The first thing Chris hears when he rolls over to answer his phone at 6am is "You framed it?"

Chris smiles, knowing where this conversation is going. "Good morning, Miyuki." He calculates the time difference and figures that it's about 11pm in Tokyo, but here in the U.S. the sun is just rising.

"I just read the interviews that they conducted at your house and you pointed it out to them? Are you kidding me?"

"It wasn't so much pointing out as it was sitting beneath the frame when they set up," Chris says, which isn't really a defense. It's more of an admission, really.

"You prick," Miyuki replies, but there's a hint of laughter in his tone that suggests he's split between genuine outrage and reluctant amusement. "Everyone thinks you're such an upstanding individual, but you're just more subtle about being rude."

"Oh, should I have thanked you for the letter? That was an oversight – my apologies." Chris kicks off the sheets and stands up, stretching.

"Could you take it down the next time you do interviews? I'm gonna get calls asking about the story behind the card, since you elected to let the reporters draw their own conclusions rather than wave it off as a joke."

"It's quite the conversation starter. And how is catching for Sawamura, by the way? Are you two getting along well? What was the final count today for the number of times he asked you to pitch outside of practice?"

"Well, I don't have it as bad as you did when you were here." Miyuki sounds like he's about to continue, but there's another voice in the background that slurs drowsily: "Who're you talkin' to, Kazuya?"

Chris almost drops the phone.

"Shut up, Eijun," Miyuki hisses, but the damage has been done.

"Oh, what was that, Miyuki? Do tell."


"I believe you were about to deny how much a certain pitcher of our mutual acquaintance has overtaken your life," Chris prompts.


"Oh, um. Good for you, Sawamura."

At his version of a whisper, Eijun exclaims "He said I was good, Kazuya, he said I was good! Did you hear him?"

"Yes, yes, you're good, shut up."

"AHA! You just said I was good too!"

"Eijun, this was a private conversation."

A muffled sigh comes over the phone's speakers. "Oh, okay. Come back to bed when you're done." Then, much louder: "GOODNIGHT CHRIS-SENPAI, I SHALL TALK TO YOU SOON!"

"Goodnight, Sawamura." Chris hears a door open and close and then there's a long pause hanging between the two catchers. "So… I have something new to tell the reporters, huh?" He'd never do it, of course, but he's not above a little teasing where Miyuki's concerned.

"I will save up to fly Eijun out to visit you alone for a month if you so much as breathe a word about it," Miyuki threatens. "See if you're laughing then, Chris-senpai."

"Oh god, anything but that."

Fyi, Miyuki was reading the evening news on his phone in bed, which is why he was with Sawamura (in Miyuki's room? In Sawamura's room? Who knows?) when he called Chris.

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