Attention everyone! As time has passed, and I'm starting to see many flaws in this fanfic. In my free time I've been watching the Sonic series games and playing and watching the Mario series games. I even read the Wikipedia's of Mario and Sonic. And I feel It's just not sitting right with this fanfic. And it's gotten to the point where I am just fed up with it. Seriously, I can't even look at this story anymore! So I'm canceling this. Now, before you start saying "Please don't!" or something like that. Calm down please!

The reason I'm canceling this story is so I can make some major edits to it! And I will post a better version of the story called:

Mario and Sonic: Protectors of worlds: Lost past, discovered future

Trust me, it's going to be WAY better! I'll even have the first few chapters of it posted (hopefully)! By the time I update this…