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From her first day of life, Icekit had always been deaf. Once her ears opened, she still couldn't hear anything. Everyday, the young snow white kit had been brought to the medicine cat's den, but had never been cured. Icekit remembered her first days, seeing her mother worried expression, her mouth moving, but hearing nothing.

At the current moment, Icekit was sitting in the shadow of a pine, ice blue eyes flickering over the activity in the camp. Warriors were leaving and coming, going about their usual duties. Flicking an ear, Icekit once more wished she could find out what they were saying when they opened their mouths. Letting out a tired sigh inaudible to her, the kit leapt a mile as a moss-ball hit her on the head. Sending the offenders a glare, she retreated to another area of camp.

Yet another disadvantage of being deaf. She could hear no warnings, and was often left out. Icekit often doubted she'd ever become a warrior, one of the few things she had picked up from watching others. Dropping her head on her paws, Icekit closed her eyes for some sleep. Her thoughts still raced a million miles an hour.

It felt like she had only slept for a moment before she felt a paw poke her side, Lifting up her head, she blearily watched at her mother pushed a small vole towards her. Nodding her head tiredly, Icekit ate the vole mindlessly. Stumbling to her paws, she padded to the entrance of camp, poking her head out before a tap on her shoulder summoned her back to camp. Retreating to the nursery, she curled up in the next, warmed by her mother.

At least I have a caring mother, she thought to herself. Burying her nose into her mother's fur, Icekit became restless. Lifting up her head, she gazed at the moon outside. Sitting up slowly, she made sure her mother's breathing was slow and steady before she padded out of the den, sitting at the entrance. The familiar silence surrounded her, making the night ever more magical. The full moon's glow cast a gentle light over the landscape, outlining the pines in silver. The moonlight that made it into the camp seemed to make her white fur glow.

Tilting her small nose towards the moon, her ice blue eyes slid closed for a moment, reveling in the moment before opening again. Settling unto her stomach, she set her head on her paws. For the deaf kit, these were the only moments in which she could enjoy her deafness. Anytime else was a burden for the young she-kit.

As the moon reached its peak, Icekit slid into sleep, her sleeping form illuminated by moonlight.

As you can see, I decided for there to be an upside to her being deaf, just to make it seem like it can be a positive thing.

Hope you enjoyed!

Au revoir, mes amis!