Ashes to Ashes:

Summary- Cayde the Ash weilding Tenno operative one of the best assassins and infiltrators, a distant but kind individual finds himself in a situation he did not forsee. The building of Bonds and Relationships.

Ash, the only thing that remains after somthing is burned. To be ash is to be silent, to be still, to be death. This is what the Ash Warframe excells at. Silent and unheard, unseen even to the most vigilent, and deadly to strike unaware and unknown. This is how they operate.

Cayde was a Tenno. A warrior. A killer. Ash was his Warframe. Mainly black and grey with red accents, his warframes energy burned a smoldering orange. He was cold and ruthless to his enemies and laidback and calm with his brothers and sisters. He was not apart of a clan choosing to be by himself, not to say he did not work with others it's just that he perfered to be alone when on missions, less people there are the less likely you are to be found out.

His weapons reflected his style of combat.

An Attica auto crossbow, very silent and very deadly.

An Karyst assassin blade, must he explain.

And finally his Vasto for when hes in a bind and needs a powerful backup.

With these tools and his experiance using them Cayde was a deadly man indeed. And the Grineer solder in front of him, who decided that this mildly dark hallway was a good place to patrol, was a bout to get hands on display of his skills.

With a yank and a slash the Grineer solders head was cleaved from his body. Spinning in place without so much as a single squeak of sound a shuriken found its way into the faceplate of another solder who rounded the corner.

The only sound after was of the Grineers body crumpling to the floor lifelessly. Much like a puppet whose strings were cut.

The shadows were his domain and death his partner. Only a fair few were as staelth oriantated as the Ash warframe and Cayde knew how to use his frame to its maximum compacity.

A female Rhino had worked with him once and likened him to a living shadow moving without sound and without form, only visable in the open and even then hard to see. And when the Rhino had caused an alarm to sound alerting the crew of their presence the Rhino saw another side of Cayde. While not made for prolonged in-the-open combat a good way to clear a room is with the Ashes Blade Storm.

Using the Hidden blades in the arms of his warframe and quicly teleporting to as many enimeies as fast as possible as efficiently as possible Cayde would dispach his enemies in a deadly dance of blood and ruthlessness.

The Rhino, who he learned was called Drexis, admitted to being surprised and a bit scared. To see someone, who as far as she had seen was calm, cold, and methodical become a veritable storm of movement and ruthless skill. Its quite a change.

Dismising his thoughts on the past Cayde focused on his mission as he let a pair of solders pass by. Seeping out of the shadows and making sure he was clear Cayde moved down the hall, through a ventilation shaft, over a zipwire, under a ledge and finally ending up above his assassination target, a Grineer scientist by the name of Solvi Burrah, he slid his Karyst from its sheath and waited for the perfect opportunity.

A couple seconds later with narry a sound Cayde dropped on top of his target stabbing his blade deep into his skull completing his mission and without a single alarm or incadent.

And with the same skill and steath as before he exited the facility with the body of his target ready to be found long after he was gone and clear of the Grineers radar scaners.