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Warnings: Stalker-ish tendencies, petty teachers, and petty crime

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Tatsuya isn't actually a nice person.

Well, okay, he could be worse, but like seriously he has a few personality quirks that's probably put him on the "not quite" side of nice.

Case in point, that match against Taiga the other day.

(Yes, he can acknowledge in hindsight that he probably should have actually explained what he meant to his pseudo younger brother, and not just expected him to understand. He's only had to deal with that kid's inability to socialize at a level beyond toddler for three years. The number of times he's had to prevent his friend from getting in a fight over basketball during a street game over one call or another is seriously outrageous.)

So yeah, he totally stalked Taiga back to Japan.

The idiot didn't even tell Tatsuya which middle school he was transferring to, so obviously as his older brother figure, Tatsuya had to find out. It may or may not have involved some hacking and a little bit of breaking and entering.

It was for a good cause, and he didn't get caught, so it all worked out.

Besides, the school clearly needed to update their security system and it's not like Tatsuya is doing something malicious with the information. He's just...going to check on his younger brother.

(Yes, he knows that these actions, coupled with his later move to Japan and subsequent enrollment in a school that is guaranteed to play his brother's school if he gets far enough could be classified as stalking.)

But hey, look, he's brother's settling in pretty well it seems, even if his grades are a, well, bad as they always were but considering that only his English grade has gotten worse, Tatsuya will take it. Especially because it's not like Tatsuya doesn't understand what the problem is, now being faced with his own English class.

"Himuro-san, please explain the use of the word "like" in a sentence."

"Sensei, do you mean formally, informally, or both?"

"Formally! We do not use it informally in this class!"

Tatsuya sighs mentally. "But, Sensei, isn't the purpose of this class to teach us conversational skills?"

Yeah, class went downhill from there.

"TATSUYA! Why is your English grade so low?!"

"Ah, Coach. Well the teacher did not appreciate me inquiring as to why we weren't dealing with informal speech as well as formal speech. She has since decided that anything I say is wrong, and did not appreciate the notes I'd made about how our textbook could be improved for both clarity and conciseness."

"So she isn't giving you the proper grades, is that right?"

"More or less, Coach."

"...Alright! You're going to prove that you are a far more capable teacher than her, which will be all the principal should need as evidence."

'I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to go...' Tatsuya thinks, but keeps to himself. Instead he asks, "who would I be tutoring?"

"Your idiot younger brother figure - according to the Seirin Coach, you helped him in America and none of her players can help him quite as well as you did with English."

"Wouldn't that be seen as a set up, if it's common knowledge that we were friends and I used to help him?" Tatsuya can already see how this plan could fall through and he isn't even trying...

Coach grins. "But no one outside Seirin and Yousen basketball teams know. And it's not like you went to the same schools-just played street basketball together, so there are no real records of that unless someone decides to track down the lady who coached you two, but I'm sure you can give her a heads up."

"Yes, Coach."

Alex taught him well - never argue with a woman about her basketball team, players, or students.

Anyways, this is apparently how Tatsuya ends up tutoring Taiga, again, in English. He also apparently ends up tutoring half of Seirin's team, too, and half of Yousen, who have been sentenced to join the tutoring session due to their own scores.

Still, he really wishes Atsushi didn't decide that having Kuroko read to him counted as studying English. Mostly because Atsushi gets Kuroko to being reading within the hour and now he can't use Kuroko's story time as an incentive for the rest of the group to learn their grammar. At least when it was just Taiga and him, the basketball was an incentive he could control to a degree….

But, for a relatively emotionless kid, Kuroko did the voices of different characters incredibly well, and his reading was quite fluid, and emotion was clearly conveyed, adding to the tone and suspense of the novel.

""'She walked with measured steps, draped in striped and fringed cloths, treading the earth proudly with a slight jingle and a flash of barbarous ornaments...'"

(Tatsuya is not looking at the symbolism of Heart of Darkness as Kuroko is reading it to one of the Generation of Miracles. There are some things that even he doesn't need to think about.)

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