Regina walked into the grand mansion and kicked off her shoes into an ungraceful pile by the door. She was just too tired to care anymore about a clean floor and an ordered household. She had a family to feed and TV to catch up on; too many things for too little time. Maybe Emma had started on dinner. Fat chance, she thought with a small smile.

"Emma? Henry? Is anyone home?" The brunette padded lightly down the hallway, stopping by the study expecting Henry to be diligently working, yet instead found him playing loud crashing video games on her work laptop.

"Young man I do hope you've finished your homework…" She left the sentence hanging in the air like a cloud of judgement. Her 'stern mom' voice could make unfinished homework sound like a sin punishable by death. And by death she meant doing the dishes and vacuuming his room twice a week.

"Done and dusted Mom, you know me." Henry gave her a shit eating grin and unpaused his game.

"Do you know where your mother is?"

"Lounge, I don't know. She hasn't said a word to me since she came in the door an hour ago." Henry frowned a little. He hated seeing either of his mother's upset, whatever had happened.

Regina felt her heart drop. She'd totally forgotten. Today had been Emma's doctors appointment with their fertility specialist. Obviously magic could only yield so much, and according to Nova not even true love could provide them with a child of their own. They'd had to result to IVF, and were on their third round after two unsuccessful attempts. It had killed her the first time to hear 'I'm sorry, but–" fall from Dr Whales' lips, and just dug her grave deeper the second time.

She walked to the lounge and found Emma lying horizontal on the grey suede couch, clutching a pillow to her chest. She looked relatively neutral.

"He-ey, my love."Regina went to side beside her bent knees. The blonde didn't even register her presence.

"How did everything go with Whale? Did –"

"It didn't take, Regina." Emma whispered hoarsely. Her voice sounded like a sharp flint on stone: raspy and deep, as if her very heart had jumped from her chest still pounding in a pool of dark blood, and sprouted a mouth to speak.

Her head hung low. It wasn't that she was ashamed of the failure, far from it. She just felt heartbreak for her wife who'd always seemed second best or a replacement, deemed not good enough by people she'd loved and looked up to. Each family who'd tossed her away now crowded her skull, pressing on her brain to darken the light which Regina, Henry, Snow and David had brought.

"I'm so sorry, Gina. I thought I had really felt it this time." Emma moved one of her hands from the pillow to wipe her tears which had pooled suddenly at the sides of her sea green eyes. Regina ushered her up slowly until she was enclosed in a warm embrace.

"No, my love. You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I have to apologise for making you go alone today." Regina nuzzled her wife's neck and kissed the spot under her ear, feeling the rim of the blonde's black turtleneck tickle her chin.

"But I so wanted it to work!" Emma sobbed as if her whole world was falling apart and the sky was crumbling onto their tight embrace.

"I know my love, me too," Regina soothed her hands up and down Emma's back, her next statement catching painfully at the base of her throat. "But maybe it's just not meant to be."