Bleach: The knight Arc

Prologue: Parties and moving on.

It was a massive celebration on the forest moon of Endor! The Rebel alliance have not only destroyed the second Death Star but they had also wiped out half of Darth Vader's Death squadron including his flagship the Executor. And not only this but both the Emperor and Darth Vader were confirmed dead by the jedi knight Luke Skywalker, yet unknown by the alliance for now save Skywalker, his new found sister princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3-P0, R2-D2 and Lando Calrissian was the fact that Darth Vader actually sacrificed his life to save Luke thus killing the emperor while dying from his wounds. Also unknown by most of the rebels was the fact that Vader was once the legendary hero Anakin Skywalker also the father of Luke and Leia. As the other rebels were celebrating Luke walked away from the party and sees three Force spirits: One was an old man with a beard and short hair of grey and white with a few spots of ginger in a few spots, the second was also of an older man his face clean shaven yet scarred and his head nearly bald while the third was a small pale green creature with a small walking stick and was sitting on a railing.

The three spirits smiled proudly at the young knight as his sister brought him back the the party.

"Well Old friend the Darkness has passed. The Sith have been defeated and a New Republic will rise. All thanks to your children." said the older of the two human like spirits

"Indeed Master. But I feel as if I should of done something. I should of fought Sidious or resisted harming Windu, or..." said the second human like spirit when he was interrupted by the smallest of the three by it whacking him with it's walking stick.

"Enough Padawan. What's done is done. Be glad you should be that you were able to break Sidious's lies when you had or joined us young Skywalker would of." scolded the small yet ancient alien spirit when all of a sudden all three felt a disturbance in the Force and looked down at their chests to find strange chains hooked to their chest that looked broken.

"Well this is new." Said the bearded human

"Told I was. Not by Quigon." said the small green one as the youngest of th three tugged on the chain slightly trying to gt it off of his body with no success.

Then suddenly a strange door opens revealing a strange man in black and white robes along with two cloaks one white and the other pink with flower designs all over it and a straw hat walk through the door.

"Yada Yada three spirits with this much power." He said as he drew one of his swords

"Who in sith hell are you?" asked the youngest spirit as he and the other human spirit got into fighting stances

The stranger put his hands up in surrender. "Easy there I ain't here to harm ya. I'm here to send ya'll to the Soul Society." he said earning confused looks from the three

"Soul Society. Never heard of it I have. Been around for nine hundred years and I haven't heard of this place." said the small alien

"Don't worry it's a nice place to spend your afterlives in." said the stranger as he touched the pommel of his sword on the alien's head transforming him into a small black butterfly that flew into the strange doors and into the bright light.

"your turn old timer." said the stranger as he pressed the pommel on the bearded spirit leaving only the scarred spirit and the stranger.

"Who are you?" asked the last spirit to the swordsman

"Name's Shunsui Kyoraku captian of the 8th division of the the court guard squads of the Soul Reapers." said the Soul reaper with a tilt of his straw hat

"I'm Anakin Skywalker." said the scarred spirit as he too was transformed into a strange butterfly and flew through the door into the bright light.

There done with my prologue for this story. Hope you all will enjoy it.