This used to be one of my best friend's FanFics. I hope my friend could come back to write them again...

Chapter 1 of A Suicune's Sexual Frustrations

This Series will be anthro, so be forewarned. I don't own Pokemon at all.


It's a rainy night, and a knocking is heard on the two tower doors of the Palace of the Colliding Storms. On the Rain side, a groggy Lugia gets out of his bed, walking down to his door to see what it is. As he opens the door, he sees no one. Then he looks down, and sees a basket of three sleeping bird Pokemon chicks. A male Zapdos, and a female Articuno and Moltres. Lugia picks up the basket, and runs inside to get the chicks to safety. In the Sun tower, a diligent Ho-oh runs down to her door, and there was a gust of wind, blowing in the northward direction. She sees no one, then he hears crying. She looks down to see 3 crying Cat-Pokemon kittens. Male Entei and Raikou, and a female Suicune. She picks up the basket and runs over to the Tower of Rain, and crashes in. "Brother! I was brought three young Pokemon! What should we-" She stopped to see her brother holding the three young bird chicks. "Isn't it obvious?" he said, with his deep and powerful voice. "We raise them as our own. We can't leave these children to starve..." He said. "But brother..." Ho-oh said, her kimono fluttering in the open door. "We don't know how. We have never done this before..." She said. "Well... Just remember mother and father..." he said. "Treat your young ones like Mother and Father treated us." "Alright then..." Ho-oh said, as she went back to her tower, with the now-sleeping kittens.

17 years later

"Miss Deelia! Is there anything else we can do for you?" Said the large group of boys surrounding me. "Guys... I'm not a goddess or anything... You don't need to treat me like your queen..." I said. My name is Deelia. I am a Suicune, and apparently the last one, according to my adopted mother. I am probably the most popular girl in my school, due to being such a rare catch for every guy in the school. I go to a charter school, as I am also much smarter than most other Pokemon. I was a Straight A student, and that was another reason i was a desirable girl. "Oh... But you are, being the last of your kind... You must be protected!" Said Leonard, a Dragonite, who is the biggest goofball in the school. "Alright boys...knock it off..." Said a voice off to the side a bit. I looked up, and noticed it was Kate, my Articuno cousin, also adopted, but by my uncle. She was pretty much my only actual friend in this school. "Y-Yes miss Kate!" they all said, bolting off. every guy in the school was terrified of her, as she had caused a blizzard during the homecoming game her freshmen year when one of the football players threatened to rape her. "Thanks Kate..." I said, walking over to my Ice-Type cousin. "No prob, Dee. I hate seeing you surrounded like that." She said, proud of how she scared off every guy in the school. "Hey, we should probably get to class, we don't want to be late." I said. "Oh, right!" Said Kate, getting worried all the sudden. She had a perfect attendance record, and she refused to break it anytime soon.

After School

"Groan..." I was beat. I had gym class as my last period of the day, and I hated how tired it made me. "HEY DEE-BAG!" I head. "Oh no..." I thought. I turned around, and there were my two brothers. Seth, a Raikou, and Jordan, an Entei. Both of them were twice my size, and went to a public school. Why in the Hall of Origin where they here?. "Mom wants us to take you home, but first, maybe I should take you out..." Jordan said, picking me up and pushing me against my locker. "Jordan, please don't do this again.." I said, rubbing my left eye, which was already black from yesterday when he did the same thing. "Heh, nah, beating you up is too fun... huh huh..." He laughed with that big dumb brute laugh of his. "Wait." I heard. I looked over, and I saw something that gave me a spark of hope. Drake, a Keldeo, and the coolest guy in the school, walked up to me and Jordan. "What are you doing..?" He asked, looking Jordan in the eye. "I..uhh...I'm about to smack my sister silly!" He said. Man, what a dumb-fuck he is. "Well then..." he said, looking at me. I smiled a little. "Let me help you with that!" He said. Every little spark of hope I had vanished as Drake turned around and socked me right in the gut. "ACK!" I gaged, as Jordan let go of me, and I fell on the ground, clenching my stomach. I was in my period at that time, and I was already having stomach cramps, so having that stupid bastard slug me in the stomach didn't help at all. "Heh... I like you... What's your name anyways...?" Asked my Asshat brother. Before Drake could speak, someone yelled out. "STOP YOU TWO!" It was Kaden, my Zapdos Cousin. "Oh, SHIT!" Said Drake, Jordan, and Seth said, running for their dear lives. Kaden was well known for his electrical shock. He even gave Seth a seizure from his electricity. I felt like My cousins and Lugia were more of family than Seth and Jordan ever were. Kaden came and helped me up. "You okay Dee...?" He asked. "Ngh... What do you think...?" I remarked sarcastically. "Here, I'll drive you home..." He said, walking me out to his car.

Back at the Tower of the Sun

"COUGH! COUGH!" I gagged, laying in bed with my adopted mother sitting in a chair next to me. "Who did this to you sweetheart? This is the third time this week..." She asked. I would rat out Jordan and Seth out in a heartbeat, if I knew he wouldn't rape and or murder me if I snitched. "Ngh...I don't know who it is mom...I don't even know his name..." I lied. I couldn't tell on Jordan. I didn't have the guts to do it. "Well, I'm not standing another second for this. I'm calling the school tomorrow so they can handle it. Like they could, Jordan doesn't even go to the same school... " could rat out your brother..." She said. WHAT?! How did she- " did you-" I started, then Mother shushed me. "Kaden told me everything..." She said. "Mom, PLEASE don't punish Jordan. He could hurt me, or kill me, or rape me, or-" My mother shushed me again. "You can't be scared of your brother, Dee..." She said. "Mom, you have no idea what he does to me...He actually has attempted to rape me before!" I yelled, starting to tear up a bit. "Well then..." She said, rubbing the back of my purple hair with her wing. "Why don't you exploit your little type advantage..?" She said. "But mom, you always said-" I started, but my mom cut me off. "If you ever feel in danger, you can use your attacks if you must..." She said with that old, wise voice of hers. I knew I had a chance at defending myself now.

The Next Day, After School

I was at my locker, and noticed, no Jordan today. I was so relieved. I opened my locker to get my stuff out, when a piece of paper dropped. I was bewildered at what it could be. I opened it up, and it said "Meet me in the back alley after school today." It said. This had better not be another dumb trick by Jordan, as out mother gave me full use of my water-type arsenal. I went to the back alley after getting all my stuff, and prepping myself for any kind of attack. I looked around. "ALRIGHT! I'M HERE! SHOW YOURSELF!" I yelled. I looked around. Ugh, probably just a prank to make me look stupid. But as I turned around to leave, I saw a shadow leaning in on the alleyway. "Well, so you finally decided to show..." The shadow said. Wait, I recognize that voice. "Grrr...what do you want...Drake..." I said, knowing full well of the Colt-Pokémon's Voice. He walked into the alleyway. "I just-" He started, reaching out to me. I grabbed his arm, locked it behind him, pinned him against the wall, used my Ice Beam attack to freeze my hand into a claw, and held it to his throat. "WHOA!" He yelled, putting his other hand up."You have 10 seconds to explain why you made me come here...:" I threatened. "Wait! Delia! You don't understand!" He yelled. I was about to slit his throat, when he turned around, grabbed both my wrists, pinned me to the wall, and looked me in the eye. "Deelia... I..." He stopped, and just leaned in and kissed me right on the lips. I was disgusted, was a good kiss... so I got into it too. He pulled off. "Look... I... I'm sorry I punched you yesterday...but...I...was trying to get closer to your brother..." He explained, still looking me into the eyes. "I saw how he beat you up every day, and I couldn't take it anymore. So... I decided to get closer, and when he trusted me most, I was going to stab him in the back..." He explained to me. "So... Wait... You... Don't... Think I'm a weakling... Like my brother...? And you were trying to help me...?" I asked. "Y-Yes... I was..." He said. "I... I'm touched... I..." I couldn't take it anymore, I leaned in and kissed him, right on the lips. He actually was the surprised one this time, but he started to realize what was going on. We eventually got our tongues into it, wrestling them for dominance over the other. Eventually, after about 10 minutes, we both came up for air. Afterwards, I shoved him to the ground. and laid down right in front of his crotch. "Deelia...? What are you doing..?" He asked, a hint of fear in his voice. "I told you, I was touched by what you better way to thank you than with a reward..?" I said, with a hint of sexiness in my voice. "Umm... Deelia...?" He asked. I unzipped his pants, and pulled out his hard-on. He had a Boner from that? Man he was in for a treat.

"Dee...I.." I shushed him. "Shh...just let me melt all your troubles away..." I said. He stared at me, and made my move. I shoved his cock into my mouth, and he moaned in pleasure. I started to bob up and down, taking every inch of his hard dick. It tasted kinda salty, but it was a good salty. "Deelia...I'm...gonna..." As soon as he said those words, i pulled off and jacked him off. He blew his load onto my face, and I licked it all up. "Deelia... That was... Amazing..." He said, gasping with pleasure. "Well...the fun is only beginning..." I said, pulling his pants completely off, and propping him up against the alleyway wall. "What are you doing Deelia..?" He asked. I pulled my uniform shirtoff. "Giving you a little stripdance..." I said, pulling down my Khaki shorts. I stood in front of him in my underwear. " gonna take that shirt off...?" I said sexily. He took it off immediately, showing his toned chest. Damn, he must have done some training with those three musketeer friends of his. I leaned down and asked him, "Do you want to fuck me now..? Or should I get my underwear off...?" "How about both..." He said, with a devilish grin. "Sounds fine to me..." I said, pulling my panties mid-thigh. I positioned my Pussy (Which, in my opinion, was perfect, with its blue shade and the little purple tuft of hair right above it) right above his manhood, and asked, "Ready...?" "Born ready..." He assured. I plunged down onto his dick, moaning with pleasure. "Wait." He said, gabbing my hips. "Where was your hymen..?" He asked, very suspicious. "Oh... I broke it myself during my freshman year with one of my cousin's toys..." I said, remembering that particular event, where Kate tried to show me how to use sex toys. "You mean that Zapdos kid who nearly killed us..?" He asked. "No, his sister..." I said. "Oooh.." as he was getting off track, I started to grind my pussy a little onto his dick. "Getting a bit off track are we...?" I asked, grinding a bit harder. "Rgh... A little..." He moaned. "Well, how about we get back on track then...?" I said, starting to bounce faster on his boner. "Oooh... Deelia... You're soooo... Perfect..." He said, his lips quivering. By this time, my panties were down to my ankles, so I just kicked them off. Eventually, Drake started to moan louder. "Deelia... I'm... Gonna... Cum..." He said, trying to push me off. I grabbed his legs and forced myself down. "No! Cum inside me!" I said. "WHAT?! But you will get-" He started before I stopped him. "Who cares?! I will gladly carry your little colt if I have to.. just fill me to the brim with your seed!" I yelled. " is comes..." He said. I felt his Cock twitch, and then my womb just filled right up with his juice. I screamed in pleasure. Afterwards, I pulled out, with no cum dipping out (Very impressive on Drake's Side) I noticed he still had a boner. "Still hard...? Huh, I thought you were virgin...guess not..." I said, unclasping my bra, letting my C-cup breasts out of their prison. I went down to his dick, and put it right between my gams. "You ever done a titfuck before..?" I asked. "I...uhhh..." He said, blushing a little. "That's ok, you're in for a real treat then..." I said. I started moving my breasts up and down on his hard-on. " feels.." He started. "Please, call me Dee..." I said, still going up and down with my massive mounds. "Oh...Dee...I'm...about to..." He started, but then, he let loose his spunk all over my face. I licked it all up, loving every second of it., we then laid next to each other, panting from that amazing wank we just had. "No one... *Pant...* Finds out about this..." He said. "Especially the other swords of justice..." He said. "Done... I don't need my mother to know about this, or especially Jordan, or we're both done for..." I said. "Maybe we could do this again NOT in an alleyway some other time..." He said, smiling at me. "Yeah... Maybe..."

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