Chapter 2 Husbands and wives

Atop the hill two men faced one another one dressed in black the other in tan stared at eachother as their emotions and memories once more rushed through them: Loyalty, brotherly love, betrayal, sadness and falsely encouraged hatred. Yet before either man could make a move against or for the other several men and women in black robes and wielding katanas suddenly appeared causing the two men former friends and former enemies to jump back to back igniting their lightsabers while another man like the others appeared: He was tall with long black hair that was held by several bone white headpieces and a stern yet calm look was on his face. He too was dressed much like Padme and the other beings yet he also wore a white cloak that had the kanji for six written on the back of it while a white-green scarf adorned his neck.

He steps forward and looks to the two raven haired women and calls for the one in the more cleaner looking kimono.

"There you are Hisana. I have been searching for you everywhere." He said calmly as his wife embraced him.

"Oh Byakuya I'm so glad that you're here!. These men saved myself and my sister!" Hisana said as the calm noble looking man raised a eyebrow in surprise before he let go of his wife and bowed to the two jedi.

"I am in your debt then." He said to the jedi before he catches sight of Padme.

"You there what squad are you from?" He asked the former senator. "Padme Amildala Skywalker third seat of Squad 7, sir." She said politely

"Ah yes I remember captain Komamura telling me of his new 3rd seat. He said that you are the most diplomatic member of your squad." the calm headed captian said as he looked over to the jedi.

"They are my husband and his sensei: Anakin Skywalker and Obiwan Kenobi." Padme told the Kuchiki head.