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Chapter Seven: Going Down In Flames

One moment she was standing right next to her husband, the next she was surrounded by a white fog as thick as a blanket of snow.
How did this happen? Was Donald right when he said that this world was surrounded by black magic? It didn't matter how much far she walked or how loud she yelled. She would end up nowhere and her own voice would just respond back to her in a faint echo.

She didn't know where she was, but she wanted to get out of there. But how? How could she possibly get out of a place where nobody could see or hear her? Has she fallen over a cliff? No...she would have remembered and felt the impact of the fall.

"Don't be afraid." A gentle voice called out from behind her. It was familiar.

Whirling around she saw a blonde version of herself standing in front of her.


"Hello, Kairi..." The blonde greeted, with a gentle smile.

"H-hi.." Kairi stammered, her mind racing.

"It's alright, I pulled you away from the others so we could talk." The nobody added, brushing a strand of her bangs from her eyes.

"Where are we?" Kairi asked, completely baffled. "How did you bring me here?"

"You're in the depths of your own heart..this is where I always am, and Roxas to with Sora."

"And Ven..." Kairi added, causing the blonde to nod in response.

"That's right...now..we don't have much time, but Kairi, you're in danger...your future is in bad hands...you can't help The King and Sora on this quest...please save yourself while you still can."

Kairi could feel her heart sink at her nobodies words. She didn't think that she could be more confused, but she was wrong.

"What do you mean? What did you see Namine? Where will I go? I can't just leave Sora or betray the King! I'm a guardian now!" Kairi cried.

Namine only shook her head. "We don't have enough time...I'm starting to disappear and you're going to go back to Sora..please...save yourself Kairi...Xehanort..he wants something of yours!"

Kairi swallowed hard and placed a hand over her heart, her eyes widening.

Namine shook her head. She was starting to fade out with the white.

"No! Not your heart...something that belongs to you and Sora! Whatever you do, he must not have it!" Namine cried, her voice growing fainter and fainter after every word that left her mouth.

"I don't understand!" Kairi called out to her nobody as the thick white mist around her started to transition back to misty plains, stalagmites, and the castle of oblivion.

Kairi stumbled and fell onto her bottom, wincing as it made contact with the cold and hard ground.

Sora, Riku, Aqua, King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were searching around the Gummi ship frantically for her. But Kairi was to stunned and baffled by Namine's warning to call out to her friends and her husband.

Could Xehanort be after both of their hearts? Why should she run from her duty of being a guardian when she's waited for years to help out her friends? Xehanort was already evil, dangerous, and powerful from what she's heard but...isn't it the hero's job to stop the villain from what they posses?

"KAIRI!" Sora called out to his wife, as he spotted her sitting on the ground with a dazed expression.

He was kneeling at her side in seconds, his hands over her smaller ones. "Kairi...I thought I lost you..." He spoke above a whisper, gathering her into his arms so he could embrace her.

"It was Namine..." Kairi muttered, slowly coming out from her daze. "She brought me to the depths of my own heart...to warn me..."

"Warn you?" Sora repeated, helping her up to her feet as the others acknowledged and ran over to them. "Warn you about what?"

"That..I'm in danger...something about Xehanort wanting something that's ours...but she disappeared before she could tell me anything else..."

"Our hearts?" Sora suggested.

Kairi shook her head in response. "No...not our hearts."

"Maybe he just wants the two of you in his clutches." Riku suggest, walking over to his friends glad to see Kairi okay.

"I don't know..." Kairi sighed.

"I'm baffled too...your Majesty?" Aqua looked down at the King curiously.

"I'm afraid I don't have the answers.." King Mickey replied in disbelief. "After we rescue Ventus...we can stop by Mysterious Tower, I believe only Yen Sid could know what your nobody means, Kairi..."

"Your Majesty, why don't you take Kairi to Mysterious Tower now? I can find Ven myself." Aqua suggested.

"I don't think separating is the best idea." The King frowned.

"Yeah!" Goofy chimed in. "What if ya run into Xehanort?"

"Or Vanitas!?" Donald added.

"Or both?" Riku suggested.

"Then I'll have to take my chances! I fought Vanitas before...and If I must, I will fight Xehanort. I'll do anything to get to my friend!" Aqua replied, as she summons Rainfell.

"I'll go with you." Riku said, walking over to her. "There's just no way that you can handle Xehanort by yourself...and Sora and Kairi don't need all of us to come with them..."

Aqua nodded and offered him a small smile. "Thank you."

"I think that you should go with them too, your Majesty. If it's Kairi and I that Xehanort wants, I think it's best that we don't stick together. It will just make us an easier target for Xehanort and Vanitas." Sora said, wrapping an arm protectively around Kairi's waist.

"Wait! Ya don't want us to come with ya!?" Goofy asked, looking at his friend in disbelief. "It'll be just like old times!"

Sora shook his head sadly.

"Not this time, Goofy...I'm sorry.."

Donald put a wing on his taller friend's shoulder for support. "He's right...we need to stay separated. It's for the best."

"Oh...alright!" Goofy sighed, trying his hardest not to start bawling. Little tears started to form in the dog's big brown eyes as he placed his large hands on Sora's shoulders. "Please...be careful and take care of ya selfs alright?"

Sora smiled and nodded. "Thanks, Goofy. Same goes for you...we'll keep in touch..I'll contact you guys on the gummi's radio! Donald? Do you still have your com?"

"Yup!" The duck replied, taking out a green square shaped device from his coat pocket.

"Okay...I'll call you guys when we land...good luck finding Ventus!" Sora said, gently guiding Kairi back to the gummi ship.

Riku watched his two best friends, as they boarded the small air craft. A slight wave of fear washed over him. He knew that Sora could protect Kairi, but was Sora capable of protecting himself? The thought scared him, knowing that he won't be there to save his friend if anything went wrong.

"Be careful" Riku said, his eyes locked on Sora.

"You too." Sora replied, giving his friend a small wave before pressing the red button that closed the door to the gummi ship. That would take them far away from this sinister world.

"You've been very quiet, Kai...talk to me." Sora said, breaking the long silence between the two.

They have just departed from Castle of Oblivion and were on their way to Mysterious tower.
It was true that Kairi has not said a word. But what was there to say? There was so much about her that she did not know. She felt helpless, confused, and oblivious to her own destiny.

"What do you want me to say, Sora?" Kairi asked, her eyes focused out her window, watching each passing star as they flew by.

"Anything. I just want to know that you're okay."

"But I'm not okay, Sora! How can I be okay? I feel so left out in the dark...I feel so helpless! How could Yen Sid and King Mickey want me to be a guardian? I know I'm suppose to be strong and all but...I've never even given my 'princess of heart' abilities to use yet!" Kairi cried, causing Sora to sigh.

"Kairi...I know how scary and confusing this is...I felt the same way the day I first landed in Traverse Town all by myself with no explanation!"

Kairi opened her mouth to respond, but before she could get a word out, she spotted a dark figure floating after them, a dark red and black cloud surrounded it.

"Sora...what is that?" Kairi asked, pointing out her window.

Sora looked over, following her gaze out her window.

The figure was closer now, it was a person dressed in a red and black bodysuit and was standing on a hover board.

His eyes widened.

"We HAVE to get out of here!" He cried, stirring the ship in the other direction and slamming his fist down on a lavender button sending them into warp drive. But just before the ship could respond to Sora's commands the figure teleported from its side to the ship to in front of the ship, raising its hand, a large dark orb appeared from its hand.

"Get us out of here!" Kairi shrieked, eyeing the masked person before them with a frantic expression. Her heart pounding unevenly against her rib cage, she could feel the rush of adrenaline pumping through her veins.

"I'm trying!" Sora shouted, just as the ship diverged into warp drive. The masked figure grabbed onto the ship's windshield wipers preventing Sora and Kairi's attempts to escape.

With the dark orb still formed in its free hand, the figure brought its hand down, slamming the dark orb into the gummi's enginebefore letting go of it and flying out into space. The dark orb bursted into purple flames, setting the gummi ships engine in flames.

Sirens on the ship began to wail, lights began to flash in warning that the engine was over heating.

Sora stirred and jerked the gummi from side to side helplessly, unable to get the fire out.

"What do we do!?" Kairi cried helplessly. Feeling beads of sweat starting to run down her temples.

"We have to land before the ship explodes!" Sora cried, stepping hard on the gas, sending the ship flying at full speed. "Hold on tight, Kai! This is going to be a wild ride!"

Kairi watched with big eyes as Sora flew the ship into a world that was pink with hearts, green heart-shaped hedges, and a long and thin silver castle. She watched as the ship whizzed down at a blinding speed towards the ground, the purple flames starting to surround the ship.

"We're going to have to jump out!" Sora shouted, so that he could be heard over the loud wailing of the sirens.

"WHAT!?" Kairi screamed back, watching her husband as he unfastened his seat belt and stumbled over to her to help her with hers.

"Just trust me!" Sora cried, gathering her into his arms. Although he wasn't so sure if he trusted himself. But he couldn't think of anything else to do as he stumbled his way over to the emergency door, that was like a trap door on the floor.

"Sora!" Kairi wailed, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. Her breathing becoming uneven.

"Hold on to me!" Sora cried as he pushed the trap door open and jumped down it, just before the gummi ship crashed into an over sized lotus stem, and exploding into flames.

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