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Ages: (Takes place after Runners)

Sonic - 15 years
Amy - 12 years
Tails - 8 years
Knuckles - 16 years



"Phew! Wait a go team! Once again, we beat that Egghead," Sonic chirped as he struck a pose on the remains of the demolished contraption that they all just defeated. Though, as usual, Eggman escaped with a pout and it would only be a matter of days before he comes back with another robot. However: "That one was a tough cookie-" Sonic dramatically fell on his bottom and dangled his legs on the heap with a sigh.
"You don't say. They're getting stronger and stronger as the days go on." Knuckles clenched and unclenched his fist before stretching his arms with a growl.
"Aww, is poor Knuckles unable to handle the real stuff now? I wonder what Miss Batty would say,"
"First of all, shut up! Second, if I were you, I'd take these small details into consideration. Don't come crying to me if you break a leg later on during a fight with that stupid Eggman."

Though, just like he usually does, Sonic shrugged off Knuckles' warning. "Hey, you're talking to the fastest thing alive. No fatty is gonna be able to keep up to even touch my lovely fur let alone break my bones. Besides, the stronger he gets, the more fun the battle gets and the stronger I get!" His grin then faltered down as Knuckles shot a stern look.
"Fine you can just waltz around when you're solo but that kind of behaviour will endanger the rest of the team. Haven't you thought about Tails or Amy? They both took quite a hit back there."

All the giddiness was wiped away from Sonic's face and was replaced with confusion.

"Wha-what? When did that happen?" He jumped off the pile of scrap and was in Knuckles' face within a millisecond. "Are they alright? I'm pretty sure that nothing too bad must've happened." Sonic tried to reassure Knuckles but through his words, it was visible that he was trying to reassure himself.
"You can go ask Tails, look, he's coming over here."

Just like the guardian said, the kitsune was already a few meters away in the air before he landed in front of both the older mobians. Usually, they'd high five each other or exchange words at this point but Sonic's lips were glued shut at his younger brother's appearance. Tails' head was wrapped with a bandage and a few specks of blood was seeping through it. A couple of bruises dotted under his usually bright golden fur and arms was full of scratches.

This was abnormal. Completely abnormal. Sonic's expression juxtaposed with Tails' warm smile when he was relieved that his older friends took down the heaps of junk.
"Chaos Tails...you look terrible." The speed demon managed to utter out while the fox-boy frowned in response. "I'm so sorry for not being there-"

"It's okay! Really. The plane Amy and I were on got shot and we both crashed onto the land," Sonic's eyes widened as he realised what that explosion was back then "Somehow, as usual, Amy had a trick up her sleeves and used her hammer to propel us both out of the plane so we didn't incinerate. But, while I landed on the grass quickly using my momentum, the explosion threw Amy further away and she took a much harder hit at high speed." Guilt was now flooding Sonic's heart "Despite that, I think she's some kind of superwoman! Not only did Amy get back up, she treated my wounds first and she was in a much worse shape."

"Tails." Sonic interrupted "Where is she now? Shouldn't she have come with you?"
"I told her to come with me but she said that she had to go somewhere and she ran away BACKWARDS and weirdly." Sonic and Knuckles raised a brow at this. Although Amy was known to be a little crazy at times, this behaviour was rather unexpected. "She went the same direction she normally goes on for her strolls."
"I'll go check on her-" Before Sonic could speed off, Tails grabbed his arm.

"Wait! Take the first aid kit with you. I think she's going through a bit of agony." Sonic took the equipment with gratitude and ran off leaving his two comrades in the dust.

"Tails, was she bleeding?" Tails froze as soon as Knuckles' spoke and lowered his head. He looked up to face the guardian and his eyes glistened with oncoming tears.
"I saw blood dripping behind her Knu-Knuckles...I think she's hurting really bad..."


"Oh my God...Ames..."

Amy stopped what she was doing and her eyes widened fearfully at the sight of her hero behind her. She thought that if she were to quickly slip away to somewhere isolated and clean up her wounds there, everything would be fine. Unfortunately, she underestimated the seriousness of her injuries and the danger she was in. She mentally face palmed herself for not going to her house instead even though she lacked a lot of energy.

Sonic rushed towards her so that they were face to face and gripped her shoulders firmly, but not firm enough to hurt her. Her appearance at the front was just as bad as Tails but that was not what shocked Sonic.
"T-Turn around." He ordered.
"Sonic, I-I'm fine, honestly-" Her voice was visibly faint and cracked but she was still interrupted.
"Just do it!"

Not waiting for her response, Sonic twisted her body so that her back was facing him and he finally got a horrendous view of her injuries. The back of her head was coated with fresh blood and her back was full of deep gashes. In one of the deep scratches, a thin, sharp metal piece was jabbed in there. Sonic may lack the general knowledge of a nurse but he has the necessary intellect to know the boundaries between dangerous and minor.

If he doesn't get that metal out, she could get infected and her condition would worsen into a deeper matter that could possibly put her into a life and death situation. Meanwhile, Amy was shivering in his hold and many thoughts swam through her head, especially of what Sonic would do next. Would he yell at her? Would he suspend her from going on any more missions? Worse, would he disallow any contact between him and her to ensure her safety?
"You idiot..." Sonic mumbled but then snapped back to the his mission. Treat Amy's injuries.

With a deep sigh, Sonic regained focus. "Amy, I need you to sit down and relax, I've to get that sharp thing outta your back." Amy's breath got hitched in her throat. So that's what was causing her whole body to ache in the first place?
"I thought it was a bone or something at first," Amy mused to herself but that was mainly to console her mind. Sonic was now here, everything will be alright. Just like it always does.

"If that were to be true, I'd have dragged your butt to the hospital." Sonic was deadpan serious. "You're lucky that I found you on times...now sit down." Amy nodded and bent her legs slowly only to jerk back up and hiss in pain.
"Erm...can you help me...er..." Usually, Amy wouldn't hesitate to ask a favour for Sonic unless it's something serious. Her lover glanced at her legs to see dark bruises staining her usually fair fur only to wince and mentally beat himself up for not being there for her.

"Hold on to me." Sonic carefully lead her backwards so that her side was leaning on his chest and allowed her to wrap her arms around his invisible neck. As if she was made of glass, Sonic lifted her up bridal style ensuring that his arm was on her lower back and didn't make contact with the wounds. However, she whimpered in pain and bit her bottom lip as he bent down to place her on the ground.

'Chaos knows how she managed to get Tails all bandaged up even being in that state! She truly is a superwoman.' Sonic thought to himself. He got the first aid kit box out of his quills and assessed over what he needed. After confirming to himself for the final time that he's got everything to clean her up, he faced Amy's back once again and deliberately avoided her astonished gaze.

'Man...even after getting all beat up, she still looks really cute and- ack! Stop it Sonic! Focus!'

"Okay Amy, this is going to hurt, a lot, and I-" He was cut off by Amy.
"I trust you more than I trust myself with my life. I'll just keep still and...erm..." Fear was displayed in her eyes and to Sonic, it was equivalent to a police siren. She may trust him but that doesn't mean she wasn't scared.
"Hey, close your eyes and think of something else," His soothing tone lulled Amy's eyes to flutter shut and crouch slightly so that Sonic had an easier access to her back. "Atta girl Ames."

Many things warped through Amy's mind, mainly precious moments and happy thoughts. Such as when she and Silver first got Shadow out of his house and tried to show him around the city. Amy's never seen such an awestruck expression on her figurative older brother's face. It was like he was a little child being introduced to Christmas lights for the first time ever.

All of a sudden, Amy's back felt like it was on fire and the throbbing pain intensified like someone was pouring acid on her. Her wails echoed through the isolated area and her body stiffened. Sonic's reassuring words were swept away in the wind as her tears began to cascade down her cheeks.

Amy silenced herself by biting onto her glove and tried to think of something else. In a matter of seconds, the memory of Cream's confession about her crush for Tails numbed her pain. The adorable twinkle in those chocolate eyes made Amy feel like she was the proudest sister in the whole world. The shocked chirrups from Cream's chao Cheese were too cute to miss.

The excruciating pain drove Amy out of her momentary bliss and her voice begged to scream out again. She felt like her blood was boiling like an erupting volcano. She tried to ease the pain off by bunching her knees together and this time, she managed to bite into her finger causing it to bleed. The bite was nothing compared to the hellish agony of getting a sharp piece of metal out of your back.

A merry thought of Sonic offering her a chilli dog for the first time bulldozed its way to her brain causing her to fall into a dream like state once again. She remembered how she was pondering at a random chili dog stand and was debating on whether to get one or not since it was so popular. Coincidentally, Sonic bumped into her there and obviously persuaded her to try one. Flustered, Amy denied and chose to have her sashimi rice instead.

Of course Sonic wouldn't let her off that easily so he encouraged her to take a bite from his chilli dog. Instead of receiving a delighted expression, Amy ended up choking on the spices and her face went all red. From that day onward, Amy loathed chilli dogs. But, Sonic didn't want to leave her at such a horrific note (in his opinion) so he took her to an ice cream parlour where they enjoyed the rest of the day covering each other with the delicious goodness and mucking about.

The coolness of the ice cream faded away back to the torturous pain enabling Amy to scream her heart out one last time and sob uncontrollably. Finally, Sonic managed to get the metal out in one piece and her blood started to gush out freely making both hedgehogs slightly light headed.

"It's over Amy, the horrible bit is over," Sonic repeated in her ear over and over again to console the sobbing girl and wrapped his arms around her. "I've already applied the alcohol rub so the wounds at the back won't be infected Ames. Calm down now," He shushed once again and as a result, Amy's sobs ceased to mere hiccups and whimpers. "Come on, no more tears, come one, Little Miss Superwoman doesn't cry,"

With his speed, Sonic bandaged Amy's main wound up and applied a couple of plasters and disinfectant cream on her smaller cuts. He moved from his place so that he could face her. Sonic thanked chaos that he didn't see Amy's face when she was screaming. Her wails almost killed him inside; her expressions would probably have made him lose his composure as well. To lighten the mood, Sonic sat down with a playful pout and folded his arms.

"You're not Amy." The rosette only cocked her head in confusion. "Amy always smiles." His pout turned into a more comical one. "Amy would always laugh and smile and make sure that everyone's happy." He bent his ears down this time which made the girl's chapped lips twitch upwards. Seeing that his plan was working, Sonic decided to kick it up a notch.

"My Amy," Both their hearts sped up as he emphasised the first word "...would never stay sad for too long and would do anything to make everyone smile. She would make sure that there's no awkward silence, try and make Shadow give her a ride on his motorbike when I-IIIIIIIIIII'M much faster than both him and that machine combined," A little giggle erupted from her hoarse throat as Sonic exaggerated his expressions and paced about in front of her. "Most importantly," Sonic bent back down to her level and this time enveloped her into his arms with a sigh. "My Amy...my Ames...would always tell me what's wrong..."

"Amy, where does it hurt?"


"Amy, where DOES it hurt?"





"It hurts...it hurts everywhere! IT'S HURTING! I don't know anything anymore! It hurts!"

"Have you always gotten hurt?"


"Tell me everything, have you always gotten hurt?"

"...p-please...please help me!"

"Close your eyes and hold tight."


"Sshhh...close them..."

In between the two hedgehogs, Sonic placed a chaos emerald in her hand and put his hand over it so that their fingers were touching. He leaned his forehead on hers and blew a cool breeze on her face. The chaos emerald glowed in a mighty gold colour and a supernatural mist surrounded both the hedgehogs' heads. Finally, all the feeling of pain washed away from both their hearts and minds despite the injuries and wounds were still present. Though, both Sonic and Amy kept their eyes closed enjoying the blissful moment they were having together.

"It doesn't hurt anymore..."

"I'm glad,"

"Thank you, thank you so much Sonic,"

"Anything to get you to smile."

"And I'm sorry for not telling you thi-"

"No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been messing about."


"But it's okay now. You're not gonna bottle up those pains anymore. Understand?"

"I...I promise."

"Is that real promise?"


"...that's my girl..."





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