Boy and the Dragon -
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Chapter two -



Harry gasped awake as water was splashed on him. Harry's eyes shot opened to see a stone statue of a woman and a teapot staring down at him from the nightstand. Harry freaked out as the stone statue of a woman laughed and the teapot tried to clam him down. After a few minutes of being calmed down, Harry learned the stone statue of a woman's name was Crim and the teapot was named Molly Weasley. Harry looked at both of them and asked what had happened after he was kidnapped by the Dragon.

-At the Village-
-With Hermione-

Hermione was extremely worried about Harry after the Dragon flew off with him in it's grasp. Hermione listened and watched as Junior threw a fit in the village's meeting which was taking place in the village's only pub. Hermione hoped Harry was safe wherever the Dragon took him.

-With Harry-

Harry was confused when silence filled the room as Molly Weasley ran out if the room leaving both Harry and Crim alone in the room together. Harry noticed that Crim would not look him in the eye at all. An unmoving Harry almost jumped out of his skin when the bedroom door slammed opened to reveal a raging firebreathing Dragon in front of him. Harry finally ran out of the bedroom when Crim yelled "RUN YOU STUPID BOY!" then all hell broke out. Harry ran and ran until he came upon the forest's center. He kept running but he could not find the way out the Dragon and it's castle.

-With Crim-

Becoming a flaming stone statue was not what Crim had in mind when the stupid greedy Dragon of a once-a-prince kidnapped an innocent to break the curse. Crim stood still as Molly Weasley poured cold water on her fire cracked stone-like skin. A silent Crim listened to as she went on about how the Master went after Harry. Crim could only hope that Harry was able to escape from this cursed place.

-With Harry-

Out of breath, Harry stopped to rest when he heard growling coming from behind him. Harry looked over his shoulder to see that he was surrounded by a large pack of wolves. Harry ran as fast and far away from the wolves but they caught him. Harry tried to fight them off only to attacked by the wolves. An injured Harry tried to keep fighting the wolves only for a shadow to pass above them in the sky. The wolves looked up when a roar could be heard coming from the sky. The wolves scattered when the Dragon almost landed on top of Harry and the wolves. A few foolishly brave wolves attacked the Dragon only to be killed and devoured by the Dragon.

Harry laid bleeding in the snow listening to the sound of crunching bones coming from the Dragon's meal. Harry finally lost his fight to stay awake.

-With Crim-

Crim winced from pain every time she tried moved to get in a comfortable position. Crim looked out the room's only window and in sorrow said,

"Is this what you truly wanted, Sister?"

Crim with the last of her strength, from her weaken state, started to chant,

"Prince turned Dragon heed my warning for I shall give one more chance to approve that you can change your selfish and greedy way's. One more chance to earn true love. Should you fail once more then it will be your last for you sha-"

Crim was not able to finish her chant before she crumbled in to dust.

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P.s. Crim's sister does play an important role.