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The Missing Prince

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi crowed into the door buzzer. "Mamo-chan you'd better be awake." She pouted, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "I need to see you."

"Give him a chance to get to the door Usagi," Luna said gently.

"I know." Usagi sighed. "But the last time I saw him doesn't count. Now we're back. And I need to make sure.

"He is fine," her advisor purred. "He'll have been returned safe and sound like the rest of you."

"Uh huh," Usagi nodded. But immediately proceeded to ring the buzzer again. "Mamo-chan please…please." She begged, ringing it yet another time.

She couldn't help it. No matter how real her memories of the Galaxy Cauldron were, seeing Mamoru disintegrate in front of her was still a far more haunting memory, as was his possessed self kneeling at Galaxia's feet, and then dying again, falling backwards into the cauldron.

"Why isn't he answering?" Usagi sniffed.

"Well…maybe he is asleep," Luna suggested. "I suppose it isn't impossible."

"No, it's not!" Usagi decided. "And hey, why should I have to wait down here." Her hand closed around the brooch ever-present on the bow of her high school uniform "Moon Eternal MAKE-UP!"

"USAGI!" Luna leapt from her shoulder as her transformation took effect, scanning around. Thank goodness everyone was at work this time of day. "I know you've been through a lot, but we should still be subtle."

"Not today, Luna. Come on!" Eternal Sailor Moon said, and scooped up the cat before leaping into the air, wings propelling her up the tall apartment building to the fifteenth floor, where she landed softly on Mamoru's balcony. Luna was about to reprimand her again (because flying in a neighbourhood in broad daylight)when she glimpsed the interior of Mamoru's apartment and thought better of it.

Perhaps Usagi's instincts were something she should put more trust in.

"It's dark," Sailor Moon murmured, pressing her face to the glass as Luna began to scratch the screen door open. Between she and Sailor Moon, they managed to pry the doors apart after a few minutes and both of them stumbled into the dark apartment as the door slid open

"Mamo-chan!" Sailor Moon yelled into the building.

Luna noticed she'd conjured her Moon Wand and frowned. "I don't sense any enemy here, Sailor Moon."

"But there has to be," she said, checking the closet, the bathroom, and then running into the living room. "Maybe Chaos followed him here!"

"How would it do that when you effectively destroyed it?"

"It…just…what if I missed something," Sailor Moon said, swiping at the dust on the bookcase. "He…loves his books…he would have cleaned these as soon as he came back."

"Sailor Moon," Luna said, hopping up on top of the bookcase. Her landing sent months worth of dust flying. She coughed. "You beat Chaos, there's nothing of it left to chase you here."

"Then…has Mamoru not come back," Luna saw her transformation failing as the thought set in and leapt into Usagi's arms as her school uniform returned. She wasn't surprised when the tears started falling. "Is he really…"

"He isn't dead," Luna insisted, pawing at the communicator on Usagi's wrist. "Let's call the girls – we're going to find him."


"His energy signature's quite faint," Hotaru concluded, opening her eyes as she addressed Usagi, who was sitting on Mamoru's bed, hugging his pillow while Makoto and Rei supported her on both sides. "I would say that his soul has not returned here since Chaos' defeat."

"But…but…" Usagi sniffed, trying not to cry.

She's grown so much, Minako thought as she leaned around Rei to grasp Usagi's hand. Though really, no one would blame her right now if she lost it.

"But what about Chibiusa…he needs to be here to…to..."

"We're not saying he's dead," Sailor Pluto said softly as she emerged from the Time Doors (which had just materialised in the corner of the room). Pluto went to Usagi and went to one knee before her. She snapped her fingers and everyone leaned in as an image appeared above her palm – of Chibiusa, the same age they'd last seen her, greeting both her parents warmly. "This was her own return from the Galaxy Cauldron. Her future is safe and well."

"Then where is Mamo-chan?" Usagi asked.

"I'm looking," Hotaru said, brown furrowing as she closed her eyes once more. "That is the thing: I can sense his star seed, but it's different than it was before. I think…I think he may have been more than reborn…he's been reincarnated."

The room gasped, everyone unsure exactly what that meant.

Usagi's eyes bugged out of her head. "You mean he's a…a." Most of them managed to plug their ears by the time she started to wail. "A baby."

"That would be a romance-killer," Minako muttered.

"He…he may not be," Hotaru said, drawing her henshin wand. "Mama and I can…ah," she winced as Usagi's wails reached a particularly ear-splitting pitch. "We're going to figure it out,"

"We'll be back shortly." Pluto said, slamming the butt of the garnet rod against the floor. The Time Doors swung open and Hotaru transformed, both Sailors exiting the room.

"Hurry back," Michiru called after them, and grabbed Haruka by the back of her collar as she tried to dash through the doors, covering her ears. "Uh, uh. You're helping calm her down."

"Why me?" she hissed.

"Cause you're good at it, and your eyes remind her of Mamoru's," Michiru said, pushing her girlfriend towards the crying princess. "Go on, give her your smoulder eyes; she thinks they're sexy."

Haruka blushed. "Everyone can hear you." But she went to Usagi regardless, and knelt close to her, placing a hand on her arm. "Hey, Usako…" she said, using Mamoru's name for the princess. The strength of her wailing lessened and everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief. They crowded together around Usagi as Ruka calmed her down, all of them keeping an eye on the Time Doors, which remained standing in the corner.

Usagi was quiet by the time Pluto and Saturn returned, head buried in her hands while all of them waited anxiously. The seven of them all turned immediately to the Time Doors when they clicked open across the room.

"He is alright, from what we can see," Pluto announced as Saturn de-transformed beside her. "And his soul was sent back earlier in time - so he is currently, not a baby."

"Thank goodness," Usagi murmured, wiping her eyes.

"He may, actually, be your own age," Hotaru piped up. "We think he's about fifteen."

"Where is he?" Usagi asked, clutching her brooch, ready to transform and fly to him as soon as she knew.

"That is where things get...ah...dicey," Pluto said, her mouth twisting into an irritated frown. "I can narrow down the location of his magic to the United Kingdom...but past that he is obscured by the many other magics around him."

"Is he trapped?" Haruka asked.

"Far from it," Pluto said. "I think he may have been reborn amongst the Wix, their magic would certainly be powerful enough to mask his identity."

"Wix?" Ami asked from her place beside Makoto, leaning forward towards Pluto. "There are…other magical beings on Earth, you mean?"

"Certainly," Pluto nodded. "The UK has a fairly large concentration of them, in fact – but then, they also have one of the oldest schools of magic. It was quite the turning point in their ability to foster communities. In most places, Wix are limited to one family or maybe two in a population area – anyone born outside those families is discovered by chance. But in communities that built schools, much more organized nations of Wix developed parallel to ordinary human civilizations. Japan has the oldest; Its Kyoto school, Mahoutokoro Academy, begins accepting students at eleven, as is standard in most magical circles.

Minako gasped. "So the letter wasn't a hoax! Artemis, you little shit!"

All eyes turned towards her.

"Mina," Artemis chuckled "Look you ah…you had a different mission. Kyoto wouldn't have helped you join with the rest of your team…you wouldn't even have been in Tokyo when they needed you."

"But I could have gone to Magic School!" she huffed.

"You… but…" Ami looked to Luna "Minako is a Wix?"

Luna shook her head. "Japan's school acts differently – they recognize and invite a more diverse array of magical beings into their academy than most Wix civilizations. But they only invite those who develop magic by the age of 11. Minako had her transformation by then, and thus received a letter while she was in London. But it wouldn't have mattered," Luna said, flicking her tail towards Minako. "An education at Mahoutokoro would have meant a forfeiture of your training as a senshi – and I think you can see which would have been more important at the time."

Minako scowled. "But if I'd known it was a real place…"

"I'm sorry," Artemis said.

"It'd have been helpful now," she continued to pout. "Especially if we're to be investigating a magical community – I want to blend in."

"I don't care if we stand out!" Usagi insisted. "I'll find Mamo-chan. I'll do whatever it takes."

"Does this mean we all get to go?" Hotaru asked Pluto excitedly.

"Go where?" Ami asked.

"To school of course!" Hotaru said, grinning. "I've seen some Wix schools with my powers, but I've never visited any – and Britain's supposed to have a really stunning one!"

"Are there wizards?" Makoto smirked.

"Possibly," Pluto considered, tilting her head to the side. "Mamoru's reincarnation would be school age…and it would likely be more effective to search for him within the school in any case - all your potential candidates would be in one location."

"Yes!" Usagi decided. "I'd do anything to bring him back...even study!"

"Be careful when you tell her that – she's practically Ami!" Minako hissed, but Pluto was smirking. She gave the other senshi a wink before stepping back through the Time Doors.

"You should all go home for now – It may take me a while to arrange things. And keep an eye on the skies for the next few days; Wix don't deliver their post by conventional means."

And before they could ask what she means she'd stepped back into the Time Dimension, which faded immediately from the room.


While "a while", for Pluto, was approximately three days, it was barely one for the scouts. The matter turns out not to be as difficult as she anticipated. Bureaucracies all functioned the same way regardless of their degree of magic. It was a simple matter of journeying to Japan's Magical Council, contacting the Magical division of the British Consulate, and obtaining the transfer paperwork. The difficult part was filing it enough in advance. It seemed Britain was rather isolationist of late, and its ministry had a fair number of roadblocks up that restricted international magical students. She traveled back approximately a year's time to when the rules had briefly been relaxed in order to arrange and process the students participating in some inter-scholastic tournament. She managed to get the owl sent in on the proper day, and by the time she returned to the outer scouts apartment, three letters had already arrived.

"Where's yours?" Hotaru queried as she fed the post owl a bit of her lunch.

"I won't be attending," Setsuna said, picking up the supply-list that had accompanied the owl and scanning through it. Required Defense Against the Dark Arts course books shall be delivered later in the summer... odd. "Unlike Haruka and Michiru, I can't pass for school age."

"What is school age again?" Haruka asked, coming in from the balcony with Michiru.

"17 and 18 are the oldest students."

"So we'll be joining the oldest year," Michiru considered. "If we're take courses the most advanced students, won't our lack of magical knowledge be a problem?"

"I don't anticipate it," Setsuna said. "They're aware your education may have been different. That said, we'll take a trip to get the books and wands next weekend – you'll have plenty of time to practice certain spells and theories…and I have a feeling that you'll be naturally attuned to certain types of magic."

"Such as water based spells?" Michiru guessed.

"Precisely," Setsuna smiled.

"And where will you be while we're studying?" Haruka asked.

"I'll be around as a student advisor but I shall be spending the year in the time-dimension…truly I'd prefer to be closer, but the Wix society confuses my view of the future. I can see it a bit more clearly from within, but I would lose sight of the rest of time should I chose that option."

"And you need to keep Crystal Tokyo on-track," Haruka surmised. "Just don't lock yourself away too long."

She was about to retort that she has never "locked" herself in the time dimension when the communicator on her wrist began to beep frantically.

"Setsuna-san!" Usagi's voice called through the device. "I can't read the letter – it's all in English!"

"The school is in Scotland, Usagi," they heard Luna say.

"I know – but I don't speak English!" Usagi cried. "Setsuna! Does this mean Mamo-chan won't know Japanese anymore? How am I supposed to find him! I failed English class!"

Setsuna muted the volume on the communicator as the princess started to wail and sighed. "Calm down Usagi, I'll have a solution for you next weekend."

"Th-thank you," Usagi sniffed. "I'm sorry. I'm just so worried."

"We'll find him just fine, Usako," Haruka consoled her.

"Kay, sorry. Oh! Also, I need you to convince my mother that this is a boarding school I've got accepted to. I tried to tell her and she doesn't believe me."

Haruka slapped a hand over her face while the other outer senshi tried not to laugh.

"I'll be over tomorrow morning to convince her," Setsuna told Usagi. "We'll say you won a contest."

"That will work!" Usagi cheered. "Thanks Setsuna-san."

"She does have a good point about not speaking the language." Michiru said once the communicator had shut off. "My English is okay, but I'm not comfortable using it for undercover work."

"I have a few ideas about it," Setsuna said. "I think we'll be able to resolve it when we go to buy the school supplies."

"Where do we have to go for those again?" Haruka asked.

"London of course," Setsuna said, and grinned when Hotaru gasped in excitement. "It won't take long, but I say we take a whole weekend anyways – Minako is going to insist on a grand tour…"


On the other side of the globe, where dawn hadn't even arrived on Saturday morning, a headmaster was hunched over his desk, pouring over two mountains of paperwork. On the left were documents pertaining to the fast approaching school year; on the right, a sheaf of parchment varying from old spy reports, to newspaper clippings, school, employment, criminal, and voting records. On the top were the grizzly details of the most recent muggle hate crimes and the guerrilla attacks on what The Prophet considered "random" targets (all of which happened to relate to muggle-borns and blood traitors).

"I should ask why you're still awake," Minerva said as she barged through his office door. "Though at the moment I've a more important question."

And she was suddenly dangling the student roster in front of him. "I just rechecked this against the Muggle-born letters I'm going to be delivering tomorrow – and how is it suddenly I have eight new students on my roster who's letters were sent today – to Japan no less."

Dumbledore rubbed his eyes. "For the same reason I got a rather irritated floo call from the Minister's office. We have eight transfer students joining our number, and the ever-good-natured Mr. Fudge appears to think I snuck them in during last year's period of laxened transfer rules. It was most curious actually. I don't remember the paperwork being filed nor do I recall being contacted by interested students during that time-period – and curiously enough these students have previously been home-schooled."

"So these are not first years?"

"One is, to my knowledge." Dumbledore hummed, scanning his eyes between the documents about war and those about the school. "Though I'm sorry to say I haven't given them much thought – have we made any progress with the old members?"

"I heard back from the Vances today – Emmeline's brother declined. Said he wasn't getting mixed up in the bloody mess," she scowled. "Fool."

"You can't blame those grief-stricken for their caution," Dumbledore advised her. "They pull back out of fear."

"That same fear's led Molly to throwing herself into the effort," Minerva retorted. "She knows the toll paid because so few resisted the last time."

"Not all of us have Gryffindor's bravery in the face of fear."

"Bravery's got nothing to do with it," Minerva said "They could all use a bit more of Ravenclaw's sense, to my way of thinking"

"Fear has a way of addling that too, unfortunately," Dumbledore sighed, reaching for the pepper-up potion across his desk. He took a long swig. "Just as it has kept any of my potential candidates from accepting the defence post."

"I thought Moody said he would – "

"Still recovering from his time as Barty Crouch's hostage last year," Dumbledore frowned. "And the Governors have accepted The Ministry's 'offer' to assign someone to the post – I must say, I am not found of their shortlist."

As he spoke, the appropriate letter pulled itself free of the "School" pile and floated into Minerva's hand. The Deptuy Headmistress pursed her lips as she read. "Death Eater…Death Eater. Jorgenson…no, he barely scrapped an acceptable on his N.E.W.T. they can't just throw him at us because he's a danger to the Auror office."

"They can and they will," Dumbledore said. "I have to approve one of their choices by tomorrow evening."

"Non are good…Dolores Umbridge," Mcgonagall murmured. "I don't recall her as a student."

"She's the Minister's right hand at the moment," Dumbledore said.

"Lackey, you mean." Mcgonagall frowned. "Like as not she'll try to teach them as little as she possibly can. Is it true Fudge thinks we're training soldiers?"

"Aren't we though," Dumbledore said, reaching for a lemon drop. "I admit – I am at a loss."

Minerva looked between he and the list and tapped her wand against it, transfiguring it into a brass name plaque identical to those on each professor's desk.

Prof. Umbridge.

"I'd rather someone who'll teach them nothing, than someone who'll teach them wrong." Minerva reasoned. "And I won't stand for anymore Death Eaters in my school. I also don't relish the thought of Jorgenson exploding his classroom – he was nearly as bad as Mr. Finnegan." She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose "With any luck, Ms. Umbridge will at least let us recommend the textbook."

"Then I'll put in for her assignment," Dumbledore decided, looking out the window. "I should contact this transfer advisor…Ms. Meioh as well – she's no idea the situation her students will be walking into."

"We're hardly at war yet, Albus." Minerva said.
"But Voldemort will not remain in the shadows for long," Dumbledore said, ignoring his deputy's flinch at the name. "I just hope the Order can out-maneuverer him before his power grows too great."

Just then, the fire flared up and a piece of parchment spit out of it. Minerva summoned it to her hand and let out a colourful string of curses.

"Of all the idiotic…" she muttered. "No rest for either of us now. Potter's gone and got himself expelled."

~I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good~