Authors note: Hi! I'm a little nervous, this is my first fanfiction. I decided to do a Mario and Sonic crossover because I loved the game Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games when I was little. So if I make a mistake PLEASE take it easy on me. Now without further ado; Lets get on with the story!

Update: I did some edits on this chapter and going to do some more on the others too.

CH 1: Just a typical day

It's 12:48pm in the mushroom kingdom, small mushroom people known as toads were running around with their normal busy lives. But today was big; today is the ultimate Mario kart race to see who was the champion of the road. Everyone was riled up and were off to the track to see who became Victoria. On a nearby hill with a small tree pointed toward a huge pink castle (peach castle) stood a plumber. He wore a red shirt with a red hat that had a M on it, he had blue overalls with two yellow buttons on them, a pair of white gloves, and a pair of brown shoes. He also had brown hair and a bushy black mustache. He was the hero of the mushroom kingdom Mario. Mario sighed and looked out into the distance, he was a finalist in the race, but before he went to the race he decided to get a little fresh air. However he seemed to have something on his mind. He leaned up against the tree and was about dose off into his thoughts when…

"MARIO!" the sudden out burst startled Mario so much he jumped up and hit his head on a tree branch. Mario held his head and after a few moments he was better and saw three figure running up the hill to him. One looked almost like him only his shirt and hat were green and the hat had an L on it. And his overalls were more of a blueish purple color. And he was taller then Mario too! It was his little brother Luigi, he can be a coward at times but he always finds courage when his friends need him. The second figure was a young woman wearing a long pink dress with a sapphire in the middle of the top, she was holding up as she runs. She had red high heel shoes and has long blond hair and wore a gold crown on her head with rubies and sapphires. She was the beloved ruler of the mushroom kingdom princess peach! She's kind, generous, and at sometimes brave. She constantly is kidnapped by the evil king bowser, but Mario always jumps in to save her. The two had been in love for a small while but decided to wait before anyone said anything. And the third figure was a type dinosaur. He had lime green skin with a red sattle on his back, he had a big round nose and wore orange shoes. It was his best friend Yoshi! Yoshi is a gentle and kind dinosaur he has a long sticky red tongue that has been proven useful through his adventures. He's quick on his feet and very fast. However Yoshi is also a skilled fighter witch makes him even more proud to help his friends. The three ran up to Mario who had just gotten up.

"Mario! We have been looking all over for you!" Peach stated

"Yeah! Oh and sorry for shocking you like that." Luigi laughed rubbing the back of his head.

"The race starts in an hour, and we wanted to see if you were ready to go!" Yoshi added. Mario smiled and jumped up.

"Don't worry I'm ready for anything! As long as the three of you are cheering me on!"

" And we will!" Yoshi said happily. But then he looked glum

"I just wish I was still in the race just a little longer…" he said sadly

"Hey! That's the shame of being a second round loser" Luigi laughed playfully. Yoshi growled at the remark.

"Um, excuse me but, you lost in FIRST round!" he shot back. Luigi backed up and stammered

"W-w-well if Wario hadn't fart bombed me I wouldn't have passed out and fly off the track." The princess sighed

"boys lets not fight we need to get to the race. You coming Mario?" Mario nodded

"Lets- a-go" he shouted. The four of them ran down the hill and headed to the race. Meanwhile In another world called Earth, a blue blur shot by leaving behind a nice wind. It ran through a huge loop-de-loop and didn't stop till it reached a cliff that over looked a city called station square. The blur turned out to be a blue teenage hedgehog with spikes. He had a peach stomach and wore white gloves and wore red and white pointed shoes with yellow buckles on them. His name was sonic the hedgehog, the hero of mobius he ran at the speed of sound and has stopped numborous deeds from his nemesis Dr. Eggman. But today was also a special day here too! Today was the grand opening of the Sonic the hedgehog museum. But before Sonic went to the ceremony he decided to get some fresh air but just like Mario, Sonic had something on his mind. I wonder…

In the streets of station square… a long car was driving down the freeway, sitting in the front seats were a red floating circular robot, and a yellow cube like floating robot. Orbot and Cuebot and standing in the back was a robotic duplicate of Sonic, metal sonic. A video screen popped up and on the screen appeared a bald man in a red jacket with yellow buttons and he really needed to work out, plus he wore black pants with black boots, and he had a huge brown mustache. He spoke to the robots.

"Listen, I'm just sending you all a reminder how you only got ONE shot at this mission. So whatever you do DON'T screw it up!"

"Not to worry Doctor.." metal sonic spoke in his mechanical voice

"with the invisible car we should succeed… well me anyway, I'm not so sure about Orbot and Cuebot here…"

"Oh come on guys…" Cuebot said sadly

"When have me and Orbot ever let you down?" and there was this long awkward silence in the car. But Eggman broke the silence and asked

"Do you REALLY want me to answer that?" Cuebot was about to say something when Orbot hit him on the head.

"No… I'd prefer not…" Orbot responded.

"good now GET GOING!" then the transmission ended and the video screen went down. Cuebot turned on the radio to 105.7 and orbot turned on the car's invisibility cloak. As they drove down the street towards the museum.

So there's the first chapter, just so you know Mario and Sonic don't really meat until after a few chapters. And another thing, the events in Sonic's world are inspired by Megamind. So, I'm working on the next chapter. And hang tight .