So I got really tired of waiting for someone to do this and I did a thing…. And now the beginning of a new ship… Bonakin!

A Light for when All Other Lights Go Out

Chapter One: Saints and Sinners


It had all happened so fast. The lava pits, what he did to Padme', the girl. The girl had changed everything! Darked skinned, beautiful, unconcious. Even unawake he could feel the power that came off of her in waves! A power both different, and similar to his own. And so full of light! Her soul was so bright it blinded him! He didn't know a being could be so pure! Yet he wondered, because from what he could read from her, that was not always so. It was as though the light in her was so powerful, so strong, that it burned out all the darkness. Not only in herself, but in the strange beings he could see in her mind, the most prominant being a raven haired man with glacier blue eyes and an attitude that wasn't unlike his own. "There is hope for you." she had told him. All that Anakin had ever wanted to hear from anyone, she told this raven haired man who could apparently turn monster and destroy in seconds.

His thoughts turned back to only a few hours ago. He had meant for a final confrontation with his old master. He had gone to far, and part of it was a self destructive need to end what he was becoming before it was to late and he saw no other way than Obi Wan ending him. He found out to late what he was to be to this new styled Emperor. He saw no way out. And his former Master could have killed him, he knew that. Powerful as Anakin was, he was impulsive and used brute force when strategy and conservation of strength would serve him better. And he was, killing him. He never really saw just how powerful and good his Master was till that night. It shocked his system. He had lost both his arms, he was about to fall into the pit when it happened….

A blinding flash of blue light, so bright and the power so strong both Master and former padawan were blown far apart from each other, Anakin over lava and onto another bank. It took him a moment to readjust to the light. He looked across to see Obi Wan doing the same thing, both now trying to find the source of the strange blast. But then he felt it. Power, so much power! Unlike anything he had ever sensed, ever felt! And in a trance almost, with energy that he did not posess, inspite of the bleeding and the pain he was able to stand and was being drawn by an energy that felt alien to him, that was strong, almost loving. There was a voice in it that he could not yet hear. But he let himself be lead. And it seemed Obi Wan was trying to get up to find the source as well.

But it was like the Energy, whatever it was, wanted his former Master where he was. He didn't quite understand. Obi Wan would be more worthy. But he was still to beat and battered to argue. As he came closer he came upon a figure of a woman. And the woman…. she was beautiful! Her hair was dark black, sheared along her chin, setting off her features. She had beautiful dark skin, bow shaped lips, long limbed though short, and toned. Curves in all the right places. She wore strange garments, what appeared to be pants but didn't cover her shapely legs compeletly. A black shirt and a strange black jacket, wearing some sort of dark spectacles. (I know that is not what she was wearing during her using the ascendant, deal with it! :P) She was wounded, that was relatively obvious. She groaned a little, muttering a name. Damon, he believed it was.

Anakin knelt down, not even noticing or seeing Obi Wan or Padme'. Whatever Energy was working would not allow the man who was going to kill him near him or the strange woman. He didn't even notice when he flew away with his wife's body. A stream of unconnected thoughts and memories came to him as he bent his power towards her. He needed to find out who this woman was and how she had gotten there. What was that device that now lay beside her that sent her to this wasteland? It took a long moment before he caught her name at last. Bonnie, Bonnie Bennett. And her name, it was very important, though before he could even try to make sense of things and find out why, he was interupted. He saw that the Emperor had indeed come for his Chosen One. And for the first time, Anakin began to doubt that title.

Because what he felt from this woman, she was a Savior, a Warrior. Perhaps she was the true Chosen One. The Emperor had exited the ship and saw him there with her. "Who is this, then? And what Power she has! So strong! Yes, we can not leave such a formiable young lady out here like this! Come along, Lord Vader. Guards!" the now mutilated old Senator turned to his storm troopers. Two of them were brave enough to step out. "Bring the girl into the ship and take her to the med bay. Be sure not to jostle her, she looks wounded and we don't know how much blood she has lost." it didn't take a genous to figure out why Palpatine didn't want to leave the young girl out there. Anakin was pretty sure the whole galaxy of force sensitive people felt her when she arrived! Obi Wan was not far away and he would want to get the girl away from him.

He couldn't explain it, not even to himself. But somehow he knew that he could not let that happen. No matter what the cost, she had to stay. And they flew back and there he was with her in the Med Bay. He himself had been fitted with new limbs, and she had been unconcious for 4 days. Though still jumbled he began to get some of the story of this formiable woman. Selfless beyond anything he had ever come across, passionate, strong, and yes, a little, dare he say it, judgy. She inspired everyone around her to be something more, to be something better. In believing that they could be better. Not that they could be saved or redeemed, but that they can save and redeem themselves! It touched something inside of him, some place where nothing ever had. And he wondered, when she woke, if maybe she could still see the light, the humanity left in him that the Darkside has not claimed.

Maybe she could believe in him, too. He stood beside her, tracing her cheek with a newly made finger. "It's time to wake up, Little One. You've got a Galaxy to save from itself. You have to wake up, and make us believe again." he said it silently, hoping that she would be able to make sense of his words seperated from the memories. Maybe it could stop the nightmares featuring a creature so utterly twisted that he didn't think even Yoda would hesitate in torturing! "Malachi Parker is not here. He is only a memory, and a memory only has the power you give it." And as a sign of life, he saw her turn and mumble something he couldn't hear, though he was pretty sure he just heard her call him Steffan. Finally he felt her slowly coming back, out of coma and more towards regular sleep.

That meant she would wake soon. And who knew what she would think of all this! He heard Palpatine in his head. "Leave her be. She is coming around now, but needs rest. When she wakes we can find out who she is and where she came from. We must proceed with caution. It would be a reckless thing to make an enemy of her, and a great shame to kill her. You will be alerted when she wakes, but you have duties now, my padawan! The Jedi are still out there, and they will stop at nothing to find her now! You must find and end Obi Wan before he can relay what he saw!" Anakin groaned. Of course there would be a firestorm after this! The remaining Jedi would look to her as a new Savior, someone who could restore them and destroy him and the Sith! He didn't want that. But he didn't want them to use her, either.

She had sacraficed quite enough, far to much for his tastes. Even she didn't know the extent of her own potential. It was far past time she got to focus on herself. Anything else that would happen would be on her terms, of her own free choice. And if he had to go toe to toe with Palpatine or anyone else for that matter over it, fine! But first, he would have her learn of her own power. There was much he could teach her, ways to give her access to her energy and harness it in a way that she never had before. Her grip on the Force was so very strong. It intertwined with her, ran through her veins and came out the pores of her skin. She was so very connected to every living thing. And a word that he had never heard before was attached this power in her mind. Witch, that was what she called herself. And she was a Servant of Nature. "LORD VADER!" Anakin jumped at the Emperor's voice.

He left, very reluctantly. Willing her, the witch, Servant of Nature, Bonnie Bennett to wake.

Obi Wan

The older Jedi remained in shock. So much had happened in so short a time! Anakin, no, Lord Vader had turned to the Darkside. He and Padme' tried to bring him back. Anakin and him fighting. He being ready with a broken heart to end the man he had come to see as a little brother. Believing that he was truly lost and no hope was left. And as he was about to deliver that killing blow, that LIGHT! It had come from no where, and felt as though it were a living thing! It was so bright and so pure it seared into everything it touched, burning away at the anger he felt at the entire situation. His eyes felt burned from the inside, and he was completely blind for a moment and utterly disoriented. When his vision began to return, he looked across to see Anakin rising, stumbling forward as though not of his own power.

As things dimmed Obi Wan was able to make out a crumpled figure on the ground. And the Power he felt from this figure, it was unlike anything he had ever come across! Not only was the figure powerful in the Force, that power itself…. it was so bright! So pure! As though goodness was not the abstract thing that the Jedi thought it was, but a true thing, and the figure on the ground embodied it! He tried with all his will to get up. He had to reach that figure before Anakin did! He could not let such light be extinguished! But he found that he could go no further, though he could rise. And he heard a voice. The voice was warm, grandmotherly. "She is not for you to look after, Jedi. There, beside you is your charge. She still lives, and she and her unborn children need you. The child will come when it is time." Obi Wan was even more in shock!

Yet he closed out everything, focused his power on Padme'. And he felt it. It was faint, very faint, but her life force was still there, and those of her children blazed within her womb! Hope shot through him! Then fear, for the young woman who had become his friend and her children still hung by a thread. And though he didn't want that other young woman in his former Padawan's hands, he had a responsibility to Padme' and her children. He took another look, seeing strangely a side of Anakin he hadn't seen in all to long. There was something vulnerable and aching in how he was gazing at the woman that blazed into their path a few short moments ago. A longing that he had never been able to put his finger on. He didn't dare let himself hope. Yet the 'what if' was already planted.

As he carried Padme back onto the ship he knew that he would find the girl. He wouldn't be able to rest after this till he was able to find her again. Perhaps, when Padme was well and her children delivered he would seek for her again. Find out about the woman who stoped him from killing his former Padawan and figure out what she was going to mean in the time to come. For everything he thought was coming had just been thrown up into the air. And it was a very real possibility that the girl's arrival into their world could end up changing everything! He flew back with Padme and stayed with her in Med Bay. When not spending his energy trying to assist her in healing he would reach out for Master Yoda. And even the greatest Jedi Master of them all was at a loss. But he had hope for the girl. "Strong is she. Long line of power, she is from. The Light to his Darkness, she is. Begun the change in him, she already has. Watch her, we must."

He internally groaned, never more fustrated with the riddles Master Yoda liked to speak in. Obviously the green man knew something more, or at least suspected something. But the Voice, whoever she had been, was right. With a heavy sigh he turned all his focus back on Padme' who to his shock began to fight back and was starting to show stronger and stronger vital signs. When gazing into her mind he found her in an unfamiliar wooded area, following two women. One was older, with kind eyes and a formiable power he couldn't put his finger on and an easy authority and an earthly wisdom. The other was a young woman, with raven black hair, beautiful dark skin, and shocking green eyes.

The power in that figure was identical to the form that was crumpled on the ground near the Lava Pits. And he heard her speaking. "We are almost there! You won't be lost for much longer!" she said. "I'm not sure I want to go back, I'm not sure I should!" her voice was heartbroken, and his heart wrenched in pain at those words. "You can not stay here forever, Padme' Amidala. Your little ones need you, HE needs you. It is not your time yet. You still have things to do before you rest in the Halls of your Fathers. You must find strength and fight again, young one." the older woman said. She looked up, looking directly at him while she did so. "He is fighting for you, you know. He is giving over his life force to save yours! My darling girl can't do this alone. She is going to need you. And so is the Jedi who saved you." she continued.

The Padme looked up at the younger one, confused. "Obi Wan?" The younger woman simply pointed, behind her and right to where he was standing. "See, he's right there. He will lead you home. Now go, your children need their mother. Don't do to them what my mother did to me. Go back, go back to save them and be the mother they are going to need. I am being called….. GRAMS!" and the younger woman who looked rather frightened suddenly faded out of sight and he felt a strong jerk inside himself alerting him that the figure from the Lava Pits, she was awake! But he couldn't even seek her. Padme' came to him and he took her hand and began to lead her out of the woods. Once they reached what looked like a street of some kind a light engulfed them and they found themselves both awake in the Med Bay.

A loud scream suddenly went through her and her water broke. Obi Wan shouted for the meds and they came running while he got pulled out of the room. Still he sent his power into her, taking on some of her pain and she began to give birth. Hours later, a further weakened Padme' fought through another near death experience to be met by him holding her twins. "Luke, his name is Luke. And this is Leia!" she was beyond exhausted, but so very proud. And the power coming from Luke reminded him of the figure from the Lava Pits and the young woman from Padme's mind. Leia was strong too, but as though the Force took a different path with her. "They are incredible, you are a lucky woman, Padme!" and finally, she was able to smile. "I am. And I think, I think I will live. I will live for them." and Obi Wan began to understand what Yoda meant.

The change the figure brought with her had already begun.


She was coming too, after being jerked from the reality where she was leading the pretty woman that reminded her achingly of Elena back into the plane of life. She had been leading her through the woods she had known so well, in Mystic Falls. Her Grams had been with her. There had been another person there. Someone that would help her save her babies. The other details though, the things she had known in that world slowly began to fade as she opened her eyes. And what she saw sent a violent shock through the witch! When she saw the robots move, some of them flying and the machines that she was hooked too, she screamed and jumped up. It was even worse when this strange, humannoid metal thing came up to her! With its metal body and British accent it was like being found in Doctor Who!

Maybe she should start looking for the 10th Doctor! She laughed hysterically at herself, her heart pounding. "Mistress shouldn't be so upset! We are just trying to help you!" She jumped back when she heard a swooshing noise, only relieved when she saw a human being. A pretty mutilated human being, who's energy made her sick and almost made her miss Klaus, but still human. "You must calm yourself my dear, you are quite safe. I know this place must come as quite the shock to you considering the place you come from, but we mean you know harm." she didn't even have to mind read to know that this man was likely as two faced as they come. But in this at least, he was honest. "Where am I, who are you, how did I get here?" she shot out in rapid sucession, to the other occupant's amusement. "How you got here, to this place is a mystery to us, Miss Bennett. How you got here was my young padawan found you in the Lava Pits.

He did mention something about a bright blue light." the man-thing rasped out. Not thinking, Bonnie facepalmed herself. "Oh just FANTASTIC! All I wanted to do is get the Hell out of 1994 and back to my life but NOOOO! I have to end up on a Spaceship with Spaceboy here!" she stared up at the ceiling, eyeballing the invisable spirits "Am I EVER going to catch a break!" and to her unamusement, the man-thing chuckled. "First of all, if you could stop referring to me as man-thing, I would be much obligued. I did save your life. Now I can't say why you were brought here, especially if you don't know…" and she could already tell that he doubted it. She did suspect something after all. It was another case where someone else needed her to be the Savior, AGAIN! Apparently even in death she couldn't get a break! Couldn't she at least get David Tenant?! Was that to much to ask? All tweed suit and converse? Or at least Spock who could somehow make this all logical?

There was another swoosh and another human stepped in. A very attractive, her age, dirty blonde haired and blue eyed human who wasn't so tainted it made her insides feel rotten. She gave him a long, hopeful glance and his eyes seemed to light up when he looked at her. And then it hit her. "How the Hell did you know my name!" she shouted, glaring at the man-thing, smirking when he glared at her. "Can't I ever get away from evil people with freaky mind powers! GAH!" she let out. She saw the attractive younger man smirk in amusement. I suppose I should leave you two. I see that you are more comfortable around someone your own age." and his eyes did that creepy thing, insinuating something that Bonnie didn't like. So just to give him a taste of just how helpless she WASN'T, she used her power to pick him up off the ground and put him through to the otherside of the door. Thankfully the man was in a good mood and like the display of power.

The younger man took a step closer, still amused. "You are a little reckless, aren't you?" he said. She gave him a half smile. "I wake up in a place straight out of a sci fi novel surrounded by beings I never knew existed and having no idea how the hell I am going to get back to my world. So yeah, definately feeling a little reckless. Probably a little desperate too." she couldn't explain why she would reveal so much to a stranger. Accept that he didn't feel like one. He felt very familiar. And he was a comfort to her somehow. He calmed her down, made her want to breathe and take it all in so she could figure it out. "Could be worse, you could be in hysterics. Or in shock." he said with a shrug. "Oh don't kid yourself Spaceboy, there is alot of shock going on here! I'm just use to rolling with it at this point!" she said. "Which I am sure you know." if the man-thing had mind powers, she was guessing his "padawan" whatever the hell that meant, had them too. A thought occured to her. "Were you the one that brought me here?" she asked, her voice softening a little.

"Yes. You came in a flash of blue light. And you had this with you…" and he removed the ascendent, or what was left of it! It looked broken, again! And when she took it from him, reaching in herself to fix it again, it was like some power was blocking her. She looked up, but knew it was not coming from him. She groaned. "So back to square one. So, since I will be here a while…. can I have a name?" he gave her a smile, and then a smirk. "I am not sure how this works on the planet you are from but…" he took her hand like an old gentleman would back in the day in her world "my name is Anakin Skywalker to you alone now, Lord Vader to the rest of the world." and he kissed her hand. He almost looked crestfallen when she didn't immediately fawn, making her smile a bit. "Got to bring those egos down, one egomaniac at a time girl!" she interally congradulated herself. "My name is Bonnie Bennett, and with that name comes one hell of a story!" letting go of her hand, Anakin hopped up on her bed and patted the spot right next to him. "Well I'm comfortable. Lets see about that story."