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"Speech"= A normal conversation

'Speech'= Thoughts, telepathy.

"{Speech}" = Parseltongue

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Theresa Trajan P.O.V.

The sound of a young girls scream was definitely not something Theresa ever expected to wake up to.

Especially since she was the only young girl than any of them knew. The list was then narrowly reduced to the only other occupant of the room that could speak. A quick flare of her mana showed her where Dio was, and she rushed to his room.

She and Irene ended up arriving at his room simultaneously, and were greeted to the sight of Dio sprawled on the floor with some type of worm-like creature near him.

She had never even heard stories of a snake, but it made sense that a new universe would have new creatures.

As Theresa then began to wonder about what other new experiences this universe would grant her, Irene and Dio began a discussion about someone named Ophis. Apparently they had met this person while she was unconscious, which just went to show you that everything good happened when she wasn't around. She decided to get back at Dio, because everything was his fault anyways, so she pulled off the puppy dog eyes on him and asked if he would die soon.

Sadly his reaction didn't amount to much more than reassure her. Then she remembered she lacked the necessary parts for that trick. Eyes. Damn.

She though Dio had finally lost it when he began to hiss to the snake, but imagine her surprise when the snake hissed back. Either they were both insane, or she had missed something.

Whatever the issue was, it was far too early to deal with it, and she hadn't had anything to eat yet. And speaking about food, Theresa couldn't believe it took her so long to detect the smell that permeated the room. She could detect a variety of odors, but the one smell that caught her attention above all was the smell of searing meat.

She walked towards the smell as if in a trance, which wasn't too far from the truth considering that meat was involved. She saw the food before she ever reached the room, and was dumbfounded by the sheer amount she saw.

Stacks upon stacks of square and round objects lay at the ends of a large table with jars she assumed carried some form of liquid next to them. Fruits and vegetables of all types were dotted throughout the table, and the staggering amount of meat she saw threatened to induce her into a food coma. Theresa was so entranced she failed to notice the creature inhabiting the kitchen with them, but she did pay enough attention to notice that Dio spoke to her aloud, and she responded as eloquently as she could.

By which she meant, not eloquently at all. But could you really blame her? Meat was a rarity in a small village like Oakvale and the only time she was able to eat any was when her father managed to hunt wildlife, which wasn't often. After having spent a decade eating gruel, wheats, and whatever stews her mother could cook, Theresa wasn't about to pass off any opportunity to eat meat.

She remembered the discussion the three of them had a few weeks ago, to try to communicate aloud instead of telepathically in order to not draw extra attention. She understood why they had to keep their telepathy a secret, since its greatest benefit was the secrecy that it granted them. They could discuss anything between each other without anyone else finding out, which truly made the possibilities endless.

It seemed that the creature, which was smaller than even her, had made all of the food while they slept. She was far too tired and hungry to question why, and was more than content to stuff her face.

What a mistake that was.

Not only did Theresa fail to consider poison until Irene brought it up, and it was a valid concern, one that she was determined to find a way to expose, but Dio then began to lecture her on how she ate.

She was a village girl form the frontier, she had never before even seen a fork, let alone use one. Thankfully Dio did not force her to use the utensils or expect her to master them, he just left her with a warning that others would be using tools when they ate, and she would look uncivilized if she ate with her hands.

It seemed that in this universe everyone was stuck up and judged others, not just the nobles. Great.

The food itself was very good, and if this creature continued to cook like this she would be more than happy to allow it to stay. It was definitely a strange creature though. Who would honestly devote their entire lives to serving others?

After eating Theresa went off to explore her now home a little. It was bigger than Dio's old one, but it felt empty. Dio may not have been the type to decorate his house much, but the house they left at least felt like home. This house just felt cold and empty. It was yet another unwelcome reminder of how her life continued to change.

The next few months she kept herself busy by training again. While physically she didn't feel any different, using her powers felt easier somehow. The only comparison she had would be a dog. While before she would have to call forth her mana, similar to calling a dog on the other side of her house, now her powers were eager to be used, like a dog that trailed at your heels wherever you went. It was a welcome change since she could now use her powers almost instantaneously.

At first Dio holed himself up in his room and began to read through tomes he found in a chest. She didn't see the point of it, having never been taught how to read, something which Irene quickly decided to rectify. While her father had taught her numbers, so no sleazy trader could ever cheat her from her hard earned money, he himself didn't know how to read, and neither did most of the villagers. She didn't see the point of having to read, since what could books really teach you that you couldn't learn without, but obliged because she knew Irene wouldn't teach her without a good reason. It was difficult work, and her lack of vision made exponentially harder, but the access to wands was what allowed her to learn. Using wands Theresa had to use less energy to be able to see, and using more mana allowed her to see much more clearly.

The wands were also a form of entertainment for Irene and her, since they all exploded in Dio's face when he used them.

As the months passed Dio began teaching her the branches of magic that were common in this world. And what she learned floored her.

Animating regular objects to act by themselves? Creating living creatures form nonliving objects? One could even create objects using nothing more than mana! Theresa doubted half of what she learned could be done by even the Archons of old, and mere children in this world were able to do these things. From what Dio told her this world was very similar to what the Old Kingdom was like, at least in terms of advancements in magic. The revelation that she could become as powerful as the Archons themselves, which had been a dream of hers for years, filled her with determination.

She would become powerful, no matter the cost.

One day after training Dio approached her with a strange device and asked if he could remove her blood. When she asked why he sat her down and explained why her village was attacked.

A sword. Her family was killed for a sword. Like everyone else Theresa had heard the stories of Jack of Blades and his defeat along with the rest of The Court by William Black. And like everyone else Theresa assumed that Jack had died after his defeat. But Jack survived through the ages, and now he returned for vengeance against the descendants of William, namely Theresa and her family, whose blood would unlock the crypt that harbored his sword. The revelation of her ancestry answered many questions Theresa had, namely those pertaining to her visions, which she still hadn't told Dio about.

Well, if that thing was going to come after her then Theresa would be ready.

It also eased her burden knowing that her mother and brother were probably still alive. You can't take blood from the dead after all.

After informing Theresa of what happened Dio then went on to explain his plan; mainly drawing enough of her blood to try and trick the vault into opening without her death. The requirement for opening the crypt was the blood of a descendant of William Black, but nowhere did it specify a sacrifice was required. He hoped to circumvent that by drawing her blood for years until he had as much blood as a person contained and then use it to open the vault, thus denying Jack the weapon he sought after for so long. She gladly agreed, giddy that she would help strike at the monster that destroyed everything she cared about, even if it wasn't a permanent solution.

He also said that having stores of their blood in stock would be useful in case any of them needed a transfusion, whatever that was.

Dio for once did tell them how he knew this; apparently Rover was able to view glimpses of the past and future, and considering Theresa could do the same even if she had no control over said power, she could believe it. What he wouldn't say was why Rover would tell him these things, or even how the two had met. Sometimes she felt like dealing with Dio was more trouble than he was worth.

Like when he said she needed to go through the blood ritual to make them family. Oh he definitely offered her a choice, but after all he had done for her how could she say no? Especially since they were considered siblings on record in this world and there existed ways to determine blood relations. And while Dio never told her this she was smart enough to make the connection on her own; if she didn't go through with the ritual then there existed the potential for someone to discover that they really weren't siblings, which would bring up unnecessary questions and could potentially ruin most of Dio's plans.

So while he offered Theresa a choice, only one of them was viable and once again she was forced to go along with decisions that were made for her. She wanted to be angry at Dio for essentially forcing her to do this, but in reality he was also forced to go through with the ritual. And while Theresa didn't mind becoming Dio's sister she was hesitant to go through with the ritual because she would be abandoning her family once more. And while she may never see any of them again the four of them did share the same blood, and that meant something.

The ritual itself consisted of a large circle of symbols drawn on the floor, with other symbols filling the inside. It was one of the most painful experiences Theresa had ever experienced. It felt as if flames consumed her flesh, and then forced it to grow back. Every inch of her body burned for hours as the ritual remade her very essence, until it ended. The pain kept her awake as the ritual continued, and once it ended she was allowed to fall unconscious.

She didn't feel much of a difference when she woke up. Her head hurt and there were small wounds on her skin where the floor scratched her, but aside from that she felt no different. Irene later commented that she looked exactly the same as she did before the ritual. They were unsure what to expect, and none of them had a way of determining if it succeeded until Dio took her to Gringotts, and since Dio had decided not to take her until the new school year started, they would have to wait.

At least that was the one positive outcome of their entire trip; she would be attending a school of magic. Such a thing hadn't been found in Albion since the Archon's time, and then it was only the Archons themselves who were allowed to attend. The few stories Dio had told her about the school fascinated her, and she couldn't wait to attend. When Dio told her that she would live at the school for most of the year she worried that she would never see him or Irene again, but he reassured her that he had a plan to also attend.

Theresa spent most of her time training outside. First Dio gave her a wooden sword and told her to swing it every day until for as long as she could. This would accustom her to the weight of a sword. So that's what she did.

Every day without fail, after her lessons with either Dio or Irene, Theresa would go outside and swing the sword until her muscles burned in protest. Then she would continue swinging it until she was too tired to even lift the sword. In the beginning she would be too exhausted to go back in the house and fell asleep on the floor. More than once she found herself waking up in her bed with Dio watching over her. At times he would stop her from training to rest, saying she would harm herself, but he usually left her alone. Irene would give her potions that facilitated healing, which was the only thing that allowed her to continue her harsh regiment the next day.

Once she became accustomed to the weight of a sword and could swing one for the better part of an hour without straining herself, Dio taught her how to fight.

Of course, since Dio was involved, it was far from normal. Theresa expected him to wield the sword himself to teach her, but instead he used magic to animate the swords who became her opponents.

Not only did Dio get to train his own power, but that method of training also allowed her to sharpen her instincts when fighting. Without a tangible opponent Theresa could not focus on the arms or shoulders to determine where the blow would come from, so it was left to her own intuition. While she failed miserably to put up much of a fight at first, she eventually began to show results. When she went to sleep at night she would only have a dozen welts across her body instead of being covered in them.

Dio did promise to practice against her himself once she became better, which only spurred her on to reach that point sooner.

The only other instances that changed their daily lives were a letter that arrived for Dio, a bear that they killed, a shopping trip to Diagon alley, a secret mission that Dio and Irene refused to tell her about, and going to craft their wands.

Whatever that letter was, it seemed to spook Dio. Gone were the playful jokes and sarcasm. Instead he became cold, quiet and withdrawn. His very being emanated an aura that screamed danger, which reminded Theresa that despite how nice he treated her, he was still a murderer.

He did slaughter the bandits that captured her and the bandits at Oakvale after all.

Dio left to meet with the letter's author the next day, and came back in a much better mood than she had ever seen him in.

"It always amuses me to put snobby idiots in their place," he told her. "That look of despair in their eyes when they realize that neither their name nor their wealth will save them is one of my favorite things in the world."

Not for the first time she wondered if Dio was dropped on his head as a child.

The bear they encountered during one of their patrols through the forest. She sensed it before he did and spoke up. She expected him to do the sensible thing and head away from it, as only an idiot would provoke a bear needlessly, but he insisted on finding it. They found it feasting on a deer on a ridge below them.

Instead he formed an ice spear and launched, killing it in a single blow.

And yet it took over a dozen men from Oakvale to kill a bear, with two dying. At that moment she decided reaching his level would become her goal. He would become her role model and rival. The two of them spoke a little about themselves as they skinned the bear, and came closer together once Theresa cried into his shoulder after retelling some stories of Oakvale.

She wished it was always that easy to talk to him, but whenever she tried she would worry about saying something stupid, disappointing him or her face would heat up and she became tongue tied. It was all annoying and she had no idea why it happened.

The trip to Diagon alley was nothing short of a dream for her, and easily became the best day of her life. The ambient magic gave her a headache due to her unique vision, but the entire experience made the pain worth it. Each of the shops they visited carried wonders she never thought she would see, and some she would never have imagined.

Self-cleaning dishes? Quills that wrote by themselves? Whoever invented these things were geniuses. Her two personal favorites were Madame Malkins shop and Floreans.

Madame Malkin's shop allowed her to try on dresses that only Noble girls would have been able to wear back in her universe, and as long as she wore them, for just a brief moment, she could pretend that she was also one of those Nobles.

Dio may have said that their bloodline was equivalent to a Noble's in this universe, but that didn't mean she would immediately accept that logic. She doubted she would ever see herself as a Noble.

That didn't mean she wasn't willing to buy all of the pretty dresses she could, and since Dio didn't seem to care how much money they spent, she bought everything that caught her eye.

Florean's on the other hand carried the most delicious food she had ever tasted. Ice cream she believed they called it. The foolish man had claimed that he could create more food than she could eat. Not only did she eat the Ice cream faster than the portly man could make it, after she beat him he claimed that he wouldn't charge them for any of the ice cream she ate. The dumbfounded look on Dio's face was enough to make up for the freezing pain that eating all that Ice cream caused.

Not long after their trip Dio began to seclude himself again, but this time instead of locking himself in his room he would spend hours in the forest creating and manipulating weapons, or practicing with his elemental powers. He refused to teach her what he knew, telling her that her magical core was too small and unstable for the magic he practiced. It frustrated her, but she at least understood that he only did it because she cared.

After a couple of weeks of practicing with those skill sets he decided that the two of them could practice together; he would teach her swordplay, and he would practice his telekinesis.

At first it was nothing short of a disaster.

They used wooden swords against each other to reduce the risk of serious injury, but neither of them were particularly experienced in what they were doing. Theresa had never fought using a sword, and had to learn how to fight while Dio attacked her.

Dio on the other hand had to exact precise control the entire time he manipulated his sword, or his swings would either end up too hard or too soft. They found out how dangerous the former could be when one erroneous swing from Dio resulted in Theresa being knocked out for an entire day.

She demanded an exorbitant amount of ice cream as reparations.

Dio seemed as frustrated with his training as she was, and he confided in her that he needed to become more powerful quicker. She approached him once and asked him why he needed to become stronger when he was already so strong.

His answer chilled her.

"In this world exist monsters," he told her. "They wear human faces like you or I, but don't be mistaken; true monsters lie beneath, and there are few moments as terrifying as when they shed that thin veneer of humanity and release their true selves. They have no pity, no mercy, and they will kill whoever they have to get what they want.

The only truth that will ever matter in life is this; strength rules over all. Humans are weak, which is why they band together and create laws and villages and delude themselves that they reign over all.

But don't be mistaken. In the face of a true monster laws and morals mean nothing. They do what they want because they can, because no one can stop them. That is the truth of the world.

So what can you do? What can you do when presented with a power so far above yours you can do nothing but watch in awe and horror as they decide your fate?

You become a monster yourself, and eliminate them."

She knew what he meant when he referred to monsters, Jack of Blades being a perfect example of one. But was becoming like him truly the only way to defeat such a vile creature? She refused to believe it. She did at least agree with one thing he said.

They both needed to become stronger.

Not for the first time since she had met them Irene and Dio were yet again keeping secrets from her, except that this time she could tell that the two of them were worried about what would happen. She could pick up from their conversations that Dio planned on retrieving an Item of some sort, but they were worried about the defenses guarding it. The two of them refused to tell her any more on the subject, which frustrated her to no end.

Wasn't she a part of their team? Weren't they supposed to be a family? If so why would they exclude her? Hadn't she proven that she wasn't a helpless little girl? She had, so why did they continue to treat her like one?

Her anxiety was made worse when Dio left without even informing her. She wasn't sure why she awoke that night, but a feeling of dread woke her up. When she discovered Dio missing and Irene anxiously flying around she feared the worst. She didn't get any sleep that night, and the anxiety ate away at her until he returned the next morning.

A few kicks in the shin let him know just how much she appreciated him making her worry. He still refused to tell her what he went out searching for, but he was happier than she had ever seen him.

She had never before seen snow before, and had no lost love for it. She doubted she had ever experienced such an intense cold, and she wondered if any of the villagers of Oakvale could have survived such a frigid winter. Even a warming charm failed to stave off the cold, but at least they weren't in danger of dying from frostbite. The intense cold quickly sapped the novelty that seeing snow for the first time held, and she quickly wanted to never see it again.

She hoped that the wands would be worth it.

Dio's lesson in the difference between Light and Dark was interesting, but she couldn't accept his words so easily. Things were considered dark for a reason weren't they? If it harmed someone then it was dark wasn't it? What did he mean it depended on the person?

So lost was she in her thoughts that she almost missed their arrival at the cabin, and she was excited to finally get out of the cold.

So saying that their welcome was as warm as the air outside was not an understatement. The old man was rude, but he did invite them inside where it was warm, so he couldn't have been all bad.

Dio seemed to not have much luck in convincing the old man to craft their wands, which was good news for her; if he refused, they would be able to leave faster and she wouldn't have to deal with the cold again.

She was surprised that Irene chose to reveal herself to the old man after the pains that they took to keep her a secret. That proved just how serious the two of them were taking this situation, and maybe she should do the same. A bit more convincing was all it took to get the old man to agree to craft their wands. He led them into a secondary workshop which still contained numerous signs of activities.

After a brief and confusing conversation with Irene and Dio about thinking for yourself- and why does their advice always have to be complicated, why cant it be simple like 'punch this' or 'kick that- the old man asked her to choose a wand core. She viewed the items inside each container as a source of light, with one shining brighter than the rest.

Picking up the fang gave her a feeling like fingers brushing through her brain, which turned out to feel curiously pleasant. The fang absorbed a sliver of her magic every moment she touched it, and when it became uncomfortable she wrapped it in a rag. She would have to research the Cu Sith it came from, hopefully Dio had a book on them.

Dio's core seemed to be a good fit for him, he did seem to enjoy using ice in their training. Reading about them would hopefully give her some time off from their daily training.

She hurt in muscles she didn't even know she had.

Her new wand definitely made casting magic easier. Dio has started her off learning some of the spells in the first year courtroom for Hogwarts, and Irene had decoded to become her tutor. While she could perform most of the spells already, having a wand-and performing the corresponding wand motions required for the spell- certainly made the mana drain from each spell smaller. In between her training with Dio and her lessons with Irene she had no time for herself, which she doubted was accidental.

They probably didn't want her to dwell on her past. They didn't need to worry though. She would become stronger and get revenge on those who ordered her village attacked.

She was currently trying to perform a levitation spell on a feather, and she was failing at spectacularly. Before Dio had left with Ellamine- and she came to the conclusion that snakes are creepy, and so is Dio for his fascination with them- he had told with a stupid smirk on his face her the secret to the spell lay in the wording.

What did that even mean?! That jerk must have known this spell was difficult. She'd get him back for this.

Her plotting was interrupted by Dio kicking down her door-and how did she miss hearing him return- with a huge from across his face and Irene trailing behind him.

'Guess who's now enrolled in school,' he said.

'I hope its you Dio,' said Irene. 'You need to be taught common sense and decency.'

'No gnat, now be quiet. Well, now that she ruined my entrance, here you go.' He handed Theresa a sealed envelope which had a large H surrounded by four animals emblazoned on it.

She knew what the letter was, the three of then had spoken of enrolling her in the school as a substitute for the Heroes Guild. She thought she would have more time to prepare before it happened.

'Wait, so you ARE enrolled,' said Irene. 'I knew you were dumb Dio, but I didn't think you had to go back to school, you poor, poor child.'

Instead of answering Dio conjured a rod and chased her around the house, trying to swat her put of the air. Theresa ignored their antics and opened the letter. She had most of what she needed, and once again she wondered how Dio knew so much if he wasn't originally from this dimension.

She would get it out of him eventually.

She wasn't worried about attending the school, Dio explained that the other kids her age were normally not allowed to practice magic before starting school. She would probably be well ahead of her peers. No, what worried her is spending the greater part of a year without Irene or Dio. The idea of spending an entire year alone with strangers, most of them much older then her, didn't exactly fill her with joy.

She knew she would have to grow eventually, and if Irene and Dio believed she was ready then she would trust them.

She put the matter out of her head and went back to the spell she was working on, only to realize she still had no idea how to cast it. At least Dio was here now. She could ask him.


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