoochass. ):0|

[TranquilTantalus]: You're rude as ever, rena. ;-)

[caREeNA]: urry it up alreedy!

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: I second that¡ 8D

[TranquilTantalus]: Alright, seesh, I got a job and thus I hacked. Like any other job I had, and I was, surprisingly, caught by a boy who still attends school. Happy?

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: 27 is still in school¿¡ D8 I thought that this site had a restriction on that¡ Isn't it also very hard to find?

[caREeNA]: vere da hel did'e go?! )80[_|

!#[27 has left the chat]#¡

[caREeNA]: he ran avay! Dat fooking wuss! D0:(


[TranquilTanatalus]: Great, now thanks to you, I have to wait for who knows how long! And FYI: I invited him to the site.

!#[TranquilTantalus has left the chat]#¡

[caREeNA]: ...

[TANTALIZEDbiU]: You had that coming, rena.

!#[TANTALIZEDbiU has left the chat]#¡

[caREeNA]: ... fuk u all.

!#[caREeNA has left the chat]#¡


Tsuna sighed, hanging his head down as he walked home, tired from chatroom's empty pressure. Maybe he shouldn't go onto that site for a while? Sighing again, he muttered softly. "For now, focus on my English studies. The chat can come later."

He then looked up, and sped up a little to reach home.