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Reading Ch 4: Yellow

Yang clutched the book in her hand so tightly, that her fingerprints are being marked on it. "Is this the chapter where I finally meet my mother?" Yang asked Spirit.

Spirit tap his chin, wondering what he should while everyone thought that he's trying to remember, before speaking. "It's reveal where Naruto last find her." Yang beam and kept reading while Blake notice Spirit's wording. Does that means Raven will….oh god Yang is going to be pissed.

"Chapter 3: Yellow…." Yang read eagerly, wanting to see her other finally meet their mother.

"This is Mountain Glenn, where Raven stays for the most part." Naruto said as he showed Yang the ruins of the expansion of the Kingdom of Vale, the failed attempt at expansion actually. The entire city was in ruins, and many of the people who lived here long since killed and eaten by Grimm. It was a depressing, desolate place filled with negative emotions of fear, anger, and sadness that echoed from the past. The dying screams seemed to be etched into the ruins, and the terror these people must have felt was carved into the ground with each Grimm battle scar and claw mark.

Ruby shivered at the site of mountain Glenn. "It was not fun the first time we got there." Yang, Blake, and Weiss nodded in agreement to that. Then again, most of their adventures were not fun at all.

Grimm still wandered around, attracted by the negative feelings this place had.

"She stays here?" Yang asked, not sure what to make of this creepy as hell place. Naruto nodded and he could see a pack of Beowolfs coming towards them. Yang prepared herself for combat, before he placed a hand in front of her. She wondered what he was going to do, before he clapped his hands together.

Yellow swirls of energy appeared around him, before Yang felt a heavy sensation appear around her body. The ground around Naruto started to vibrate, and rocks floated in the air with dust being kicked up. She didn't know what he was doing, but the Grimm stumbled and fell onto their faces. The Beowolf was a wolf-like humanoid shaped Grimm, much like a Werewolf. They ran on two or four legs, and at the moment the entire pack was on the ground thanks to the surprise burst of power that they felt in front of them.

"What the hell?" Jaune gasped in shock. "What is he doing?" That was the same question everyone else is mentally asking.

Yang felt safe, sound, and warm despite the obvious danger that the... chakra presented to the area around them.

Blake's eyes lit up, figuring out Naruto's trick. "He using positive energy in order to paralyse the Grimms." Everyone turn to Blake when she said that.

"Is that even possible?" Weiss asked, though she's wondering why she's asking that. By now, they can see that Naruto can do some crazy stuff. "And how are the Grimm paralyzed by that?"

"The Grimm are attracted to negative emotion, right?" Blake asked them, getting nods from all around. "So it would make sense that tons of positive emotions would paralyze or recoil from it." The hunters and huntresses thought about it before agreeing with Blake. It does make sense.

Grimm, attracted by negative emotions, could never handle something so pure and sunny.

"Do you think we can do something like that or make a weapon that can do that?" Ruby asked. That would solve the Grimm problem easily.

Weiss look at the girl blankly. "I think somebody would've thought of it by now Ruby, so I don't think that can." Before Ruby could feel embarrass, Spirit spoke up.

"You're making assumptions Weiss. There's no way knowing if anyone thought of that, so it might still be possible." Spirit defended Ruby. That brighten the red theme girl up while the white theme girl got annoyed at being proven wrong.

"Now!" Naruto called out, and Yang snapped out of it and started to fire punches towards the Grimm. With each punch, she fired a flaming shot blast towards them that. Each shot hit the Grimm, and which each shot she reduced the number of Grimm by one. One by one they collapsed, dead on the ground, until Yang was out of ammo for her weapon. Naruto stopped surging his chakra around them, and the ground stopped vibrating with the rocks dropping to the ground.

"They must have no idea what to make of you." Yang said in a dull tone.

"Same." Everyone said at the same time. Not only is he kind and funny, but he's also a strong and skilled warrior. None of them know what to make of him yet.

She had no idea what to make of him, other than him being a Grade-A piece of man meat. He was a good person, and he had a great body of course. She had felt it up close, and it was rock hard and toned. She would rate him a 10 out of 10, even higher if he could tell funny jokes.

"I agree with my other, a hundred percent." Yang said, nodding in approval. "I've been waiting for a man like that for-"

"Don't say Yang." Ruby warned, but it proved fruitless.


"God. Damnit. Yang." Ruby said with a groan while everyone gave her a dull look. That joke is already old by now.

"Okay then, this way... It was around here somewhere, she didn't want to live in the middle of the city... So she mostly stayed at the edge." Naruto said to Yang as he looked around. They were actually very close to where Raven was staying. She had her own power generator here, it was apparently only one of her bases. She stayed here, because it was close to Vale, and Vale was close to Patch. Patch was actually an island that was part of the Kingdom of Vale, nearby the City of Vale.

Confusing, naming the City after the Kingdom.

Yang thought about the last part before shrugging. "I don't think anyone thought about that, but it is kinda strange." Spirit shrugged. At least two cities in the US back at home are named after the state he lives in, so he didn't find it all that strange.

"So, mister ninja, where is she?" Yang asked, and Naruto snapped his fingers and remembered. Naruto created a clone, before he created a Rasengan. Naruto slammed the Rasengan into the pavement underneath them. It didn't explode, instead Naruto drilled a hole and let the Rasengan expand to larger sizes. It drilled a hole right through the ground, before Naruto revealed that underneath the city... was an undergound city.

There was an entire city, also in ruins, underneath the Mountain Glenn expansion.

"Ladies first." Naruto said as he gestured towards the hole. Yang looked at the far drop, before she shrugged her shoulders and jumped down into the near-complete darkness below. Naruto whistled as he watched her go, before he jumped in after her. The weightless feeling of falling towards the ground was only brief, before Naruto landed on his feet and crouched down. Yang had landed on her feet before he had, but only about a second.

The two stood up, before Naruto tried to remember which of the buildings that Raven was using.

"That way, or that way... or... gah, there are so many freaking ways to go here!?" Yang shouted out in frustration. Who knew how long it would take before they found where Raven was, if she was even here at all. She had no clue, because she had never even been here before. She didn't know this place existed, it was kind of awesome to find an underground city, but kind of horrifying that the only light source was coming from a large hole in the ceiling.

"Maybe it's the building with the light?" Blake said blankly, earning an embarrassed blush from Yang.

"Maybe my other didn't notice it." Yang said, defending her other.

"That way." Naruto said as he pointed towards a light that was on in a building, and Yang blushed out of emnbarassment.

She hadn't noticed a building that had a light on inside of it.

"See?" Yang pointed out, making Blake roll her eyes.

"Whatever help you sleep at night."

"Oh, so she is home... Lets go, go, go then!" Yang shouted at him as she took off running. Naruto watched her run for a bit, shaking his head, before he ran as well. He followed after her, and the two of them entered a tall building that was connected to the ceiling. Several buildings were actually the support pillars for the entire city, keeping the place from collapsing on top of their heads.

Naruto didn't say anything since they were going to be doing just running, no talking to each other for the moment. Yang was determined to get there as soon as possible, so Naruto was going to do nothing but help her.

Yang smiled. Her other is lucky to have someone like Naruto help her out here.

Naruto paused for a moment, the underground city was a large place, but for a split second he was sure that he had seen something out of a window they passed by.

A train?

'She really is excited to see her mother.' Naruto thought to himself with a small smile. They got to the room that would no doubt hold Raven in it. Yang didn't even bother knocking, she burst right into the room with a wide smile on her face.

Everyone waited with bated breath to see what will happen, although Blake has a feeling that Raven won't be there and Spirit is preparing for the explosion that is about to come.

"Mom!" Yang shouted out, before her smile started to slowly turn into a down look. Naruto got in the room after her, before he saw that nobody was inside of it. The light was on, because the generator had some juice left inside of it. Raven's things were scattered around the room, like somebody had been roughly looking through her stuff.

Somebody had gotten here before they had, and Raven had abandoned this place, grabbing only the stuff that was the most important to her.

As Yang read, she got slower and slower in her reader. After the last part, the whole room was silent, with Blake, Ruby, and the others looking at her in sympathy. Spirit felt bad for Yang as well, but prepared himself for the explosion that will come.

As Yang's grip on the book tighten, her hair started getting on fire. Spirit counted to one on his finger when Yang ripped the book in two.

"Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!" Yang screamed, picking up one of the couches before throwing it at the back. "My other was so close! So close!" Without warning, Yang punched the couch that she and her team was sitting on, causing the couch to split in two and the team to stumble on one another with yelps of fear. Pyrrha, Jaune, and Ren, with him pulling Nora back, got away from the angry girl, not wanting to be caught in her onslaught.

Yang was about to break the table in front of them, when Spirit caught her rising hand by the wrist. Everyone gape at the poor fool who stopped her while Yang herself growl at him. "You better let me go if you know what good for you!" She met with a firm glare.

"I suggest you calm down before you destroy the whole place." Spirit said firmly, but instead of doing of that, Yang decided to try and punch him with her other arm.

Spirit was prepared though. Without missing a beat, he catch the other fist in his palms, and then use his arms twist the girl's body to the ground, surprising. When she landed on her stomach, Spirit quickly put her in a chokehold, and sat on her back to stop her from moving. "I would like to have a calm rational discussion." Spirit said to her in a low voice, though everyone can hear it. "Do you think we can do that?" When she didn't answer, his chokehold tighten up on her. "Can we?" She quickly nodded, causing him to release her.

Without even looking, Spirit wave his hand, causing everything else to be prepared quickly, shocking everyone. "At this place, I can do whatever I want. I can make body parts disappear, summon others here, maybe even change up your personality. So, make sure you don't displease me." He then turn to Yang. "As for you, keep your temper in check. I don't want to be rebuilding this place over and over again, and if you don't, I'll set up a punishment for those who decide to challenge me."

Everyone gulp a little at the look he gave all of them. It reminds them so much of Goodwitch, that they decide not to mess with him. After he fix up the book, Yang got back on the chair and kept reading, a hint of anger in her tone.

Yang looked down at the floor and saw papers and such laying all over the place.

'Yang...' Naruto thought in sympathy for her.

"Raaaaaah! Damnit! I got so close!" Yang screamed out as she punched a nearby wall, putting her fist all the way through the brick. Her eyes had turned burning red, and she had watering eyes. She kicked around the papers on the floor, not caring at all what she was destroying. She flipped the bed and threw it at the wall, putting it right through the wall at that moment. She grabbed a lamp, before she slammed it onto the ground and shattered it.

She got her hands on a stack of papers, before she ripped them to shreds and threw them all over the place.

"Wow, ironic that the two Yangs did the exact same thing." Jaune said, chuckling a little. He shut up when yang glared at him with her eyes turning red briefly.

Naruto stood out of her way as she destroyed everything around her. She put her foot through a broken TV, before she grabbed an old doll and threw it through the window. She took a table, and snapped it over her knee. She threw one half into a kitchen, and the other half was flung at a couch. She was destroying whatever wasn't nailed down, that being everything in the room.

Ruby look at her sister nervously. "Would you have done that here if Spirit haven't stop you?" Yang chuckle nervously, rubbing her head.

"Maybe." Was all Yang said. Everyone silently thanked Spirit for stopping her. They might've been caught in the crossfire.

'Looks like Raven escaped okay, no signs of any fighting.' Naruto thought to himself, but let Yang have her moments of anger. She seemed like she had really been hoping for something good to happen, to be reunited with her mother. Naruto could see why she was so angry, fuck if he was her and this happened to him, he would be doing exactly the same thing. He would be even more destructive.

"He would've been MORE destructive?!" Weiss exclaimed with wide eyes. They have seen the destruction Yang could do, so hearing that he would've been more destructive terrifies him.

"I wouldn't want to face him when he's angry." Ren commented calmly, with a raised eyebrow.

Was her hair on fire?

"Semblance." Everyone answered simultaneously.

"Why!? Why can't I ever find you!? Damnit!" Yang screamed out her questions. She kicked the wall and put her foot through it, before she punched it. She busted her knuckle on the wall, but she punched it again. She grabbed a broken fridge, before she threw it out the window, making a bigger hole in the wall than before.

"That building is going to collapse." Ren stated, seeing the state of the building. It's a miracle it didn't do so now while Yang is destroying it.

"Yay, explosion!" Nora cheered, causing her best friend to shake his head at the girl.

Naruto picked up a few pictures he saw scattered across the ground, both of the pictures he found looking very old.

One at least 17 years old, with the other being older than even that.

The first one was one a tired woman, Raven, in a hospital gown holding onto a little baby Yang. The picture was worn, most likely because Raven looked at it a lot.

"Wait, what?" Yang said, rereading that last part. She kept rereading until she was for sure her mind didn't made it up. Her mother….kept a picture of her for when she was first born?

"She kept a picture of baby you Yang." Ruby said, pointing out the obvious.

The second one was of Raven, with three other people. The first being a man who looked similar to Naruto himself, short blond hair, rounded face, well muscled, peach skin. He had Yang's eyes though, lilac in color. He also shared the same color pattern to the way he dressed. Next was one a woman leaning against a tree with a white cloak, red tined black hair, and silver eyes. Finally, there was a tall man with a black cape holding onto a great sword. He had black hair, wore fancy clothes, and had a cross necklace around his neck.

"And she also kept a picture of herself when she was younger, dad, uncle Qrow, and….mom." Ruby said, feeling a bit sad at seeing her mother. But she also felt happy Yang's real mom kept those pictures.

"Mom kept those all this time?" Yang mumbled, still a bit shock. Does mean her mom really does love her?

It seemed like a picture of four friends, possibly of Raven and her team back in the day.

'So, she does have friends, good for her.' Naruto thought, because he could guess who was Yang's father in this picture without having to try that hard.

"Aaaaaarg!? Damnit, fucking damnit! Why did I listen to you!? Why can't I find her...?" Yang shouted at Naruto as she pushed him against a wall.

"Yang!" Ruby scolded. "It wasn't his fault that she wasn't there!"

Yang rub her head sheepishly, feeling a bit guilty. This guy doesn't seem to get a break with her. "I'm sorry, okay? When your angry, your mind doesn't clear up well."

She slammed her forehead into his chest with her back arched forward, and she didn't let Naruto see the tears falling down her cheeks. She didn't want anyone to see her crying, even more so somebody she just met last night.

"That just means today wasn't the day... and it isn't like you will never see her again... but I think I can answer this... your mom loved you so much." Naruto told Yang as wrapped an arm around her. She hiccuped, before he heard her snorting... he no doubt was going to have spit and snot on his shirt, along with her tears.

Yang felt a bit embarrassed. She doesn't like anyone, let alone a stranger, to see her cry like that. That would ruin her confident girl image.

"No she doesn't, she abandoned me... she knew I was coming, so she left again. I bet she wishes I was never born." Yang mutttered to him, and Naruto frowned at her.

"Did you really think that?" Blake asked, with the others looking at Yang.

The blonde haired girl was silent for a moment before speaking. "That thought sometimes cross my mind whenever I look for her." She couldn't help, but sometimes think that whenever she's searching for her.

"But now you know that actually does care." Ruby said, pointing at the screen. "Nobody would keep a photo for no reason." Yang smile, her eyes watering a little.

"Yeah, I guess you're right sis." Yang said softly, before reading again while holding back tears.

"Here, look at this." Naruto said gently, pushing Yang off of him and handing her the picture that Raven had left behind in a hurry. Yang couldn't see it very well, but she could see it was a picture of a... happy Raven holding onto a little baby.

"... Me, she looks so happy." Yang said as she held the pictures, but focused on the picture with her in it with Raven.

"She really does…." Yang said, being uncharastically quiet and subdued. Nobody can blame her, anyone of them would be like that if they were in her shoes. Even Nora would be like that.

"Whatever reason she left you, I am sure that she loves you still. Look at it this way, when you finally see her... you can give her back this picture. I am sure she is missing it, and you, very much." Naruto told her, and Yang bit her lip as the tears started to form in her eyes again. Her red eyes having turned purple again. She started to sob a little, before she pulled Naruto close to hug him.

She broke down, this time she broke down out of happiness.

The Yang reading the book try to held down the tears and sob. Before anyone else can do anything, Spirit walk over and gently grab the book. "I'll read for right now. Looks like you need to compose yourself."

Yang nodded to him before he went back to his recliner and re-opened the book. She felt Ruby and Blake grab each of her hands, squeezing them in support, while Weiss offered her silent support. She nodded to her team, grateful that they are here for her, before they all payed attention to Spirit reading.

Even if she didn't find her mother, at least she learned that her mother loved her. She was filled up with the knowledge that her mother, at least at one point, was very happy to have her. It gave her hope that Raven didn't abandon her because she wanted to. Not only that, but with this entire thing... she had gotten one step closer to finding her mother. She had nearly found her, almost tracked her down... only to miss her by a few hours or a few days. It can't have been that long if the generator was still running.

"One step closer then I did." Yang said softly, feeling envious for her other. She never got that close, never knew if her mother loved her or not, until today. She feels a bit grateful that Spirit teleported all of them here to read.

"Thank you Naruto... I can't thank you enough for doing all this for me, a stranger." Yang said as she lightly bobbed her hand against his chest after she had finished crying a little. She had been able to get control of herself again. She still had tears falling down her cheeks, so she couldn't show Naruto her face right now.

"Stranger's are just friends you haven't met yet, or enemies whose asses need kicking before they become friends." Naruto told her, playful twinkle in his eyes. Yang snorted, before she laughed at what he said.

Yang snorted a little, still a bit teary. "He's an optimist, much like Ruby."

"There's nothing wrong with being positive!" Ruby protested, causing Yang to chuckle at her baby sister.

"I know, I'm just teasing little sis." Yang said lightly.

"... And hey, this little adventure was fun. I learned some new things, saw some cools sights, and got to explore around. My little sister is going to be so jelly." Yang told him, a twinkle in her own eye.

"Yes, I would be." Ruby said with a pout. She would've like to go on an adventure like that before Beacon. But she wasn't so sure if her dad would be okay with her hanging out with a guy.

She was forcing herself to look at the silver lining. She had been able to experience new things, somethings that really excited her.

"Lets get out of here then, this place is so creepy." Naruto said with a shiver. With the room destroyed, the place looked like it was haunted. It had that general vibe to it anyway, with the ruins of a destroyed city right outside.

"Agreed." Ruby said with a shiver. She would like to never go back to that place again.

"What, can't handle creepy?" Yang asked with a sly smile.

The two of them laughed at Naruto's expense for the moment, before they heard the rumble of the roof over their heads.

"Told ya." Ren said while his friend cheered beside him at the incoming collapse.

"Shit!?" Naruto shouted as he grabbed Yang, and jumped out of the hole in the wall just as the room came crashing down. The supporting walls taken down, and when the room came crashing down... each floor came crashing down with it.

It took minutes for the building to completely fall over, with Naruto looking at Yang, who seemed to sheepishly looking away from him.

Yang also look sheepish, with Weiss and Blake giving her dull looks. "Only you would make a building collapse." Weiss stated dully.

"That building was old, it was gonna crash at some point." Yang defended herself.

Well that building had not been that stable, and it was a very old building.

It was bound to come crashing down at some point.

Today was that point.

"See?" Yang said before she blink. "Wow, that the second my other thought the same thing I did."

"Shows that our alternate selves are not that different." Blake said, before turning to Spirit. "Is the next chapter going to be a yellow one again?"

"Yep, but it will be the end of the Yellow arc." Spirit said, before tossing the book to Yang. Yang smile at him before eagerly reading the next chapter about her other and Naruto. She is liking Naruto more and more, the more she read. He's been kind and understanding with her, even though she didn't make a good first impression. He is fun to be around, helped her get one step closer to her mother, not to mention have good looks and lean body. He sounds like the perfect guy for her to da-..."

Wait, what?

Yang blink before she shook her head. No, no,no, no, she couldn't be. Naruto is a character in a book, she couldn't be falling for him. Then again, he's actually from an alternate dimension, so he isn't a fake character. Still, she couldn't be falling over him….could she?

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