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The story starts right after Draco calls Hermione that despicable name, "mudblood."


I can't believe I just did that! I called Hermione Granger a MUDBLOOD! Although she did get me rattled up by saying that I bought my way onto the Quidditch team. Technically, she is right though. I worked and trained hard over the summer to try out for this position. I wanted to get the position honestly. I thought that I did a very good job at my tryout but I guess there was someone better. But before Flint could announce who will be the new seeker, my dad had to sneakily, although not so sneakily, step in and tell Flint that if I would be the seeker he would buy the entire team Nimbus 2001 broomsticks. Flint being the perfect Slytherin took his deal and announced me as the Seeker. I did not want the seeker position now because of what my father did, but in order to keep up with appearances and not to be considered a coward, I accepted the position. I know I have a lot to prove and I have to work hard to show not only my father and the rest of Slytherin but the entire school that I deserve this position.

Now back to Hermione. I can't believe that I called her that vile name that everyone in Slytherin is encouraged to call the muggleborns. When my father started to encourage me to call the muggleborns by that name, I made a promise to myself to never directly call her that but I just broke my promise. She is NOT a mudblood or a disgrace to the wizarding community. She is the smartest witch in our year and she is really pretty even with her bushy hair and oversized teeth. I have had a crush on her since I first saw her in line to get sorted. I was sort of crushed that she got sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin but when I found out her blood status I was relieved that my wish did not come true. So I sometimes creepily stare at her from afar because I cannot get any closer without someone getting suspicious. The Slytherins are very gossipy and if someone saw me near Hermione without saying anything, nasty to her I guarantee that it would get back to my father. It sucks that I cannot be myself at school but rather have to keep up with appearances all the time. If I could be myself then I would pluck the courage to go and talk to Hermione openly in front of everyone but I know that will never happen.

I had to apologize to her. I know that me being me she would probably not trust me to be sincere but I had to try. I had to make sure that no one overhears my apology so I have to be patient and wait until there is a time that I can talk to her privately. Problem is, is that Potter and Weasley are always around her. But hopefully I could find her alone in the library.

A couple of nights later my wish was granted. There she was in one of the far coroners of the library, knee deep in work. I felt guilty in breaking her concentration but I had to do it. As an extra precaution I put a silencing spell around the area. I approached her nervously. As I came into her sight my palms were sweating. "What do you want Malfoy? Come to insult me again? If you are then turn around and leave I have no time for you," she said with malice in her voice. Well here it goes.

"I am not here to insult you Hermione. I am here to apologize for what I said to you. I know you probably don't believe me but this is sincere. You see Hermione, I have admire you since the first day I saw you in line at the sorting ceremony. (I couldn't tell her I have a crush on her because then she might be scared off). You were telling someone about the bewitched ceiling and I knew you were someone of great intelligence. My admiration of you grew as the year went on, heck it's still growing. What I said was horrible. I never meant to call you that. I think it was my anger and how true your statement was. I tried to get on the team with my talent. I had been practicing all summer but apparently there was someone better. That was when my father promised Flint the new broomsticks if he makes me seeker. Flint being a Slytherin accepted the bribe and made me seeker. I know what you will say, since you Gryffindors are too predictable, but I could not refuse the position after that because then I would be seen as a coward. Like I said I know it's a long shot that you would believe me to be sincere but now you know my true feelings. I know that we can never be friends but all I ask of you is to treat me the same way that you have always have and I you, except I will never call you that wretched name. But you must know that I will never mean any of the stuff I say but I have to say it because of the Malfoy reputation and what my father will do to me if he found out that I was nice to a muggleborn. You might think me of a coward in not standing up to my father and the other Slytherins but trust me you don't know how cruel my father is. I am sorry for taking up your time and I will be going now." There I said everything I needed to say. I could not read her face so I took it as that she wanted me as far away as possible so I turned to leave and heard, "wait."

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