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Reading Ch 61: Blake's Humiliation

"Ugh, my head." Ren groaned, slowly getting up and rubbing his head. He looked towards his team. "What did Nora hit me for this time?"

"It's better if you don't know Ren." Jaune said, helping his male friend up and on the couch. "You okay?"

Ren nodded. "When you be friends with Nora for such a long time, you tend to be used to stuff like this." Ren said with a wince. Nora merely giggled, twiddling her thumbs. "So, who's going to read now?"

"I will." Pyrrha said, grabbing the book. "Chapter 61: Blake's Humiliation…."

"Sure, I'll go. I already have a dress." Nora said to Naruto, the very second that he asked her if she would like to go to the ball with him. She had nothing better to do, and honestly, going to a fancy ball seemed really fun. She did like calm events as well, because DESPITE what people believed of her she wasn't always a ball of energy.

Sometimes she could be thoughtful, emotional, and have an interest in more soft things like music just like anyone else.

Going to a ball seemed like a nice change of pace to her.

Team RWBY look surprise at this, especially. "You have an interest in soft things?" Weiss asked in disbelief.

In an unlike Nora way, she rolled her eyes. "I'm not always a ball of energy, waiting to explode Weiss. I like the softer things as well."

"...Who are you and what have you done with the real Nora?" Weiss asked her. Then she turn to the rest of Team JNPR. "And how come you guys aren't surprise?"

Jaune shrugged. "Pyrrha and I knew Nora for months now, and the girl don't hold that many secrets. Ren known her for years. We've already learned about this from her."

"Yeah, I figured you would want to go." Naruto spoke with a grin as he rubbed the back of his head. Nora was like him, most of the time she was a happy idiot, but she had her moments when even she wanted to go to some calm event without much going on. Life wasn't always about doing things fast and having some super important life changing event happen to you.

"Do you even own a suit?" Nora asked as she looked at Naruto, and Team RWBY behind him were all still somewhat shocked that Nora had said yes without even having to take a moment to think about it.

"Well, we happy idiots don't think hard on anything, not even on the softer things." Nora piped in, with her usual grin on her now. "If it seems fun for us, we'll do it without hesitation. If not, then we won't hesitate to say no. No hesitation allowed for us!"

"Here, here!" Yang cheered along with Nora.

"...That explains a lot, really." Blake said, with Ruby and Weiss nodding in agreement.

'Naruto in a suit? He should wet his hair back for that. Though that body needs yellow.' Yang thought as she looked at Naruto. She would guess that a gray or black suit would fit him best even if she prefered yellow, though knowing him he would pick an orange tie. It was his color, and for some reason he had a deep attachment to the color. She understood completely why he would be attached to a color.

In their world, colors meant a lot, and Naruto's theme of color seemed to fit SO well with them it was scary.

"That's true, that is pretty scary." Yang admitted. "Not even Nora could fit that well with orange."

"It's a good thing it does though, considering that orange is pretty hard to fit well." Weiss said.


'Maybe an orange tuxedo... the White Fang wouldn't dare attack a party with the Orange Explosion there. No, black.' Blake thought as she looked at Naruto's ass and turned red for a moment. Her cheeks were dusted red, since Naruto did have a pretty nice butt. Considering that for the first time, several minutes ago, she had seen a good amount of skin she wanted to see more of it.

It was a nice butt.

Weiss and Ruby turned red at this while Blake ducked her head down in embarrassment at her other's thoughts. Yang looked at Naruto's butt and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I agree. He does have a nice butt. Almost as nice as the Bellabooty."

"Will you stop calling it that?" Blake nearly whined.

"Nope!" Yang didn't hesitate to say.

'White, white would fit him.' Weiss mentally assured herself, and maybe she could get him to throw in some blue. The Atlas colors, because yes Atlas was the Kingdom after it had replaced Mantle. Mantle HAD been the Kingdom, but then Atlas took over and the name changed. Atlas was the only place where the school, named after Atlas, actually encouraged their students to join the military.

She didn't much appreciate it, but she did enjoy the white, blue, and a little bit of red, theme that went with the school.

It was also the Schnee colors, so it fit for Naruto to start wearing those very same colors.

Team RWBY started glancing at each other, glares starting to form, while Team JNPR stood away from them. Spirit merely look on in amusement. "He's going to wear a yellow tux!" Yang started.

"No, he's wearing black!" Blake hissed back.

"No, he's wearing a white one!" Weiss's voiced joined in.

"He's gonna wear scarlet or crimson!" Ruby joined in the fight.

Before they could argue any further, Jaune spoke up. "Read!" He said urgently to Pyrrha.

'Scarlet... or maybe Crimson? He should wear something that is like his mother's hair, or his dad's?' Ruby thought, since the night before she had been going dream diving into Naruto's mind again. She had seen some rather shocking events that she didn't even know that Naruto had memories of.

Naruto had his first assassination attempt (two of them) on the night he was born. Not only that, but Naruto's own mother had been Jinchuriki before him.

Ruby also felt bad for Naruto, both of his parents had been stabbed through the stomachs to defend him with their dying breaths.

Naruto's body had been stained with the blood of his parents, mere minutes after he had been born.

Team RWBY and JNPR look a bit sick at hearing these memories. "He was nearly assassinated at as a baby?" Pyrrha questioned in pure horror and disgust.

"His mother was a jinchuuriki?" Blake asked next, her eyes wide.

"His parents' blood stained his body?" Ruby was next to question, her voice high pitched and tears threatening to come out.

"Will there be a time where we won't something traumatizing?" Jaune was the final one to asked a question, and the group had to agree with that one. It look like there isn't any point in Naruto's life that isn't traumatizing, with only a few good moments among them.

"I do not have a suit, though I was just going to wear this or something." Naruto admitted, and all of the girls behind him decided to LOUDLY voice their disagreement.

"NO! You are wearing a Red/White/Black/Yellow suit!" Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang call called out as they crossed their arms in front of their chests. Naruto looked at them in surprise, before he snorted when he realized what had happened.

Ruby - Red, Weiss - White, Blake - Black, Yang - Yellow... and they said it in that order.

They had just suggested their Team colors to him, in perfect sync.

"...Okay, that was creepy." Jaune stated, with his teams nodding agreement. Team RWBY, meanwhile, is arguing on why Naruto should wear their suggested suits.

"A yellow tux and an orange tie fits him well!"

"Not with his blonde hair Yang!"

"Oh, like your white suit would fit his style!"

"Of course it will! White goes with everything!"

"No, black does! And Naruto should wear that!"

"He should wear a red tux, like his mom's hair!"

The girls kept arguing and arguing, and Team JNPR and Spirit was getting annoyed. Spirit was about to get them to be quiet when….


Everyone was silent now. They all slowly went to the person who yelled. That person was Jaune. He flushed at the eyes on him. "What? All of us was about to snap at them, weren't we?" He then turn to the team. "Anyway, we should get back to the reading. Besides, it's not like any of you are going to the ball with him."

Team RWBY flushed in embarrassment at that. Jaune have a point there.

"I was thinking white and pink, so we actually match each other." Nora said with a dull tone, kind of weirded out at how they had just done that. That was just weird how they had been so in sync, while also being out of sync. Of course, they forgot that when you went on a date to a dance with somebody, it was more normal for them to match.

"Wow, if Nora think it was weird, it must have been weird." Jaune stated while Team RWBY flushed in embarrassment even more.

To be called weird by the weirdest girl in the group….that's more than a bit embarrassing.

"Or... OR you could wear orange." Naruto said to Nora, and she gave him a blank stare.

"I look bad in orange... I know my hair is orange, and I know oranges are awesome and an important part of a balanced breakfast... but I don't have the skin or hair to pull off orange. Yes, I know my hair is orange, which is why I can't wear orange. Orange and orange is a fashion no-go." Nora felt the need to explain to him. Blue and blue, just fine. Purple on purple, was also pretty good. Red on red, so long as they were the same red, was really good.

Orange didn't go with orange, not on top of pale skin with blue eyes.

"You would look like a clown if you do." Weiss stated. She smirk a little. "Which would suit you, considering how goofy you act."

"Do you want me to pull out my hammer again?" Nora asked sweetly. Weiss merely 'hmph' and looked away, not wanting Nora to see her bit of nervousness at the threat.

She can't get her weapon and her glyphs probably won't stop Nora from knocking her unconscious. Sue her for being a bit scared.

"I'm not wearing pink. Have you ever heard of a pink ninja before?" Naruto asked them with a duller gaze.

"Have you ever heard of an orange one?" Blake felt the need to talk back to him. Naruto looked at her, before he vanished in a puff of smoke and she felt a kunai touch against her throat.

"Trust me Blake, my stealth lets me wear orange. If I can sneak passed high ranking ninja, launch surprise attacks, and... fuck it, you do realize I can turn into rocks right? I can turn into anyone, anything, or just use ninja tarp and go invisible. I can wear anything I want." Naruto said as he used a quick transformation justu and turned himself into Blake. She looked behind at Naruto, and he showed her himself as he was now.

"...You just got told." Yang and Nora spoke at the same time. Blake scowled in irritation in response.

"I gathered that, thank you." Blake said irritably.

"... You just got told." Yang said to Blake, considering she had already realized this.

Who cares what color Naruto wears, when he can just as easily transform into anyone he wanted to? Naruto could turn into somebody, rob a bank, and nobody would be any the wiser to him being the one to do it.

"I realize that." Blake spoke with an irritated scowl on her face. She was used to ninja wearing black, but then again, in a crowd blake actually stood out a lot.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I am taking this chance to go and get in some training... Naruto, can you help me with something?" Weiss asked for a moment when she realized something. She had been planning on training her Summoning, since she was going to be seeing her sister again, and she wanted to improve on it. She knew that all Schnee were able to use Glyphs, it was their bloodline Semblence. It was inherited via their blood.

She couldn't just ask her father, didn't want to ask him anyway.

"You got some serious issue with your dad, huh?"

"You have no idea." Weiss replied curtly to Yang.

Then she remembered something, who had extensive knowledge on summoning other creatures to fight alongside with them? Who among them had summoned creatures the size of large buildings, able to go toe to toe with huge monsters and have those summons follow his lead? Who did she knew that would help her, without looking down at her with disappointment?


"That's an excellent idea other me." Weiss stated proudly. "I doubt summoning isn't a secret ability that he can't share."

"Careful you don't jinx yourself Weiss." Ruby replied to her partner. Weiss rolled her eyes.

"Please. Those things are just tall tales."

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Sure, the ball isn't for awhile anyway." Naruto commented as he started to walk off with Weiss, leaving the others behind. He wondered what she needed help with, since the prideful girl that Weiss wasn't didn't usually ask for help.

"Tell me about it." Ruby sighed. "She was stubborn at the offer of teaching her to cook after that cake incident."

"I don't need to be taught Ruby!"

"Our poor oven says otherwise Weiss."

"Wait up, I want to come toooo!" Ruby shouted out as she jumped onto Naruto's arm and hung off of it. Naruto lifted her up with no trouble, despite gaining some weight she was still pretty light. Yang shared a look with Blake, before she decided to tag along as well. Weiss would have said something, but she only sighed in annoyance.

She guessed they could watch her train with Naruto.

"So Weiss, what did you need help with anyway?" Yang asked, while Blake simply got a book out and started to read. This wasn't something she even cared about, she just had nothing better to do.

"I need some experienced help learning about Summoning. My family can summon, and Naruto can summon. Naruto, how many years have you been a Summoner?" Weiss asked with a raised eyebrow.

"About 5 years, I started when I was 12 after signing a blood contract with toads. Our summoning styles might be a bit different." Naruto told her, and Weiss looked at him for a second. She knew their styles were different, she used a Glyph to summon, while Naruto used these jutsu.

"Blood, sounds like some kind of demonic contract... if you had said anything other than toad after it." Blake noted with dull eyes. If it had been snakes, or dragons, or even cats, then the contract would have sounded like a deal with a devil. She was sure that the toad she had seen though would be non-demonic in nature.

Naruto bit his thumb, and he was practiced enough to do this without handsigns, before he placed his hand onto his palm.


Sitting in Naruto's hand was a tiny little toad, unable to speak yet and not all that smart. This toad had just went from tadpole to toad, which was what Naruto was aiming for. He had barely put any chakra into the summoning.

"... It is so tiny." Ruby said, before the toad looked at her and it's cheeks swelled up... and then it started to spew flames at her. Ruby jumped back with shock at the flame spewing toad.

"Eeep!" Ruby squeaked, covering her head. "That toad nearly burned my hair!" Even the weapon loving tomboy Ruby cares about her hair.

"Toads are prideful, and they come in a lot of shapes, abilities, and sizes. This is a fire breathing toad, obviously. Some toads are masters had Shaolin Kung Fu, and some are simply huge battlers. Some are messengers, some are Scrolls, and some are divers. Toads are the most diverse summoning animal." Naruto explained with his eyes twitching. The toad in his hand was looking up at him proudly, puffing out his chest as he spewed more fire up into the air.

It popped in a puff of smoke seconds later.

"So... you summon toads, and only toads." Ruby said as she glared at the spot where the toad had been. She had nearly lost her hair to that toad.

"I signed the Toad Contract, so yes, only toads. I only need toads though, so yeah. What do you summon Weiss?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, I have never been able to pull it off... it is so annoying!" Weiss ground out through grit teeth.

"Aww? Is the little princess angry that she can't summon her snow flakes?" Yang mocked playfully. Weiss's right eye twitched.

"Shut up please." Weiss said with gritted teeth.

"Hey, don't be so mad. It took me a full month of training to summon toads, it isn't an easy thing to do... and I made you feel worse." Naruto said as he backed away from her. Weiss was still trying to summon after years of learning. Naruto had gotten it down pat in a month, and after that he had been able to summon toads like Gamabunta ever since if he wanted to.

Weiss's eyes twitched even more before her face was suddenly doused with water. She yelped and jump off the couch, the water being hot.

Everyone was silent, staring at the person who threw water on her. It was Nora, who's holding a small bucket. She blinked. "What? She was turning into dry ice. I needed to melt it a little."

"I will put you in a block of ice one day." Weiss said, barely held anger in her tone.

"Is it possible for us to learn to summon toads?" Blake asked, and Naruto shook his head.

"You can't summon them yourself, you would need my blood. That, or you would need to get a summoning tattoo... and still use my blood. I already have these though." Naruto said as he took out small scrolls from his pocket. Each of the Scrolls was good for summoning one toad with his blood.

Naruto tossed each of them a scroll, and he gave them a vial of his blood for it as well. Shinobi blood, given more life to it by chakra, lasted a REALLY long time before drying out when stored properly.

"Man, and here I wanted to summon dragons." Yang said with a pout.

Many in the group balked at that. "Yang? With a dragon? That's like Nora with a speed car." Blake shivered. "Disaster to follow."

Everyone shivered in agreement while Yang and Nora pouted. They aren't that bad!

"Dragons aren't a summon animal Yang. They are a mythical creature, and most Summon animals are ACTUAL animals. Dogs, cats-" Naruto said, and Blake's head whipped towards him.

"Cats?" She asked with her tone suggesting interest.

Blake look interested as well. "The ninja worlds have cats for summons?"

"Seems like it, yeah." Ren said.

"Well, yeah... my teacher Kakashi used dogs. The Uchiha were known for having Hawks and Cats for summon animals. There are also Snakes, Slugs, Death-" Naruto started, before he was once more interupted.

"Death?" Ruby asked, very creeped out by that one.

"Wait, are they talking about that ability on Naruto's Ultimate Ninja Storm?" Ruby questioned.

Blake nodded. "It was the ability that we used with the Third Hokage against Orochimaru. Reaper Death Seal, if I remembering correctly." Ruby shivered, remembering that move.

Like her other, she is creeped out by that.

"Yeah, there is a set of seals that lets you summon the Death God. I can't use it though... people like me aren't capable of summoning that." Naruto said as he thought about the Kyuubi. The Death Reaper Seal was a summon that could only be done by a Non-Jinchuriki. Naruto couldn't summon the Death God even if he wanted to. Of course, the Death God was NOT responsible for his seal.

The Fourth Hokage had summoned the Death God (Jiraiya told him this) and sealed away half of the Kyuubi using it. The other half of the Kyuubi was sealed inside of him using the Eight Trigrams Seal.

"Wait a minute, so only half of the Kyuubi is inside Naruto?!" Weiss exclaimed with wide eyes. The others are wide eyes as well.

They've seen how powerful the Nine-Tails Fox was, more so in the game. And Naruto saying that only half of it is inside him?! The thought made them shiver.

"Let me guess, when you summon him he takes your sooooouuuuul." Yang teased Naruto as she made the creepy hand motions.

"Yes." Naruto spoke quickly, and all of the girls stopped walking and paled.

That did not sound pleasant.

All of them paled when they heard that as well. "H-H-He's joking, right?" Weiss stuttered out.

"Only one way to find out." Pyrrha stated, starting to read after getting out of her shock.

"Huh?" Blake asked first, being the first to recover from it.

"Yes, when you summon the Death God. He rips out your soul, and the souls of the people you are fighting. Then he kills you, and eats your souls. You spend the rest of eternity in his stomach, fighting against the other souls. Kind of glad I can't use it." Naruto said with a down expression. The Third Hokage had used that seal, something that had become well known through the village. The stronger the jutsu, the more backlash it had the potential to have.

Summoning death, mean sure death for the user.

The group took all of that in, horrified at the thought. Now they know how the Third died after the fight against Orochimaru. "T-That's so horrifying." Pyrrha whispered in shock and horror.

"Not to mention very evil." Yang said as she shivered in fear. "A death you wouldn't wish on anyone."

"And the Third and Fourth Hokage did that?" Ruby questioned, the same amount of horror. "That's horrible." Everyone was silent, taking that all in.

Pyrrha, after a moment, started reading once again.

The girls were silent as they took in how horrifying that sounded.

'Having your soul eaten... that sounds... evil.' Yang thought as she shivered in fear. That was not something she would wish on anyone.

'His dad did that.' Ruby thought, and it only made her want to keep this from Naruto even more. For one, she wasn't sure how to tell him that she had been going through his mind and memories, and two... how could she tell him that only his mother had gone to the afterlife? She couldn't, she was unable to tell him what she wanted to.

"I don't think anyone with a heart would Ruby." Yang said to her sister, still having a slight shiver. "Not even Nora would be blunt about something like that."

Nora nodded. Blunt, she may be, but heartless, she is not. If there's something that could break or horrify a person, she keep to herself and let someone else break the news.

"I am starting to like toads a little more now." Blake said with her fear being swallowed down. Yeah, toads were sounding a lot better by the second.

"Me too." Weiss admitted to having the same opinion as Blake on this one.

"Same." All of them said at the same time. Toads sounded extremely better.

Naruto pouted at them.

Toads was awesome!

Yang snorted. "Yeah, they really aren't."

"Still better than a Death God." Jaune pointed out. At the mention, Yang started shivering once again.

Yeah, toads sound really better after the mention of Death.

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