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Prologue: A New Promise

The illumination of the moonlight peeked through the acute shaft of the earthen cave that the two teenagers called their 'Secret Place.'

Every warm and childhood memory the two shared was scribbled onto the caves earthy stone wall.

Hard sand crunched under their feet with every step they took.

It has been close to a year since Sora and Riku have returned home to Destiny Islands. Sora and Kairi have became closer than ever once they have got past their bashful confessions of their feelings for each other. Their first kiss that had turned out to be a nightmare for both of them, due to Kairi accidentally biting Sora's lower lip and Sora stepping on Kairi's foot. As embarrassing as it was, it was a memory that neither of them wanted to forget.

"Aww! Sora, don't you just love how much memories this cave holds between us?" Kairi asked, as she crouched down, her knees supporting her weight as she got a better look at an old drawing she had created as a child.

"Yeah..." Sora replied, followed by a happy sigh.

Being in their calm sanctuary settled his nerves a little, but he could still feel his heart pounding rapidly in his chest and his fingers quivering. He could not hide the tension in his voice.

Kairi turned her head over her shoulder to glance at him. She narrowed her eyes.

"Sora? What is it?"

"Whats what?" Sora asked, trying with all his being to keep calm but his alarmed expression was a dead give away.

Kairi straightened out her back and legs and stood up.

"What's bothering you?" She asked, in a gentle voice as she slowly approached him.

He chuckled nervously.

"N-nothing!" He stuttered.


She was standing right in front of him now, so close that her breast brushed against his stomach. Sora blushed and felt his heart skip a beat from the teasing content, that was unintentional. Pushing his dirty teenage thoughts aside, Sora took a step back from his beloved.

It was time, he's come this far and he knows how much he means to Kairi. He knew more than anything, from the moment he saw her lifeless body on the ground back in Hallow Bastion, that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He would give his own life to save hers in a heartbeat. She was the light, the light that kept him going, the light that never goes out.

"K-Kairi..." Sora began, taking her petite hands into his larger gloved ones.

"Sora, you're shaking!" Kairi exclaimed, grasping onto his hands tenaciously and looking into his eyes with concern.

"I'm okay, Kairi..." Sora replied, his lips quirked slightly into a grin.

How he adored her solicitous towards him. He gazed into her bright indigo orbs, taking a brief moment to admire how they sparkled in the moonlight, complementing her pale complexion. Her long and thick lashes hovered and seemed to dance with every movement that she made with her eyes.

She was his, but if he asked her...she could be his forever. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. The thought was so wonderful yet so overwhelming, it made him giddy.

Kairi waited patiently for Sora to continue. Oblivious to what she had coming for her. Her heart ached, she knew it was selfish but she couldn't help but plead to herself that it wasn't a new quest. She could not bare the thought of him leaving her again. It was too painful, but she knew that whatever it is that Sora was about to tell her, was out of her control. And how she would react would affect Sora, and what she hated more than anything in all the worlds was seeing Sora despondent.

"Kairi? Do you remember the promise I made to you, a long time ago? That I'd come back for you?"

Kairi felt her heart sink, she was right. Once again, he had to leave...

"Of course I do..." She replied, chewing on her lower lip to fight off the urge to cry. "...and you kept it..."

"And you kept yours as well!" Sora replied, caressing her palms with his thumbs.

She looked up at him baffled causing him to laugh.

"You were with me wherever I went! When I watched Jack and Sally dance together in Halloween Town, all I could think about was you and I! When I helped Hercules defeat Hades in the Underworld and how Hercules held Meg in his arms...I pictured you in mine!" Sora confessed, his cheeks turning a light pink.

"Sora..." Kairi whispered in awe. "Is that true?"

"Of course it's true!" Sora replied, letting go of her hand to fish around in one of his pockets.

Kairi watched, her eyes widening as he pulled put a small velvet-colored box.

Sky blue hues met with indigo's.

"Kairi...I've been from world to world. I've seen many things...from mermaids to lions...sunsets to galaxies...the people I've met and views I've seen don't come close to you. As much as I love helping others and saving worlds, it just doesn't give me that same warm and fuzzy feeling that I feel when I'm with you, Kairi."

Wow that was cheesy! Sora thought to himself but continued. "You are the light that guides me in the deepest depths of darkness...you are my destiny, the one thing I'd never stop fighting for..." He paused, his clammy fingers fumbling with the lid of the box.

Kairi watched him as her eyes filled with tears, her hands fluttering to her cheeks as a small gasp escaped from her lips. In her blurred vision she saw a star shaped diamond ring that resembled Wayfinder, her lucky charm. The diamond was a pale yellow in the center encircled by smaller pink ones around the edges and on each point of the star.

"Lets make a new promise, Kairi...to belong to another forever?" He held the ring between his index and thumb that were now shaking uncontrollably. "W-will you marry me, Kairi?"

"Sora..." Kairi whispered.

Tears were now running down her soft satin cheeks. She wanted to say yes more than anything, she did not know how long she's dreamed of this moment. However the shock combined with euphoria seemed to disable her ability to speak. This was out of character for Sora, though he's changed. He was no longer that bashful and awkward boy that he was a couple years ago. His journey's have matured him into a confident and independent hero. Yet, he was still Sora. The Sora with the big loving and caring heart and upbeat personality. The Sora she's fallen in love with.

Sora sucked in a deep breath, he assumed Kairi was just as nervous as he was, but the anticipation was driving him crazy.

"I-I understand if you're not ready-"

"YES!" Kairi screamed throwing her arms around his thin waist, scaring him half to death from her sudden outburst.

"Yes! Yes! YES! You bum! You should have already known my answer! I love you more than anything! You were all I thought about when you and Riku were away! Even if I couldn't remember your name, I could still remember you!" She exclaimed, soaking his shirt with her own tears. "When we're married, you have to take me with you and show me all the worlds! I want to see them all! But the only person I want to see them with is you, Sora! You have such a big place in my heart that nobody could ever come close to! I love you with all my being!"

A hearty laugh bubbled up from his throat as he brought his arms around her petite frame, gracefully returning back the hug. Relieved and overjoyed. It felt like it was just yesterday when they were sitting at the docks watching the sunset before the storm hit the islands. Now they were soon to be together for the rest of their lives.

Carefully Sora slid the star shaped ring onto Kairi's waiting finger, its diamonds glimmered in the moonlight.

"It looks even prettier on you." Sora said in awe, cradling her hand in his palm.

"Sora..." Kairi started as she gently cupped his face in her hands.

His eyes instantly gazed into hers. They were gentle and full of love.

"I love you..." The pair whispered to another in unison before their lips met in for a passionate kiss.

It was the start to the next step of their relationship.

A new promise to keep.

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