Chapter 4: In Motion

Qui Jon and Sheila Bennett discuss the bond and what lies a head for Anakin and Bonnie. Bonnie and Anakin train for the first time and Bonnie teaches him how to feel the elements and find his while he helps her create a light saber. Obi Wan and Padme discuss what to do with Luke and Leia.

Qui Jon

He looked down on them both fondly. She didn't know it, but Qui Jon was one of the spirits that kept an eye on the Bennett line. And Bonnie achieved more than he had ever dreamed! She had been through so much and she stood tall. A beacon of light drawing all beings home. Including Anakin. She could save him and then them all, he knew she could. She already felt the bond, the one that was muted when on Earth. Already it worked on them both.

In the end, Anakin would save her too. He would instill in her a little self worth, a survival instinct, to not constantly be waiting on death's door. He already made that quite clear. He and the formidable Sheila Bennett had already seen to the issue of the ascendent. It would not work till the girl was ready. She had a fight brewing on home world, one that she could not win alone. The darkness grew in Mystic Falls, and the psychopath Malachi Parker had to be dealt with.

He rather liked the idea of these soul mates. In Padme Anakin saw a shadow of what he was meant to have. She was beautiful and kind. But she was not meant for him. Their love was toxic from the start and had poisoned the boy. The bond that Padme was to have was with his former apprentice, Obi Wan. And the closer they were, the more it grew. It would take them all to stop what was coming. To stop the evil the Emperor would unleash in his ignorence. No stopping that now.

It was a hard path ahead of them. He felt a familiar spark of energy come beside him. Good evening, Sheila." he said without looking up. "Hello Jedi. How's my baby?" he smiled at the endearment. " Taking it all in. It has begun." he answered. Soon she was beside him. It's about time a man nbe willing to fight for her. Perhaps your boy isn't so bad." he looked up to see an amused smirk. "But make no mistake, if he ever hurts her, there will be Hell to pay." she ground out.

"I don't think that will be an issue. The bond is already working. They even now feel right only when the other is near. She will save him, and he her." he said with a smile. The witch nodded. "Not a bad looking grandso in law to have." and that made him laugh. "You know what that Parker boy and the Emperor will unleash if this doesn't happen. I know you don't like it. But just look at them! This is the first time I have ever known Anakin to be at peace! And Bonnie, she is finally thinking of herself. However it happened, it is good." he said gently.

"And the war they don't see coming? Haven't they all fought enough? When will it end? How much more will my baby and your boy have to pay, have to sacrafice? Have they not paid enough, Jedi? They have watched all they love, all they hoped for, all their dreams die! His mother's death, mine and what it did to her! Elena, and if he is not careful, Damon as well! Because I know that boy, he will not rest till he finds my baby! Imagine her loosing him too! They have a bond Qui Jin!" she said. "You think I don't know that? Non biological twin souls? I do know! And I know what the other girl has cost them all! But it is none of their faults! That girl will wake, and can now. Without hurting Bonnie. They are not ready, not the Emperor or Kai either for what they will unleash. There is only one group that has fought what is coming before. And it is not their time to come yet. I can't stop a war!"

"This sucks!" he borrowed a phrase from Bonnie. "Tell me the story Jedi, I got a long, long legacy of it!" Sheila stated. And that was the truth. He swore it would be different with Bonnie. Her and Anakin, they would change everything. They would shake creation to its core. And it was about time somebody did! "He won't fail her. He will do whatever has to be done to be at her side. It has begun already. He will do whatever he has to to protect her. And the others. They will lead them to each other." he stated.

"I will hold you to that Qui Jon." and he knew she would.


She woke knowing by instinct where she should start Anakin with. The elements, the very building blocks of the Force, of life. They would learn today his element. She didn't want him to learn it the same way she did. Thankfully this place didn't seem to have the same vampire problem her world did. She was a little disturbed that someone or something had been in her room while she slumbered, leaving clothes. It looked like a teched out cat suit in black with a flowing dark brown robe like Anakin wore. Not her usual fare but she would make do. She got dressed fast, silently wishing for her make up.

She heard the com go off. "Miss Bennett, Lord Vader had his duties so I will escort you to a suitable room for training." she audibly groaned at the sound of the voice of the Man Thing. "Perfect!" she ground out, hearing a laugh. " Never going to get past that moniker with you am I?" his voice sounded amused over the com. "Nope" she popped out the P. "5 minutes Miss Bennett." he got out before sounding off. "Evil mind reading bastards!" she said to herself. She went back to the bathroom and put the finishing touches on her short plait tightly wound to her head before on cue, she heard the whoosh of the door.

"Very becoming." the Man Thing started giving her a once over that made her shudder in revulsion. "I aim to please." she bit out sarcasticly. He chuckled. " Just try to take it easy on my poor apprentice. He has a job to do. Let us go." he held his arm out, more of a demand than a request. She would rather take Klaus' arm any day of the week, twice on Sunday! She pushed past her misgivings as she didn't have much of a choice. But she smirked Emily and put his arm in a painful grip. "Lead the way, your royal Man Thinginess." she said, feeling gleeful as he grunted.

They walked the long cold hall ways of the ship. He led her to a window where for a moment, she blissfully forgot he was even there. The swirl of energy and light and the star's they flew past filled her with awe. "It's beautiful!" she said softly. "And at your disposal, my little friend. " and there he was again. "I'll be back later." she whispered to the cosmos as she was reminded of her purpose. SHe turned back, glad that he didn't offer his arm again. At long last they reached the training room. "I take my leave. Leave my apprentice in one piece." she snorted as he walked away, cape bellowing in a way that would make Serverus Snape envious. The whoosh of the door caught her attention as she gasped at the room. It was large and so very, well, white! All the walls were thick with a shiny plastic like she saw the trooper wear. She felt him before she saw him.

" You finished gawking yet?" he quipped. She wore that evil smile again. With no warning she threw him across the room to the opposite side. "I am when you are." she felt amused by his double take in spite of his clear annoyance. And then she did her own. In his dark robes, hair loose and hood down, that boy was a sight to behold! To Hell with her hormones! He gave her a sly grin. "Then let's get started." she felt herself lifted up with no warning and set down in a decidedly not gentle manner next to him. "To business then. Today we make your light saber. It is the weapon of choice for all Force users. Come with me." he offered her his new mechanical hand, pulling her to her feet when she took it.

He didn't let go while leading her to the corner of the room to a chest. "Only you can open that. It does not have an ordinary lock. I want you to close out everything but the Force of that chest. Feel it, the metal that makes it, see the internal lock." his voice changed as did his demeanor. Gone was the snarky Anakin and in his place stood Lord Vader. She shook off the thought and closed him out. It was a shock when she felt it. It felt so old. How a chest could hold such life? Once she felt it, she began to search the inside. "Thats it, feel it. You are a natural! Now focus on feeling the mechanics." he said. She turned her focus on the tech. She found the interlocking lock and reached out with her mind, slowly undoing it. She heard a click and opened her eyes as it sprung open.

Inside was a techy sword hilt and three glowing crystals. She could feel the life pulsing out of them. She was pulled towards them strongly, each speaking to a different part of her. The martyr, the champion, and the witch. "You can feel them right away. Excellent! Those crystals are you. They are what make you up. Each is a different part of you. Your light saber is an extension of yourself, like your arm. Reach out with your being, place your hands on them and touch them." he instructed.

As she did so the crystals grew brighter, sparks began to form around them and the room was pulsing with her power now amplified by them. "Now I want you to infuse yourself, Bonnie. To the point you don't know where they begin and you end." his tone sounded impressed and she suddenly felt proud. She closed down that thought and turned inward to her internal self. She heard him gasp as she herself began to take on a white glow. " Beautiful" she heard him whisper, so very close behind her that she could feel his breath on her neck. But she refused to be distracted. This was something she was meant for, something she needed to do.

"Search yourself and combine those crystals to that hilt. Follow your instincts." he said. And how right he was. It's like she had done this before. Slowly, the hilt and crystals lifted and combined. And then they became this white light, like a lazer. "Amazing, I've never seen a white light saber before." a very interested and proud Anakin stated. She reached out by instinct and took the hilt, reminded strongly of Anduril from Lord of the Rings, the Sword that was remade. She took a few swings, the boy jumping out of the way. He approached from behind, gently taking it from her hands and hitting the side button to turn it off.

When she came back to herself she was shocked at go much time had passed. "Your grip on the Force is the strongest I have ever felt. In time Bonnie, you may be the most powerful Force user since the beginning. You are still irratic though. You almost rearranged the room so our next lesson will be on restraining that power for the small thing." she nodded at his words, feeling exhausted. Anakin noticed. "We don't have to continue." he said gently. "I'll be fine. Now you, spaceboy, come with me."she took his hand without thinking, sending a wave of security through her and energy that perked her up. She looks up at him with a raised eyebrow.

He smirked. "What?" he said knowingly. She shook her head at him. They went to the center of the room. She sat down crosslegged and motioned him to do the same. "Today I will lead you past the Force to its building blocks, earth, air, fire water. It makes up all life and energy. Today we will find your element." she said.


"So I will be able to conjure it, like you do?" he was fascinated. And the little boy in him couldn't help but ask. "Can I see yours?" his voice softened. A small smile graced this beautiful bowed lips that had him smiling back. "Alright." she held her hand out, palm up between them. "Ignatus incendia." he gulped at the husky, powerful tone her voice took. And then, to his shock, fire suddenly danced on her palm. And it didn't burn her even as it crackled. Anakin was in awe! He wanted this gift. "Incredible." he said. He yelped as Bonnie closed her hand but when he grabbed and opened it he saw it unharmed.

His mechanical fingers stroked her palm, amazed at feeling and seeing no signs of the fire. "You have this gift too. Now we must delve into you. Close your eyes, Skywalker. He took his hand back, relaxing both in his lap. He closed his eyes. "I want you to reach for your power and pull on it till it fills your being." she said gently. This was familiar to him. He had done it before. So he reached within, to his connection to the Force and slowly let it fill all of him till it was all he saw or felt. "Alright, that's good. Now all that makes up the force, the building blocks of all energy is made up of four elements. Earth, air, fire, water.

I want you to push past the Force till you can separate and feel each one." she was proud, he could feel it. Proud of him. He could not disappoint her. He felt sweat begin to form as he concentrated, going further in the Force than ever before. He shocked himself as he began to feel the heat of fire, the roughness of earth, the coolness of water, and the lightness of air. It felt incredible, he was smiling. " One is calling to you above all others. It knows your name, it is you. Reach out for it." she commanded. She was right, suddenly the earth moved through him. "Hold up your hand Anakin, as I did." he raised up his hand. He heard the shock in her tone. "Open you eyes, Servant of Nature and behold your element." her voice took that husky tone that could possibly be the death of him.

He opens them and gasped, swirling in his hand was wind and earth. He looked at Bonnie. "Earth. I control earth!" he was excited, though exhausted. "Yes, you do." her smile blinded him again and suddenly he lost his grip on it and earth began to fill the room. Bonnie waved her hand while he closed his. "You are distracted to easily. The elements are dangerous and require your full attention, less they get out of control." she said gently taking his hands in hers. They both were exhausted.

He nodded. "Enough for today. Let's get you some food." He said standing, pulling her up with him. Her eyes lit up and he smirked at her growling stomach. "Can't have my witch starved." she rolled her eyes at him. "Lead the way." she said.