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1 month later

I woke up, looking to my side. Drake wasn't there. He must have gone training with his family. I sat up and looked down at my stomach. It was a bit inflated. I still couldn't get over the fact that I was pregnant. I was going to be a mother. I just remembered how my mother raised me and my brothers, even though we weren't her children. I just rubbed my stomach, hoping the baby would come out healthy. I then felt my stomach rumble, so I sat up, and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I was starving.

That night

It was dinnertime. We were having my favorite food. Pasta with spicy sauce and bacon strip slices. Or, that's what DRAKE was having. I was just having plain old butter-and-cheese noodles. I just twiddled my fork in my bowl, and stared longingly at Drake's dish, hoping to get even a tiny taste. Drake noticed me staring at his bowl, and he looked up. "What?" He said, his mouth still full. He then swallowed, and looked down, noticing what I was staring at. He then looked up at me, and frowned a little. "Deelia, you KNOW you can't eat meat or anything spicy. It's bad for the baby." He said, putting another fork-full of food in his mouth. I just sighed. "I know, I know...It's just..." I started, still twisting my fork in my bowl. "I want to eat something good...but..." I began, pulling up my fork, along with about 3 noodles. "The food I've been eating these past month or so is just...so...bland..." I said, sticking the noodles in my mouth. Ugh, tasted like paper. "Look, Dee, just pull through, alright. It'll be all right." He said finishing the last of his food. I just sat there and kept chowing down on my dinner. This was going to be a looooooooong eight more months...

2 months later

I was sitting on the couch, re-watching my favorite anime again, Sky by Day, Land by Night. I just sat there. I eventually got bored, and paused the show. I stood up to stretch, but as my arms got above my head, my womb just killed. I sat down, clenching my now-larger stomach. "Draaaaaake..." I whined out. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs (Our apartment was a two-floored small penthouse). Drake then walked into the living room. "What's wrong, Deelia..?" He asked, rushing in. "Ngh...my stomach HUUUURTS!" I yelled, clenching my pregnant belly. Drake didn't seem phased. He walked over, sat next to me, and started to massage my stomach. "How does that feel?" He asked, looking me in the eye. In all honesty... "It's...Helping a lot..." I said. Holy hell, where did he learn this? "Better?" Drake asked, lifting his hand. I nodded. He then lifted his hand off, and stood me up. "Let's go for a walk..." He said, walking us both out of the building. We then walked in the apartment complex garden. I held my hand on my stomach. "What do you think it's gonna be...?" I asked. I looked over at Drake. "Huh?" He asked. "The baby..." I said rubbing my stomach. "What do you think it'll be?" I asked. Drake pondered for a minute, an then looked over. "A boy. And I don't really care if it's a Keldeo or a Suicune..." He said, throwing his arm around my shoulder. "I don't care what it is, to be honest, I just care if we're happy." I said, smiling at him. "You know what, me too, I don't care either..." He said. We then leaned in and kissed each other.

3 months later

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!* It was our front door, "I got it!" I yelled, going to the door. Today was my baby shower, and all of my friends were there, except for two people, and Drake, as he was off training with his family. I opened up the door, and it was Raiden and Liana, soaked from the rain outside. "So sorry we're late..." Said Liana, walking in with Raiden. "We would have been earlier if SOMEONE wasn't a complete dumb-ass with directions!" said Liana, glancing over at Raiden. "What the fuck are you TALKING about?! You were the the one who was driving!" Yelled Raiden. The eventually just began arguing as loud as they could. I just decided to leave them be, and walked over to the living room. "Who was it..?" Asked Diana. "Just a couple friends you never met..." I said, sitting down in my chair. "Judging by the yells of bloody murder in the doorway, I think I know who it is..." remarked Neyla, messing with her hair. "Girls! It's present time!" Sung Shay, trying to lighten the mood. As she stood up, we noticed Shay's enlarged stomach. Shay had gotten married a few months before me and Drake, so she was pregnant as well. Everyone just grabbed their presents and gave them to me. Diana got me tons of baby clothes, Tia got me a lot of baby books, Shay got me lots of baby toys, Neyla gave me a disc of lullabies she composed and sung herself, and Kate got me tons upon tons of diapers. "Wow, thanks guys!" I chimed, smiling at all of them. I then heard the living room door open. I looked over, and saw that it was Raiden and Liana. They sat down next to Shay, and looked at all the presents I got. "Erm... we didn't get you anything...Deelia..." Said Raiden sheepishly. "lemme guess, is it because Liana did something stupid?" I asked, folding my arms. "For once, no, it's not" He said, earning himself a stomp of the foot from his wife. "It's because...we were at the ultrasound place..." Raiden said. "Wait...Liana..?" I asked. Liana then put her hand on her stomach. "I'm pregnant..." She said. I just smiled. "That's great! Congratulations!" I said. Liana just smiled. "Alrighty! Who wants to play some baby shower games!" I said, clapping my hands and standing up. Every girl stood up and shrieked in excitement. Raiden just looked horrified. But just before we started, Shay clenched her stomach, and sat down. Everyone looked over at her. "Shay? You alright?" Diana asked. I then looked down, and saw her jeansnwere soaked between her legs. "Shay!?" I yelled, running to her, She looked up. "Get me to the hospital...now..." She said, gasping in pain. Me and Melody picked her up, and rushed her out the door and down the hallway.

3 months later

I woke up in the middle of the night to a stinging pain. I just sat up, looking for what it was. I couldn't find anything, so I was about to lay back down. I then felt it again, coming from my womb. It killed like no other pain. I leaned over and shook Drake. "Drake..." I whispered. "I don't wanna go to school today..." He muttered, covering his shoulder with the sheets and facing away from me. I felt the stinging in my womb again, so I socked him right in the shoulder, waking him up immediately. "Ngh...Deelia..? What's wrong..?" He moaned, still half asleep. "Drake, my stomach...it HUUUUURTS!" I groaned. "Did you eat something funky..?" He asked, rubbing his eyes. I felt the sting of pain again. Drake...ngh...the baby...its..." I started. Drake's eyes shot open, and he sat up immediately. "oh, SHIT!" He yelled, putting his shoes on. He then ran to my side of the bed and picked me up bridal style, and ran us over to the elevator.

20 minutes later, in Drake's car

I was moaning and shrieking in pain. "Hurry Drake, it HURTS!" I yelled, shrieking as loud as my lungs allowed. "I'm hurrying!" He yelled, flooring the gas pedal. After about five minutes of driving, we heard a police siren. "Oh, fuck me sideways,.." Groaned Drake. He then pulled over, and after about a minute, an Arcanine in a police uniform leaned in Drake's window. "What's the rush?" He asked, pulling out his ticket book. "Please, officer, I don't have time for this.." said Drake, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. "My wife...She's..." I then screamed. My waters broke. All the baby fluid in my womb just leaked out, and soaked Drake's back seat. The officer looked back, and saw me panting and screaming. "Holy shit! Why didn't you just SAY so?!" He said, closing his ticket book. "I'll drive next to you so other cops don't pull you over." He said, running back to his car. "Thank you Sir." Yelled Drake, starting up the car again. We drove for about another fifteen minutes, and we finally got to the hospital. We parked, and drake grabbed me by the arm. "Thanks a ton officer!" He yelled. The cop just saluted to us. Drake pulled me in by my armto the lobby. I was in so much pain, I could barely stand. We got to the front desk, where a blissey nurse was sitting at the counter. "What seems to be the problem..?" She asked. Please, ma'am, My wife, she's having contractions..." Said Drake, looking back at me. I still had baby fluid running down my legs, staining my pajama pants. "Ahh, I see..." She said. She stood up and grabbed a fold-up wheelchair, and sat me down in it. She then started pushing me to the mother's ward.

In the Mother's Ward, an hour later

"Push, Deelia!" Yelled Drake. "I'm PUSHING!" I yelled. I was in the second-worst pain I had ever been in, after cracking my femur bone when I wad fourteen. "Deelia, hold my hand." He said. I grabbed his hand and clutched as hard as I could. I saw Drake clutch the hand I was grabbing. "I can see a head!" Said the Mightyena doctor. I pushed with all my might. "It's ok, Deelia! Almost there!" yelled Drake. "Got it!" Yelled the doctor. I felt something being pulled out of my womb, and it killed. But after that, the pain subsided finally. I panted in relief. I heard a tiny little cry. I opened up my eyes to see the doctor patting a newborn Suicune on the back. "It's a girl..." He said, handing Drake the newborn kitten. "Hang on..." Said Drake, looking intently at his newborn daughter. "Her color is a bit...off..." Questioned Drake. I looked over, and noticed what he was talking about. The newborn's fur was paler than mine, and her hair had a more bluish tint to it. "Ahh...you two are a lucky couple..." Said the doctor, sitting on his rolly-chair. "You just gave birth to a SHINY Pokemon..." He said. "Only one or two shiny Pokemon are born a year. You two are very lucky." He said. I looked up at Drake, and reached both my arms out. "Can I...hold her..?" I asked, my voice extremely weak. Drake brought the newborn over, and put her in my arms. She was still crying while in my arms. I just held her for about five minutes, and then the doctor took her out of my arms. "Wait...what are you doing..?" I asked, reaching out for my newborn daughter. "Don't worry, miss Justice. I'm just taking her to be examined, to make sure she's healthy." The doctor said. He then left with our newborn daughter. "Drake..." I moaned, looking over at my husband. He looked over at me. "Yeah..? What is it, honey..?" He asked. "What...ngh...should we...name the...baby?" I asked, still a little bit weak. "Sweetheart...now's not the time to talk about that...you need t rest..." He said, pulling the covers over my shoulders. "Ngh...but, Drake..." I whined. "Go to sleep, Deelia, it will help you to sleep..." Said Drake. I eventually just gave up and closed my eyes.

The next day

I was sitting in my hospital cot, reading a graphic novel that Shay had written. I was wearing my glasses, which I actually REALLY needed. I just haven't worn them since I was thirteen, when my mom bought me contacts. But I really needed them since I had left my contacts back at the apartment, and since Drake was off with his family today, I thought I would read, just to keep myself busy. While I was reading, I looked over at the crib that Melody had given me. I had decided to name our daughter Hayden. I just loved the name, and I new she would too. I just watched her sleep for about five minutes. Then I heard the jiggling of the doorknob. I perked my head up and heard the door open. "Deelia...?" I heard. Shit. I grabbed my glasses and hid them under my pillow. "Drake? I thought you were at home with your parents and uncle...?" I said, still holding my glasses under my pillow. "The let me off early, so I could spend the day here with you..." He said, sitting in the chair next to my bed. "Oh...that's...great..." I said through my teeth, clutching my glasses. "You okay...?" Asked Drake. He then saw that I was hiding something under my pillow. "Deelia? What are you hiding..?" He asked. I panicked. "Heh...heh...nothing...just...erm...my drugs...that's all..." I said, giving the most innocent smile I could. Drake then looked over and saw my pain medication sitting on my bedside table. "Uh huh..." He said. He then looked at me intently. "Deelia... what are you hiding...?" He asked standing up and kneeling next to my bed. "N-nothing..." I said, clutching my glasses harder under my pillow. Drake then grabbed my arm and pulled it from under my pillow, revealing my glasses, tightly grasped in my hands. I blushed in major embarrassment. "Sigh...fine...I have to wear glasses..." I said, not making eye-contact with Drake. He just stared at me. "I thought if you found out...you wouldn't think I'm beautiful anymore..." I said, looking away from him. He just pulled the glasses out of my hand and put them on my face. I looked up at him. "Deelia...I will always love you...no matter how beautiful or terrible you look..." He said, running his hand through my purple bangs. "And besides, you still look stunning with them on..." He said. I just adjusted my glasses a little. "Really...?" I asked. He just nodded. "You are the most amazing girl I have ever met. I'm not just going to let something silly like glasses get in the middle of our relationship..." He said, pulling my head in, and I just let him. We then kissed for a little bit, and he pulled back. "I love you..." He said, smiling at me. "I love you too..." I said. We smiled at each other, and then we heard the door open up. "Hello..?" I looked over at the door. I saw Neyla peaking in. She then just let herself in. "Hey, how're you doing...?" She asked, sitting down in the chair drake was sitting in minutes ago. "Fine, I guess..." I said. I nudged my glasses a little. "Wait, Deelia..? When did you start wearing glasses..?" She asked. "Erm..." I nudged them a little. "You know what, never mind..." She said, looking around. She then looked over at the crib. "Ooh, is that your new baby?" She asked. She ran over to the crib, and looked in. "Aww...she's so cuuuuute!" She yelled. All the sudden, Hayden woke up, and she started crying. "Oh Arceus, I'm so sorry..." She said. Drake just went over and picked up Hayden, and he brought her over to me. "It's fine, Neyla, I think she's just hungry." I said. I then pulled my hospital gown down past my chest, and I started breast-feeding Hayden. "Wow...I guess she was hungry..." Said Neyla. I then heard another knock on the door. Drake then went over to the door and opened it up. He then let whoever was at the door in. It was Raiden and Liana. "Hey Deelia..." Said Raiden, smiling at me. I looked over at Liana, who who was obviously pregnant by this point. "Hmpf...I cant believe I had to miss my yoga class for this..." She grumbled. She's either hit the mood swings phase of her pregnancy, or she was just being plain old Liana. "Liana, we're here to see Deelia and Hayden, be nice please..." Groaned Raiden. Liana just stomped her foot and stormed over to the window and sat in the window sill. "Ugh...sorry about that..." Raiden said, sitting on the counter in the room. "It's fine, Rai." Said Drake. I heard Hayden yawn, and I looked down. She had fallen asleep in my arms. "Sigh..." I pulled up my gown to my shoulder, cradling Hayden in my arms. I then noticed Raiden, staring dumbstruck at Hayden. "Umm...everything alright, Raiden...?" I asked. He just stood up. "She's...she's shiny..." He said, getting closer to us. I just held Hayden as close as I could. "Yeah..?" I asked, stroking Hayden's indigo hair. "They only happen once or twice a year...you are crazy lucky, you know..." Raiden said. "Yeah, the doctor told us..." Said Drake, playing something on his phone. "Yeah, I thought she was a bit strange..." Said Neyla, approaching the bed. Hayden then started crying, due to every one around. "Alright, back off! You're all crowding her!" I yelled, pulling Hayden closer to me. Everyone just backed away from the bed, and Hayden stopped crying. I just looked down at her. "Don't worry, sweet-pea...mommy won't let anyone hurt you..." I said, snuggling with my daughter.

1 week later

Drake was pushing me out of the hospital in a wheelchair, as I held Hayden close to me. "So, Hayden is finally going to see her new home..." I said, looking down at my little kitten. "Yeah, she is..." Said Drake, pushing the wheelchair. I then heard someone call my name. "Deelia!" I looked to my side, and I saw Kate and Amber running to us. They reached us, and they were panting like crazy. "Sorry...pant...we weren't able to visit...hah...during you hospital stay..." Wheezed Kate. "Yeah...we were...wheeze...busy with work..." Coughed Amber. "What do you mean...?" I asked, still holding Hayden close to me. Amber and Kate just nodded at each other. "We just opened up a new restaurant together!" Chimed Kate, showing us a picture of it on her phone. It looked like a 70's style diner, with the red-and-white color scheme and everything. "Oh...wow..." I said, looking at the picture. Amber just nodded. "You remember when we were kids, we went to that diner that closed down a month ago...?" She asked. "Yeah..?" I asked. Such a shame that place closed down. "Well, we bought the building, so we can keep it's legacy going!" Said Kate, really happy with herself. "Oh...wow..." I said. "Well...congratulations you two!" I said, smiling at them. "Thanks, and you too..." Said Amber. Kate then knelled down to get a better look at Hayden. "Hi! I'm you're aunt!" She said. Hayden just stared at her with that dumb baby look. Kate just smiled. I laid Hayden down to help her to go to sleep. "She's tired, Kate..." I said, rocking Hayden back and forth. "Oh...erm...right..." She said, standing up. "Anyways..." Said Drake, grabbing the wheelchair again. "We better get going, I'm having a carpenters group come in to do Hayden's room, so we have to be there..." He said, pushing me towards our car. "Alright then, bye guys!" I said. Amber and Kate just waved, smiling at us. I can already tell we are going to have an amazing time together as a family.

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