Authors note:

Well, this is the first story I'm writing. A quick basis for it is a trans-dimensional character that has a god of chaos as his patron. The first world on the list will be fable, and then I will move on to harry potter. Any worlds after that are up for debate. Any questions, feel free to ask, I will answer anything as long as no spoilers are asked for. Please leave a review!

"Speech"= A normal conversation

"Speech"= Thoughts

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry potter or Fable; they belong to JK Rowling and Microsoft respectively. I only own Dio, and I make no money off of this story.


The last thing I expected to happen today was to release a cosmic horror who then took a morbid fascination with me. I found a locked box in the things that my dead grandparents left me. There was no mention of it in my grandparents will, nor did there seem to be a way to unlock it. So I resorted to the easiest way to open anything: bash it with a hammer. I expected there to be some obscure eastern relic inside, as my grandparents were collectors. What I didn't expect was for a black smoke to pour out and engulf me. That's how I ended up in this strange bar; facing a child formed….something. There was no stable form to see, it seemed to flicker between forms constantly.

"I have to say Mr. Williams" the creature said, "You're an interesting individual. You not only found my prison, but you even managed to open it. And without the key! You… have no idea how truly impressive that is."

Its voice was strange; it seemed to fluctuate as if various voices were speaking at the same time, from both genders. I stayed silent, as I wasn't sure what to say. Logic screamed all of this was an 'Acid Trip' at me, yet all my senses tell me this place…whatever it was, is real. And I've never done drugs. This thing in front of me doesn't seem to be hostile, so I may as well play along.

"Why am I here," I asked it.

"Why we're here so I can thank you of course! I've been trapped in that infernal contraption for centuries! I can sympathize with what genies must go through, the poor chaps. Although I'm sure they can modify their humble abodes. Although, not eating in a few centuries has left me puckish. Jarvis! Bring Mr. Williams and I some pancakes. You must try these pancakes willy-boy, they are divine."

I turned and stared behind the counter at what had to be the strangest person I've seen. The guy was old, yet he didn't look feeble. On the contrary, he held himself in a way that radiated power. Yet his face was calm, eerily so. He seemed to grab something under the counter, and pulled out two plates stacked with pancakes. Jarvis brought them over to us, and set down a jar of Aunt Jemimas syrup. The being next to me immediately began to pour syrup all over its pancakes, and shoveled the, into its mouth with the ferocity of a starving man. An Understandable reaction really, given how long it said it was trapped.

"You should really try these. Best pancakes in the seven galaxies."

I froze at that. Seven galaxies? I have no reason to believe what this creature is saying, yet I can't really argue against it. "May as well not worry about it,' I thought. "There isn't anything I can do about it at the moment. But free pancakes? Why not. I doubt they'll kill me." On trying them though, my thoughts shut down. These…..are…divine. A slight crunchy outside, with a soft inside. The syrup was sweet, and it has hints of mango and vanilla, my favorite flavors. They were perfect. Too perfect.

"These aren't real, are they," I asked it.

It smiled, and I swear I could see miniature galaxies inside it mouth. 'Let's ignore that, for sanity's sake.'

"No, no they aren't. None of this is. I'm stimulating all your senses, while projecting this entire place inside your mind. What tipped you off?"

"I tasted my mango and vanilla, two flavors I love separately but taste horrible together. Trust me, I've experimented. But I digress, what exactly is the point of all this? Why go through all this trouble?"

I'm surprised at how calm I was taking all this. While I'm not the easiest person to surprise, I can easily say this entire experience is well out of the ballpark of 'Normal.'

"You're so calm, Mr. Williams, because I'm keeping you calm. You humans have a bad habit of running like headless chickens at a minor incident like this. It's sad but true. And it is much easier on me if we talk this out like civilized beings. And before you ask, no, I'm not reading your mind, we're IN your mind. There isn't anything you can hide from me here. On that same note, I would appreciate if you would cease to refer to me as a thing. It's degrading. Call me…..Rover. It's what I am, a traveler between dimensions. True names are powerful constructs after all. As for why we're here, it's simple; you released me from my prison a few centuries early, and I'm here to reward you.'

I frowned at that. A reward from a higher being usually resorts in a messy end. However, Rover seemed to disregard my worries, and turned to face me while setting a small pile of cards on the counter.

"Now now, no need to worry. I have the perfect reward in mind for you; a life free from mediocrity! There are entire multiverses out there, so what better reward than to allow you to explore them. Not only that. But ill also give you a boost to give you an edge."

That…that sounded pretty cool actually. I'll admit I've spent quite a bit of time daydreaming about fantasy lands, or replacing characters in books I've read. This was like an answer to my deepest desires.

"There must be a catch" I asked.

"Ahhh, I do so love the smart ones. Only one snag really," he replied. The universe you go to will be completely random. And while I won't needlessly interfere wherever you end up, I'll do my best to make sure you don't die too soon. You're my newest source of entertainment after all."

I'm not sure how I felt about that. He says he won't interfere, so there shouldn't be an issue. And it isn't like there's any reason to not accept. Normal life is pretty empty compared to this all.

"And if I refuse? If I decide I don't want to become your toy?"

He just smirked at me. "You don't have a choice in this, Mr. Williams. Like I previously mentioned, you're currently my only source of entertainment, and I won't allow you to slip through my fingers. Now, we're wasting time, so let's get started." He then lined up the cards next to each other. "Pick a card, any card! And let's proceed down the rabbit hole.'

That seems like an apt description, if a tad foreboding. I closed my eyes and selected one card, but before I could look at it, it was taken away.

"An interesting choice. There's quite a lot of mischief that you can get into here. I won't spoil the surprise, so just sit back and relax. I have to modify both your soul and body to enhance you."

I blanched at that. "You're going to modify….my soul?"

Rover chuckled at that. "Don't lose your head there poppet. Human souls are simple to modify, and all I will be doing is adding structures that already exist in other universes. So, are you ready?"

As ready as I will ever be," I replied. I've already made a decision, and I'd rather not piss Rover off if possible.

"Good. Now just relax, you'll only feel pain for a second. The next time you wake up, you'll be in a brand new life."

As he said that, a bright light seemed to shine from him, and I felt excruciating pain course all over my body. Before I could react to it though, I passed out.