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Ages: (Takes place after Sonic RUNNERS!)

Sonic - 15 years

Amy - 12 years

Tails - 8 years

Cream - 6 years

Knuckles - 16 years

Rouge - 18 years


Amy Rose is iconic for many things. Starting from a fiercely strong heroine who whacks a certain Eggheaded ass, consoling those on the villainous side and bringing them to the hero's perspective, to being the backbone of her team led by her blue hero. Though, she's also iconic for her temper tantrums, an aspect of stubbornness that rivals her lover's and her unconditional love and loyalty for the said lover who's none other than: Sonic The Hedgehog. Of course there is a whole lot more features, aspects and skills that could be mentioned about this wonderful young girl, however, that wouldn't be necessary as we are focused on one particular thing about the pinkette.

And what would that be you may ask?

Her determination, her thrill, her thirst to match two people she thinks should be together. That's right. When she's not fussing about her own love life or about a blue hedgehog or ranting about how she'd knock out Eggman, she spends some time scheming and preparing on getting people together.

Who are her targets, you may think?

"Amy? A-aaaaamy? Think you can put the binoculars down and tell me exactly WHY you called? I don't see any badniks or eggbots crawling around here-" Sonic didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as soon as Amy shushed him with a hiss. This caused the blue hedgehog to narrow his eyes at the girl and stand up from behind the bush the duo were behind. With breakneck speed, Amy pulled the alarmed hedgehog back to the ground making him faceplant into the soil and huffed at him.

"Sonic! What do you think you're doing?" Her sour face was wiped off and was replaced with a cute smirk while Sonic struggled to get his face out of the ground.
"Instead of sitting there and laughing, how about you gimme a hand and pull my face outta this!" Sonic's muffled reply only caused Amy to giggle discretely, careful of not being seen or heard by her targets up ahead, enjoying some yummy ice cream in the parlour. "Amy!" Oh how tempted she was to snap a picture of him right here, right now.

Putting the hedgehog out of his mystery, Amy pulled on Sonic's quills to help him out. This took three full attempts with huge effort and Sonic was finally out of the ground, wiping his face off of any dirt. He sent a warning glare to the guilty looking girl who gave an apologetic smile and was dusting his arms and head comically.

"I have every rights to dash off right now Miss Rose so-" Sonic stopped mid sentence at Amy's expression which switched from one of apology to her extremely cute moe face. Her hands were gripping one of his, her ears were bent backwards in a timid fashion and her eyes sparkled like they've just been glazed with tears. "No-no-no! Not this fa-aaace-" His heart was now pounding against his chest like rice in a wooden mortar. As if the usual irregular heartbeat and tingly stomach when Amy's around was not enough

"I'm sorry Sonic, please don't go," A small smile was present on her pale muzzle and she tilted her head to the side slightly. No one is able to escape that moe look...well, maybe Shadow but definitely not Sonic as he visibly relaxed and crossed his legs. His hand escaped her grip like hot iron while he crossed his arms. The warmth of her touch on his fingers still lingered quite pleasantly much to his dismay.

"F-F-Fine," A light crimson hue was present on the speed demon's cheeks "Explain yourself, why am I here? When you called you said that it's an emergency and I came here as fast as I could," Sonic then cocked an eyebrow at Amy "What's your emergency?" Amy giggled at his unamused face, mentally noting how cute he was but decided that it's fair to tell him what's going on.
"Look at the two people on the bench," She handed him her binoculars so he shuffled forward and looked through it. Amy's smile grew when she saw his eyes widen.

"Why that sly little puffball! Tails said that he's going out to get some equipment; he never mentioned about getting some dessert. Cheating me out on some ice-" The binoculars were taken off Sonic before he could even blink, pausing his rant and he was faced with a frowning Amy. "What?"

"Did you honestly think I called you all the way here just to rat out on poor little Tails? Look who's with him!" She shoved the binoculars back to him letting him witness the scene before them.
"Yeah...I already saw Cream and Cheese with him. Did I miss anyone or-" Amy snatched the binoculars off of the hedgehog one last time with a frustrated glare. "Amy, you know I can't communicate through facial gestures or whatever so can you at LEAST be considerate and TELL me through WORDS what's going on?"

"Sonic. They're having ice-cream, TOGETHER," Amy clasped her hands to emphasise her point "They're laughing, sharing jokes and-" This time, Sonic cut her off and rolled his eyes.
"What's the big deal? They do this stuff all the time. I'm pretty sure they have ice creams and hang out with friends from time to time. Have you gone loopy again?" Amy slapped away the hand that made it's way to touch her forehead and muttered on how boys were so oblivious.
"Can't you see? Those two are acting a lot MORE than friendly, Sonic? Do you want me to get you a pair of glasses too?" In a split second, everything seemed to have clocked in Sonic's head and he mentally groaned. Out of all people, out of all their friends, she had to pick on his little bro.

"Oh Chaos..." Missing out on Sonic's face palm, Amy giggled and started spying on the young kids again with glee "What are you up to now you Rascal?"
"For so long, I've had my suspicions that they had a thing for each other! Look how happy they are on their date!"
"Date? How do you even-"
"And then with your help, we will get them to kiss by the end of the day at the sunset! It will be so romantic! Eheheh~"
"I'm sorry, WHAT?"
"And then I'll start handing out the invitations to their wedding! Aiyaaa! And then-"

"Amy!" Sonic pulled the binoculars off her and grabbed her shoulders so that they were facing each other. His stern lime eyes bored into her once giddy jade pair.

"As I recall, the last time you tried your dumb love schemes on someone, Silver and I ended up getting burnt to a crisp!" Amy shrugged off Sonic's hands from her shoulders and pouted.
"Oh come on! We all know Blaze and Silver are perfect for each other," Sonic's deadly glare could've sliced her in half if it were to be possible "I just didn't think that making you and Silver act a bit...lovey dovey with each other...was such a bad plan...at least we know for sure that Blaze really really REALLY likes him and-"

"I am not getting involved in your despicable plans! And I'm not gonna let you brainwash the kids into something as serious as...eugh...liking LIKING each other. Chaos, Cream is only six for crying out loud."
"Brainwashing? How am I brainwashing? They just need a little push; since when did age matter? I knew we were fated ever since I was eight~" Ignoring his heart skipping a beat, Sonic was now torn between smashing the binoculars and dragging Amy home or just ditching her on the spot to avoid her diabolical love schemes. Although the second option was as easy pie, nobody would like an angry little girl chasing after you at high speeds with a hammer twenty times her size.

"You know what?" Sonic placed his arm around her shoulders, silencing her hungry eyes at their best friends up ahead. Her cheeks were now the ones tainted at this sudden, willing touch.
"H-Huh? What is it?" Sonic's cheery demeanor switched into something more sinister as Amy realised the situation she's just landed in.
"I say I go over there and drag Tails back to the workshop! Don't ya think? And before I do that, I'll make sure you're outta my way so you don't prevent me from doing so. At least I'll protect my little bro from this icky gross love and cooties..."

It was then that the tables have turned and Sonic was the one who was slightly intimidated. The trademark hammer that seemed to grow as seconds rolled by, was now gripped in Amy's hands who clenched her teeth at Sonic. Usually, he'd flinch and babble for forgiveness or take off at the speed of sound- speed of light even depending on how fearful Amy looked. Right now, he was expecting this and wanted to distract the girl.
"If you DARE to ruin my plans of getting those lovebirds together, I will smash your head with my hammer so hard that it'd be as flat as a pancake."

'Now that would be bad for my reputation,' Sonic muttered in his mind and bravely placed his hand on her hammer with a weak smile. "Me? Ruining the plans? You're the one who called me here so technically it's you." This only seemed to anger Amy more as Sonic prepared for her to scream his name in fury which would obviously catch Tails' attention and potentially ruin any of feelings brewing. Not just that; an angry Amy is quite a cute sight to see at times. The way her jade eyes would light up with utmost passion, the way her small button nose would wrinkle cutely and the way her pout shaped her thin lips. 'Oh-hhhh boy. Did I just think she's cute? Since when did I care about her lips!?'

All of a sudden, Amy's phone buzzed in her dress pocket and the hammer disappeared from sight. Oblivious to Sonic's jaw dropping at her sudden change of behaviour, Amy glanced at the notification reminder and gasped quietly. Sonic's curiousity perked up and he sneakily tried to glance at her phone only for her to shove it back in her pocket and crawl away from the bushes. Not understanding any of her actions, Sonic pounced on her back making her face hit the ground.
"Ooph! So-ooooonic!" Amy whined out, her previous anger for him seemingly vanished.

"Everyone already knows you're a strange girl but now you're just taking this to the next level. Where are you heading off to now?" Sonic's questions were left unanswered since Amy was too busy trying to get him off her by pushing her body up and trying to roll over. The blue speed demon smirked evilly and relaxed into his usual sitting down position making things harder for the struggling girl. If she was up to another love matching scheme, then he might as well delay it.

With a final push, Amy collapsed back on the ground with a groan, grimacing at the grass tickling her face. She turned her face to the side and glared at the blue meanie.
"Can you get off now? It's rude to sit on a lady. Especially when she has an important mission to go on." Sonic then adjusted his position so that his chin was on her head and his arms folded between his chest and Amy's back while still sitting on the poor girl.
"Number one, you're not even a lady yet. You can't even talk, you always do this to me; pinning me onto the ground when I'm relaxing and choking me to death half the time." He grinned at her frustrated yell at him "Number two, care to elaborate what this 'important mission' is Miss Rose?"

"My neck's hurting me, you're too heavy," Not letting her finish, Sonic leapt off of her with worry etched on his face and helped her sit up.
"Oh man! Did I injure you just now or-" He was interrupted with a hammer meeting his face and crashed onto the floor all dazed. "Gahhhhh..." Sonic dug his fingers into the ground, hearing Amy's mocking giggles chime in his ears. He couldn't open his eyes from the intense headache the hammer usually delivers after one blow. Chaos knows how he hasn't got any brain damage yet.
"Now, I'll see you later my love~" Amy skipped away, careful of not being seen by the fox and rabbit who were still enjoying each other's company.

"T-This girl...will be the death of me one day...ah!" Sonic ignored his body's protests and tried to get on his feet, only to fall forward and face plant into the ground once again. "Dammit." And this time, he was on his own.


There's a reason why April was such a beautiful month in the city the Sonic Team lived in and that's nothing other than the Chigasaki Chao Garden. Not only is it the natural home for the adorable little chao and the source of the sweetest fruit you'd ever taste, in spring, the trees would have the most gorgeous cherry blossoms blooming on their branches, creating the perfect scenery and atmosphere. This place is actually off limits in most parts of the Garden to ensure the Chao's safety and to avoid any of the grubby tourists from contaminating the beautiful place.

Though, that doesn't mean that some of the locals sneak in from time to time. This includes a familiar Echidna and Bat under the largest sakura tree in the garden. Instead of having their usual banters, the two were actually on a date. Knuckles actually attempted to look presentable and put on a open chested shirt while Rouge wore a stunning purple summer dress with sandals. Both of them were on their first date yet there wasn't a slither of awkwardness between them.

Rouge had her head resting on Knuckles' strong chest, having his heart beat as her lullaby. Knuckles leaned against the tree, eyes closed peacefully as he enjoyed Rouge's tantalising scent and the warmth of her body against his. Both their cheeks, especially Knuckles' were flushed in colour from their earlier events together and a smear of purple lipstick residue on the echidna's lips were stained there.

The small figure that has been on patrol on the very big tree that the couple rested against on, shuffled a branch slightly so that there was a little dash of sakura petals floating down towards them. The wind was soft and serene so the petals that fell seemed like pink snow wisps. The figure smiled warmly at Knuckles and Rouge and then smiled proudly to herself. 'About time they got together. I told them it would work~'

Feeling satisfied with everything, the young figure decided to make herself comfy in the tree. Since it was so big and bloomed fully, the branches were really thick and strong, the flowers acted like cushions and the sun's bathing warmth was enough for anyone to succumb to a nice nap. This figure was no exception as she lied down on her side ready to escape into dream world. The alluring scent of the sweet flowers danced in the air, as if it's a delicious cake baking in the oven. Suddenly, a foreign gust of wind was felt and the flow of the falling petals changed direction. The figure's eyes snapped open and it took her everything to not scream.

"You know, if it weren't for your dress, I probably would've not seen you. You blend right in the sakura!" Amy's lips were glued shut whilst he smirked.

"Next time you hit someone in the face like that, you gotta make sure that you don't leave anything personal behind. That person could use it against ya." Sonic chuckled, his hand held Amy's phone. Ames shot up with shock but then that was replaced by guilt when she saw the bump she gave him on the side of his head with her hammer. Sonic crouched down beside her yet his grin never left his face. "So, looks like one of your schemes DID work...for once, heh," He handed Amy her phone, his hands lingered on her fingers before absentmindedly putting the phone onto her lap instead and grasping her fingers once more. Like a little child, he began to play with them as he spoke with his head down.

"Before I made my way here, I read the notes you made for Knuckles' and Rouge's date on your notification," Amy raised a brow at Sonic. She didn't mind him going through her phone as she had nothing to hide from him. He usually takes her phone sometimes just to play the latest games on it when he's bored.

"Are you against with what I did?" Amy finally spoke out, her voice just above a whisper as to not disturb the new couple nor ruin the moment. Sonic furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head before looking at her in the eye. His eyes identifying her darker pair; jade blue specks surrounding the pupils, a mixture of light green toned gradient running from the top to the bottom of her irises and a few glassy rings showing her love and tender look.

"I've been teasing that Knucklehead about Rouge for ages Amy. It's about time he got away from that big green rock of his," They both giggled at this.
"Then why were you so against me doing the same for Tails and Cream?"
"It's not that I was against it...per se..." Sonic cleared his throat and brought his hand back to himself to tug on the cuff of his glove. The pink petals flew around both Sonic and Amy as the wind blew a tad bit stronger. The overwhelming fragrance turning Sonic's mind to mush.

"Ya see Amy, the way you were intent on getting them together was gonna result with something as similar as the Silver and Blaze plan of yours," Amy was about to open her mouth to retort but Sonic gave her a look to show that he wasn't finished "Yes you may have gotten Knuckles and Rouge together but that's because of their personalities. Your methods worked on them perfectly because it's exactly what they needed. For starters, this garden is an excellent idea to calm their hotheadedness and actually get along better."

"I never really thought about that," Amy admitted, this time her head was down but in thoughts. "I mean I just followed my instincts and clues and the small things I observe. You know, a blush here and there, that extra longing in the eyes..." She then looked up to meet Sonic's eyes "...a change in heart rate," It was then that Sonic's eyes widened.

'Could she be trying to say that...these are the signs that I slip out? Does that mean...that these strange feelings I have for her...is love? Impossible! I mean me, Sonic, in love? I've been feeling this ever since I met her, this can't be love...right?'

"There are much simpler things too," Amy's voice brought Sonic back to reality and a unwanted blush tinged the tips of his cheeks "You know? The way they talk, interactions, how deep their smile is and so on," Again, these could be implying his behaviour towards Amy.

"That is quite a gift you have, seeing the connection between two people," The petals blew around them, a few landed on Amy's head. Sonic took this opportunity to touch her quills and brush the petals off. Amy melted into his touch and closed her eyes to relish the sensation of his warmth. "But, there's one key point you're missing Amy, it may even sound surprising from me," Amy's eyes opened as Sonic eyed the petal that rested on her nose courtesy of him brushing it off of her quills.

"And what's that?" Sonic smiled before blowing the sakura petal off her nose and they both watched it drift into the wind.

"That's right Amy, time." Amy bit her bottom lip and looked down again. Just like he warned, isn't it a bit odd to hear something like that come out of the blue hedgehog's mouth? The same guy who's so carefree, so cocky, not chained to any responsibility that he's not willing to carry?

"I thought time was your biggest enemy?"
"Hmm? If you're talking about me being late to those silly dates then you're missing the point." Amy shook her head with a sigh before confessing her view.

"I mean with time, comes age and eventually comes death."

Sonic felt his breath hitch at his throat. Since when was the girl this deep and not so...optimistic? "Amy..."

"Ehm! Forget about what I said, let's just...er..." Sonic grabbed Amy's wrist and used his other hand to cup her cheek so she looked his way. His eyes were etched with worry and a slight bit of fear "Is there something that you're not telling me, A-Amy?" Panic was laced in his voice as the worst case scenarios came to mind.

"What? No! I'm not dying or anything like that Sonic. It's something else, just a silly reason," Sonic let out a sigh of relief, one that didn't go unnoticed by Amy but still he looked at her worryingly.
"Whether you like it or not, you're spilling out that silly reason right here, right now." Amy took in his words for a moment and moved her wrist of his grasp so that she can hold his hand. She was able to feel his erratic pulse through his veins.

"Sonic, every day, every minute, even second, we're in danger,"
"It could be an accident, it could be an illness, it could even be a crime or...it could be fate itself. We could all die any second now." Sonic's heart tightened at her words and he subconsciously squeezed her hand. "And then there's us, we fight against Eggman on a regular basis putting our lives at risk. You even fight Gods with the fate of the world in your hands. That's why...this is why..." Sonic could've swore she had a tear threatening to leak out of her glistening eyes.

"This is why I try and make sure we live life to the fullest potential," A graceful smile laid upon her lips and her eyes closed yet tears were streaking down her cheeks. "Don't you know Sonic? It's better to have loved than to have not loved at all. If anyone I care for were to leave me forever, I wouldn't want them to regret anything. Life is too short and too cruel." Sonic was now lost for words and the wind blew the sakura petals against them, engulfing them in a snowstorm of pink.

It then hit Sonic. What if Eggman gets lucky and does manage to deliver a fatal blow to him? That idiotic Doctor hasn't hesitated to kill Sonic before so why would it make a difference now? Or what if one of his friends gets killed instead? Knuckles? Tails? A-Amy? Especially Amy? She's been personally held at gunpoint before by that damn lunatic. The options are unlimited!

"So Time may not be your enemy...but it sure is mine..." Amy quietly sobbed out.

Not wanting to hear another word, Sonic wrapped the young girl with his strong arms into a tender and needy embrace. Amy's quiet tears drenched his shoulder while he let his fingers delve deeper into her soft, thin quills.

"Ames...I never knew you felt like this...wha- I expected this to come out of someone like Shadow! Just...how long did you have this view over time? Day in, day out, how did you cope with such heavy thoughts? Out of all things Amy! You...I never saw you as a glass half empty. You're always so full of energy and positivism that it spills out of the brims like a broken dam. You're so focused on trying to help others not have a regrettable life, you completely isolate yours. This is not...I'm not going to..." Sonic clenched his teeth and held Amy closer "Dammit! I just...you shouldn't even be feeling like this!"

"I-I-I'm sorry." Amy uttered out. Sonic pulled away from Amy, just a bit so that he could face her. His eyes dived into hers ferociously as if searching for the right thing to say.
"Amy, listen to me," Sonic wiped off her tears "Of course there are things that we hate about time but, have you considered about things that we can love?"

"Ames, there are many things I can thank time for. With time, comes wisdom and maturity. Time allows things to grow and possibly bloom into something beautiful- like this sakura tree we're on right now. Do you realise how much time it has spent growing and blooming every year? Heck it's still a growing tree." Sonic allowed a petal to drift into his palm and the wind blew much more gently. "Time has let me grow and meet the very people I'll never leave..." Sonic directed his tender look from the petal to Amy and the pinker of the two stared at him, awestruck.

"Seeing Tails grow from a young, vulnerable toddler to the most bravest and smartest kid I've ever met is such a great feeling. It makes me feel like...some...some sort of brother. Lets not forget about Knux! He went from all edgy and hardheaded to one of my admirable rivals. I even look up to him! Though, he's still a little temporal at times," His hand then stroked Amy's bangs and cheekily fiddled with her ear. "And I got to meet you...you were all small an' cute...wearing those over sized clothes and trying to kill anything that annoys you, heh," His thumb wiped off her oncoming tear "Now, you've grown, to such a pretty girl. You're so strong, you have such charm and such a big heart. Yes, it still baffles me at times at how you do these things...how you do this to me," Sonic brought her hand to his chest to feel his heart beat, beating in such a fast rhythm.

As if a silver lining has appeared in her view, Amy's perspective changed abstractedly. 'But of course, seeing Sonic grow from such a young hero to the brave boy he is now makes my heart soar. Not just him, but Cream, Tails, Knuckles and everyone else. I wouldn't have met them if it weren't for time itself. Even the timestones have a part in this...ironically.'

"Chaos...that was a little mushy, too mushy, heh." Sonic chuckled, though, his hand was still tangled in Amy's quills and his heart was pumping faster than ever at his half confession. "B-B-But you get my point right? Now don't go forcing down marriages on everyone else, doing a bit of of work here and there is fine but don't push it. Wouldn't want another injured hedgehog do we?" Amy smiled at him and her face seemed to glow with radiance.

"Okay, I'll try,"
"Just try? Come on Amy, I'm not reassured yet." Sonic joked and flicked her nose playfully.
"Fine, I won't interfere with anyone else's love life too much. I'll focus on trying to keep mine, eheh," Sonic let out a little 'er...' at this but Amy on the other hand had one little thing she wanted to do.

"Sonic? Is it okay if...if I give you something?" She seemed so shy compared to her usual bold attitude. It's probably due to each other's confessions, Sonic supposed.
"Sure...I guess?" Amy took a deep breath before using her fingers to guide Sonic's face to the side. The blue hedgehog didn't dare to move. Amy closed her eyes and let her trembling lips lead their way to his cheeks.

Before she knew it, Sonic clamped his hand on her lips and a mock frown was obvious on his lips. However, Amy took this as another rejection and looked away with embarrassment.
"If you're gonna kiss me, ya gotta aim right at the very least." Shock was evident on Amy's face and she stared at Sonic with bewilderment. A shy smile was present on his boyish face and both his hands made way to cup her soft face.
"On the lips!?"

"Sshhh..." Sonic had lowered his eyelids "Just relax and let me handle this, you're trembling all over," In all honesty, Sonic used this excuse in order to make the first move. "If you're not gonna do anything for yourself, then let me do it for you. You give your love out to everyone, you have such a big heart yet you never leave enough room to love yourself, to tend to your thoughts, to heed your needs. Promise me Amy, promise me that you'll let me love you."

All of Amy's pent up emotions spilled out in the form of her tears and her body trembled. The wind allowed the sakura petals that were in the air to settle onto the ground, especially on top of Sonic and Amy. The fruity fragrance lingered causing the bubbling yet intoxicating love in both of the hedgehogs' hearts to burst.
"I promise," Amy's voice was no more than a breath.

Sonic didn't wait any longer and bridged the gap between their lips into a soft embrace. His lips may have been just pressed against hers gently but the feelings that were exploding within their bodies were so electrifying and mesmorising. One of Sonic's hands trailed from Amy's cheek to her small waist and finally circled her back as if she's the only thing he has left. The delicious taste of each other's lips caused the older of the two to tilt his head to the side slightly and capture her bottom lip. Their bodies were bursting with warmth and their cheeks were on fire. Amy let out one tear of joy as she placed one hand against Sonic's muzzle. Finally, at long last, finally! The one selfish desire that they both yearned for from each other and now they're able to cherish it with passion and relief.

Amy has often dreamed about getting a kiss from Sonic. Whether it's straight after getting saved by Eggman or she, whisking him off of his feet, nothing could've amounted to what she's feeling. It's almost as if her whole body has lit up. Feeling bolder, Sonic parted Amy's lips back and forth sending luxurious sensations down each other's spine. He pushed his lips against hers harder till he heard her gasp and give a small a whimper. Knowing that he's pushed a little too far, Sonic parted reluctantly, both hedgehogs breathing heavily with rosy cheeks. Simultaneously, they both touched their lips to feel the same fizzing touch still there. Sonic glanced towards Amy trying not to smile like a goof.

"I should kiss you more often...I MEAN! Erm...if you don't mind?" Sonic didn't need an answer as soon as Amy sent him backwards by glomping him with a squeal. "I'll take that as a yes, huh?"
"I've been waiting forever for a kiss from you, it was so worth it!"
"And I'm honoured to have you take away my lips first, my lady," They both giggled at his mock gentlemanly posture and Sonic took this opportunity to press his lips against hers once again, taking her by surprise and enveloping her frame in his arms.

Once again, the feelings they felt in their first kiss came rushing back like a tidal wave but this time, it was amplified as both contributed to it strongly and passionately like a pair of experienced lovers.

"There's another thing to thank time for, right? It's thanks to time that this kiss was so worth the wait, right Amy?" Amy nodded and buried her head onto his chest with a beautiful smile adorning her lips.
"I-I-I thank time...for letting me be able to love you Sonic,"
"Aww, I love me too!"
"Hahhaha! I love you too Amy Rose, forever," The sakura petals swirled around them as they leaned their foreheads against each other with pure admiration on both of their faces. A burst of youthful joy were drizzled in their laughter.


"Hey Knuckles, should we let them know that we were awake throughout the whole time they were up there? Hmmm? I know I would love to see their reactions,"

"Huh? I mean-"

"Knuckles...are you crying?"

"No Batgirl! I am sweating through my eyes. See?"

"Awwwwww my little Echidna is such a softie..."

"Leave. Me. Alo-ooooone."

"Would you li-iiiiiike another kisshy wisshy to make you sm-iiiiiiile again? Oh Knuckie-Poo?"


"Can't I just use this as an excuse to kiss you again?"

"No. You have to ask for one."

"Since when did I ask? I take!"

"Wait! Ro-mmmmmmmmmppppph!"


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