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Reading Ch 60: Yang Gains Something Bad

"I will, I will." Ruby said eagerly. Weiss rolled her eyes at her partner before passing her the book. Ruby turn to the next page and started reading. "Chapter 60: Yang Gains Something Bad…."

"Wait, what does that mean?" Yang interrupted. "What did I gain?"

"You'll see." Spirit said with a small smirk. Oh, this will be entertaining.

"Man, it feels nice to get a chance to change out of the uniform." Yang said with a grin on her face as she stripped down to her bra and panties, she had started to wear a bra more often lately for her own reasons. In the last week, her clothes had been a little tight, like they had shrunken in the washing machine. She was pretty sure that her breasts had grown a little since she was at the academy, since her bra was feeling a little tight as well.

"Really?" Yang questioned, a slight surprised. "Ours didn't get tight when we washed them."

"Maybe it's another small difference?" Nora suggested.

"What are you talking about, the uniform is perfectly comfortable... and put some clothes on." Weiss said as she looked away from Yang. Weiss felt her Scroll vibrate, since she had it on vibrate unlike the others who let it ring, and she checked it to see that she got a message from her sister. Her eyes widened for a moment, and a small smile came over her face.

Yang snorted. "It's not something you don't see everyday Weiss. We're all girls here."

"That doesn't mean I want to see you naked!"

Father will be funding a party to celebrate a new hero, and to have him granted an award. I didn't know if Naruto would pick you as his date, so I am inviting you ahead of time.
The party is in a few weeks, so try and get Summoning down by that time.

'Oh Winter, thanks.' Weiss thought as she typed out her message for her sister back onto her Scroll, and then she closed it the second it was sent.

Good to know that she was getting to go to a nice get together.

This time, Blake snorted. "A nice get together. Riiiight." Blake stated sarcastically, ignoring the dirty look Weiss sent her.

"Hey, we are all girls here. Nothing I haven't seen before, or you haven't seen before. I mean, sure some of us have a little bit of trimming to do..." Yang said with a look towards Blake, who gave her a glare and covered the front of her panties.

"Hey, I would have trimmed it but I need to buy a new razor." Blake said with her eyes narrowed. She could not help that she, unlike Yang, actually seemed to grow pubic hair. She was a fully grown woman, and pubic hair was just apart of being an adult. Men and women both had it, and it wasn't like her hair was all that bad. It was just not perfectly shaven, trimmed nicely if she would say so herself.

A part of Jaune wanted to ask if this what girls usually talk about, but his survival instincts are screaming at him to stay quiet and not mention anything about it. So wisely, he kept his mouth shut.

"I'm not dissing ya here. I'm just saying, you have something we don't." Yang admitted with her hands raised up in surrender.

"Huh?" Ruby asked as she tried to button up her skirt, and she found that it was a little tighter than the last time she wore it. Not much tighter, maybe her skirt had just shrunken in the wash or something.

"Ruby too?" Blake questioned with narrowed eyes. Why are there clothes getting tighter? Could it be that….

She shook her head. The only way to prove that is by reading more, and see if the clothes are tight for her as well.

"Pubic hair... well you wouldn't know anything about that. You don't worry about that." Yang said as she leaned back on Blake's bed, considering it was easier than getting up on her bunk to do it. Ruby was bald downstairs, as in, she had yet to even begin growing pubic hair. She was lucky in the way that she didn't have to worry about shaving.

"Is this something we should be reading? Especially with the guys around?" Weiss questioned to Spirit with a glare.

He held his hands up. "Hey, I didn't write this book. I'm just letting you read it. And no, you can't skip it. This whole thing requires you to read the entire thing." Weiss grumbled at that.

"Huh? I was talking about my skirt, it is tighter than before." Ruby said as she pointed to her clothes, and they looked a little tight on her as well.

"Shrunk in the wash, my clothes are a bit tight too." Blake admitted, and like Yang and Ruby both, she decided that the washing machine shrunk their clothes.

"Okay, why are all clothes shrunk?" Yang asked. Blake, however, thought of another reason their clothes are tight.

'Oh, Yang isn't gonna like this.' Blake thought nervously. "Um, Yang, I don't think our clothes shrunk." Blake told her, confusing her and Ruby.

"Then how comes we can't fit into our-" Midway, Yang stopped her question and her eyes widen with realization and denial. "No! No, no no! It can't be that!" It couldn't be that….her other have gain weight!

"How about you Weiss, your clothes a bit tight?" Yang asked, and Weiss looked at them with dull eyes. Her clothes hadn't changed in the slightest, because unlike them she didn't wash her WHITE clothes in with darker colors. Blake had to wash her top and shorts with the whites, so it was a surprise that her clothes were tighter.

'Of course, they gained weight.' Weiss thought as she looked at them. It wasn't very noticable, they still had rather toned bodies. Ruby had most of her body hidden by her clothes, so it was harder to tell with her, but Yang and Blake both wore revealing clothes. It was easier to tell with them that they were starting to gain a little extra weight.

Yang's socks and shorts were visibly tighter on her, and she only had a slight hint of a muffin top. Her clothes were very tight, so it made sense for her to notice the tightness right away. Her breasts had grown larger, but that was only because she gained a small amount of fat on her.

Blake was much the same, but the only place where you could see her fat gain was the tiny muffin top.

"NOOOO!" Yang yelled in anguish while Blake grimaced at that.

Pyrrha chuckled. "Well, considering that the three of you ate a lot of Naruto's food, and then take a nap, it would've been inevitable that you would gain weight."

"Then how come Weiss didn't gain weight?" Yang asked sourly. Weiss gave her a dry look.

"Unlike all of you, I don't eat until I'm full and then take a nap." Weiss stated blankly.

"Hello, Remnant to Weiss?" Yang said as she waved her hand in front of the girl, and all of the girls heard the sound of Naruto's door opening and closing. It was obvious that he had finished whatever training he had been doing, and had come back to his room.

"I heard you the first time, and no, my clothes are not tight." Weiss snapped, since she hadn't gained any weight, unlike the others. She didn't eat all of the stuff Naruto offered them. She didn't eat until she was filled, and then take a nap. She ate some grilled veggies, a little grilled meat, and then she started to study. She ate in smaller, more healthy, amounts and she judged what she ate before she ate it.

The others were just focused on meat, fish, and/or cookies in Ruby's case.

Ruby pouted. "Does that mean our others will have to eat less?" Her poor other, having to go without her cookies.

"Probably." Blake said. She's kinda glad that they didn't have the same problem back at home.

To gain weight is to take in more calories than you burn, and to lose weight or maintain a fit shape is to burn more calories than you eat, or at least burn an equal amount of calories.

"No need to snap, lets go see if Naruto is really in his room, or if it is just a clone. I want to try some of that chicken today." Yang said as she rubbed her growling stomach. Weiss rolled her eyes, and everyone else touched their stomachs as well.

"You know, if you're gonna keep eating like that, I'm gonna have to put you in my exercise regime!" Nora stated with a grin.

"NO!" Team RWBY shouted, not wanting to be put through that again. They got exhausted doing the warm-ups!

Nora is a not human. Not human at all.

'How does Naruto not gain weight? Oh yeah, despite how much he eats he burns it all off.' Weiss thought, since with Naruto's healing factor he had to get the nutrients and calories for that from somewhere. His high energy, and his chakra must burn through a lot of those calories, not to mention his insane work outs.

"I want fish again." Blake mumbled to herself, never having enough of her favorite food.

"I want a big cookie again!" Ruby shouted out with a large smile. She wanted another one of those huge cookie balls that Naruto made for her. This time she would eat two of them!

A button hit the ground, and Yang looked down at her shorts and saw that one of her buttons had popped off.

Nora laughed. "If that isn't an indication of weight gain, I don't what is!"

"Shut it!" Yang growled. This is so embarrassing for her.

"You did brought it on yourself Yang." Ren said, ignoring her glare. He saw a calm Nora before. Yang's glare is far from scary. "But hopefully, your other will realize it and fix the problem.

"Oh, well Naruto can sew." Yang said as she took her shorts off and slipped on her pajama shorts, which fit better than her normal shorts for some strange reason to her. She would have Naruto fit her shorts for her if he had the time.

The team left their own room, before they walked next door and opened up Naruto's door to see him taking off his underwear.

"Eep!" Ruby squeaked, quickly covering her virgin eyes. Jaune quickly covered his eyes, not wanting to see another man's privates, while Ren and Spirit turn away from the screen.

Most of the girls, however, blushed at the fact they almost saw the blonde's privates. Well, except for Yang and Nora, since modesty is barely in their vocabulary.

"Sorry!?" Ruby shouted as she covered her virgin eyes, this was more than just him wearing a towel... she was seeing more than the towel. Thankfully his crotch was still mostly cover, and Naruto pulled his shorts up with a red face.

"Fucking knock from now on!" Naruto shouted at them as we went to put a shirt on. He had been meaning to take care of himself while he had some free time. He hadn't thought that Team RWBY was going to just suddenly burst into his room. If they had waited for another minute or so, they would have caught him doing something he would rather not be caught doing.

He didn't masturbate often, maybe once a month, but just like any man he did have the same needs.

If anything, the girls blush even more at hearing that while the guys have a tint of green at hearing that. Yang, however, pouted at this. "Damn it. I miss a free show." Her team couldn't help but roll their eyes at what she said. Typical answer.

'He was totally about to jack it.' Yang thought to herself with a grin. She tossed him her shorts, and he gave her a raised eyebrow when she also tossed him the button. "Hey, can you fix this?" Yang asked him with a curious tone.

"Maybe, mostly I just patch up my clothes when they get torn during training. Putting a button back on doesn't seem too much different. Though you may want to lose some weight too." Naruto told her, and Yang's face twitched as she turned to give him a glare.

"Oh, he done it now." Jaune said, shaking his head. You NEVER, tell a girl something like that. Never.

"Did you just call me fat?" Yang asked with her tone deadly, and Weiss snorted and covered her mouth.

"Oh, you did it now." Ruby admitted, while Blake just sighed. This was going to get really bloody, very quickly.

'Hah, even Naruto noticed.' Weiss thought with a smirk. She was the only one that hadn't gained any noticable weight, or any weight at all in this case.

"Huh? Not really, I'm just saying you gained weight. I never said you got fat. I mean, you have been gaining some weight lately... but I thought you knew and didn't care." Naruto started as he rubbed the back of his head. He had been noticing this for awhile now, since school had been keeping them from training, and the teachers had been out of class leading to a lack of combat practice, they had been lazy. Weiss didn't eat much most of the time, so she didn't really gain any weight.

"I didn't gain weight, my clothes shrank in the washer!" Yang insisted in a growl of a tone, and she got closer to Naruto. Her love or not, he just crossed the line big time.

"He is just trying to help." Pyrrha placated Yang's irate look. "He doesn't mean anything bad by it."

"That still doesn't give him the right to point it out!" Yang retorted.

Weiss smirked. "Then how would you stop yourself from getting weight or losing it?" Weiss asked rhetorically. Yang open and her mouth, trying to form an answer, but there aren't any good ones. So she stayed silent. "Thought so."

"Shut it Ice Princess."

"You have gained weight. There is a scale in the bathroom, you may want to check it out. You too Blake, Ruby." Weiss said to end this. Naruto had only been worried about their health, if they started to let their health go and only eat fattening foods without taking care of themselves this was bound to happen to them.

"Ha, I'll do it, but only to prove a point." Yang said as she walked into the bathroom, and everyone waited for a moment.

"And realization is gonna happen in three, two…." Blake trailed off, waiting for Nora to read the next part.


"...one." Blake finished. Yang moaned in pity for her other while the others laughed a little at this.

Yang's scream of terror let everyone know exactly what she had just learned of, and Blake didn't even need to check herself. She touched the bottom of her hips, and she grimaced at how she had gained a little weight herself.

"I think I am going to have to start eating less." Blake said with a groan, since she loved Naruto's food so much.

"Ah man, this sucks." Ruby said with a pout. She didn't want to change how things were, she wanted to continue eating Naruto's juicy meat and his balls... his cookie balls. She loved his meat and balls so much, that she couldn't just stop putting them in her mouth.

Despite knowing what Ruby is talking about, Pyrrha, Blake, Weiss, and Jaune couldn't but blush at the innuendos. Yang and Nora, meanwhile, are laughing loudly, while Ren and Spirit have amused chuckles. Ruby has the reddest face of all of them.

"We really need to teach you these innuendos." Pyrrha said once again.

"Aaaah... How could this have happened!?" Yang shouted as she ran out of the bathroom and grabbed a hold on Naruto.

"You haven't been working out, and have been eating a lot more than usual... and school has made you lazy." Naruto told her with a surprised tone. Naruto's body needed all of the calories he ate to make a lot of chakra, sure he had an unnatural chakra recovery rate, but food helped him recover it quickly.

Not to mention, unlike aura which came from the soul, Naruto's chakra came from his body itself.

"So lucky." Yang grumbled. If she hadn't wish for chakra before, she does now.

Yang collapsed to her knees in shock, and she flopped onto her back and looked up at the ceiling. It was like she didn't know how to take the news.

Weiss rolled her eyes. "You are so melodramatic Yang."

"I like to see how you take learning that you got weight!"

"Unlike you, I know how to eat." Weiss retorted. "I don't eat all that junk like you and Ruby does."

"Bite your tongue!" Ruby shouted, pointing at Weiss. Cookies are not junk!

"It isn't a big deal Yang, stop being a baby. Once Professor Goodwitch's classes start up again, you will lose that weight. Stop acting like a baby, though, you won't fit in a dress like this. Isn't that right Naruto?" Weiss asked him with a smirk on her face. Even if he didn't invite her, she was still going to that ball, and she was still getting a dance.

Yang, Ruby, and Blake glower at her while the heiress smirked at them. Another score for her.

"Huh? I don't see why a dress matters." Naruto said to her, since Yang never wore them.

"Dresses are important to women Naruto." Blake commented, after staying quiet for awhile now. She felt it was important to explain that one to him.

"I agree with Naruto on this one." Ruby gave her own opinion out loud. She had to say that she didn't get the point of ball dresses and stuff like that.

"There's a lot I need to teach you Ruby." Yang said with a shake of her head. Despite the fact she isn't really the fancy type of girl, she still like going to dances.

Ruby shrugged. She don't see any problems not liking wearing dresses.

"Idiots, Naruto, you and I both know that you were invited to a ball hosted by my family... and you can bring a date." Weiss said to Naruto, forcing him to wince. Ruby, Yang, and Blake's eyes sharpened as they looked towards Naruto. They all started to look at him with narrowed eyes, that only grew more narrow when he started to whistle innocently.

Nobody ever buys the whistle.

"Why do we even do that whistle? Nobody ever buy that whistle." Jaune questioned. Doing that whistle makes it very obvious.

"Maybe it's because it something people do when they're nervous." Ren guessed with a shrug.

"... Damn, yeah, I need to go to that. I'm not inviting any of you though, I was going to invite Nora." Naruto spoke, knowing that the only person who he could pick was Nora. He didn't know Big Red's real name, he kept fucking forgetting it for some reason. Her face was so pretty, but for some reason he had SO much trouble with her name.

"This is gonna be a running gag is it?" Blake stated blankly. At this point, everyone can tell that this will be one.

"Yep, it probably will be, if it isn't already." Ren sighed. Then he turned to Nora. "And what do you think Nora? Are you going to accept the invitation?"

"Maybe." Nora said with a shrug. She smiled. "Who knows? It might be fun."

"Why Nora?" Ruby felt the need to ask, a little bit of hurt in her voice.

"Nora and I never do anything together, but all of us hang out all the time. I would be embarassed asking Big Red, you know since I can't remember-" Naruto started, before he was stopped.

"Pyrrha Nikos." They all said together.

"Right, Pera Nekos... Big Red. Anyway, I'm not gay so Jaune and Ren are out. Yang and Blake have their jobs... honestly, I figured Weiss was going anyway. So... Nora." Naruto said as he explained his line of reasoning. He could have gone with Ruby, but she had a duty to remain with the majority of her team.

So he picked Nora.

"...That's surprisingly logical." Blake sighed. The others nodded in agreement, with the rest of Team RWBY being surprisingly okay with it.

For Yang, it's because she knows that Nora isn't gonna make a move on Naruto.

For Weiss, it's because she will get a dance with Naruto.

For Ruby, it's because she isn't that interested in balls.

"... I am surprising okay with this." Yang said after a moment, since Nora seemed to have feelings for Ren she would either say no, or it was be a strictly non-romantic date.

"Feelings? What are you-" Before Ren could finish, he suddenly got hit with a hammer, knocking him out instantly. It was silent for a minute before everyone slowly turned to Nora, who is whistling innocently with her hammer in her lap.

"...How did you get that hammer?" Spirit questioned. He remembered taking all of their weapons.

"Top secret." Nora stated with her usual bright smile as Spirit vanished the weapon back and she opened back the book. "So, let's continue shall we?"

"Yeah, I can see why he would pick Nora." Ruby admitted, since she hated balls and stupid dressy stuff like that. She had fun at dances, but fancy balls weren't really her thing. Not to mention, she had something very important she had to do.

Weapons checks were being done... and she REALLY had to get those parts replaced!

"Weapon fanatic till the end." Weiss muttered with a shake of her head. She have a feeling that guys won't be part of Ruby's life for a long time.

"I don't like it, but yeah, I do have work." Blake said as she palmed her face, but she at least knew that Nora wouldn't make a move on Naruto or anything.

She was well... Nora.

"Yep! Don't worry! This will strictly be two food-addict friends hanging out!" Nora stated cheerly.

The group turn their heads to an unconscious Ren. "So, how are we going to wake him up?"

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