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It was kind of amusing to see 5 vampires experience the portkey for the first time. I did not know that it was possible but a couple of them look like they were going to be sick. Luckily we made it to our destination before anything like that happened.

We landed right outside the gate to the school grounds. I let them get their bearings before we started to make out way over to the gate. Once there I saw Minerva waiting to let us through. After we identified ourselves to make sure we were who we are, Minerva opened the gate and let us in. I introduced them to each other and we walked to the castle so that the Cullens could take it in. I saw a look of awe on each of their faces.

Once inside the castle Minerva and I led them to apartments that we usually reserve for guests. This way they could have a place for themselves. Minerva and I let them have some time to unpack and said that we would be back to give them a tour.

I know now that all of them have some magic in them or else they would not have been able to get through the gate. We still had to see how powerful each of them were. In my research I have found a spell to test that.

Once the Cullens were settled in Minerva and I gave them the tour of the castle and grounds.

"Now that the tour is done our work can begin. I know that each of you has some magic in you because all of you were able to pass the wards without me having to interfere. You see one of the wards, out of many, were so that muggles could not come in. I know a spell that could help to see just how powerful you are. Would it be okay if I cast it on each of you? I assure you that it is perfectly harmless. You should only feel a little tingle."

All of the Cullens nodded and Carlisle came up to me first. I casted the spell and I could see that he was born with magic. Jasper and Alice had the same result. For Esme, I saw that while she was not born with magic she had magic in her ancestry and since Carlisle bit her she got some more from him. Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett were muggles and got the magic from Carlisle's venom. They were still powerful but not as powerful as someone born with magic.

Carlisle, Alice and Jasper were intrigued with the results. I believe that Carlisle was old enough that his memory was wiped clean when the breach happened. For Jasper and Alice I believe that something happened that they never knew that they had magic. I believe like so many American muggle-borns (or No-Majs), they fell through the cracks since the American magical community was so paranoid of letting in No-Majs until fairly recently.

Soon after that Minerva brought in Olivader, who apparently brought about half of his stock of wands to see if any work for the Cullens. One by one each of the Cullens tried out wands and luckily all of them found their wands so that Olivander did not have to bring in the other half of his stock.

When Olivander was helping Carlisle choose his, I saw that he had a twinkle in his eye. I knew exactly why since he came to talk to me a few days ago. He let Carlisle try out a few and then gave him the wand that suited him.

"Does that wand feel good Mr. Cullen?"

"Yes, it does. It's weird it's like it was made for me."

"Curious, very curious. You see Mr. Cullen, while I have a perfect memory and remember every wand I sold, my ancestors did not have the same gift. They had to keep records. You see when Dumbledore asked me to help you all to find your wands and that you were vampires, I went into the records and checked to see if by chance anyone bought a wand through Olivanders before the breach. It just so happened that my ancestor sold that wand you are holding to an eleven year old boy on his way to Hogwarts in 1651, named Carlisle Cullen."

There was a collective gasp.

Ollivander continued, "I always wondered why this wand and other wands were returned to my ancestor in 1749. He was supposed to destroy them but he could never do it. Instead, he secretly kept the wands in the back of our shop. They have been handed down to every proprietor of Olivanders on the instructions to return the wands to the rightful owners when the time comes and to keep them a secret. When I saw that your wand was among those forgotten wands I knew why they were given to my ancestor to be destroyed. I have brought the other wands in hope that you all can help me identify any wands that might have belonged to the Volturi so that those wands can finally be destroyed. I have already talked to Dumbledore and we decided that the others could be safely hidden until we know for sure that those that fight for the light can have their wands back."

All but Carlisle nodded. I think that he was still in shock that he was holding something from his mortal life. I know that he had a lot of questions that I unfortunately didn't have the answers to. I hope that I can give him some answers someday. We all made our way inside to my office to look at the wands.

We found all of the wands that belonged to the members of the Volturi and Olivander and I destroyed them. There were still some left and I quickly took them and put them in a safe place.

After Olivander left, it was late. I told the Cullens to please refrain from using their wands until tomorrow. I did tell them that if they wanted to get a head start to start reading the Year One books that are in their apartments. I bid them goodnight and headed to my bedroom.

The next day after breakfast, I along with Minerva met the Cullens in her classroom. They spent the morning working on Transfiguration. Then made their way to Filius for Charms in the afternoon.

Once the Cullens were done in Charms, they met me in Grand Hall. I had several goblets filled with blood sitting in front of me. While they were busy with Charms, I worked on getting the blood of different non-endangered creatures so that they could test to see if any would be of their liking. While the blood is no longer in the animal I casted a spell to keep the blood fresh. They tried them all but said that not one seems to satisfy them like non-magical animals. I knew that this might happen so I was able to get blood from native deer and fox. They said that those were the best ones. Since I did not want them to leave our grounds to go hunting I told them I would personally bring them in the blood from non-magical animals. They were okay with it since the spell I casted on the blood kept it fresh.

For the rest of the summer they learned what usually took mortals years to learn. By the time the term was just about to start , they were ready for year 6. Which I was glad because I wanted Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward in the same year as Harry, so that they could keep an extra eye on him for safety reasons.

It was also interesting to watch Carlisle because it was like he was using muscle memory while going through the lessons, like he had already learnt it before. It was true, he was a student of Hogwarts back in 1651-1658. I was able to look at his school record. It looked like he was a good student and was in Ravenclaw. He was a Prefect and became Head Boy. I have checked the memories from Tobias Platt who was headmaster as the time. There were a couple of memories that I did see a boy that resembled Carlisle and would show them to him when we had a chance.

I recently have been busy trying to get as many memories of Tom Riddle as I could. Luckily I was able to convince Horace Slughorn to come back to Hogwarts because I believed that he has a vital memory that I need. He had given it to me earlier but I knew that he had tampered with it. I hope Harry could somehow convince him to give me the untampered memory. I have also been to Ilvermorny to discuss tactics with Luigia when Voldemort rises again. Last time the US wasn't involved but since vampires were in the picture we were going to need all the help we could get.

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