Author's note: This story will cover the controversial topic of autism. Examples of autistic/disabled people being teased/bullied will be shown in the story.

Please note that this story will NOT make fun of autism or Down's syndrome. There is an overall moral to this story, which will be revealed as the story progresses.

Also note that this story will contain references and spoilers to Doctor Who Series 9. It is recommended that you watch the series in its entirety before reading this.

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Gallifrey, the Time War

The Time Lords were fighting the Daleks in the biggest war the universe had ever seen. Now, this was the days when the Doctor was just helping out behind the scenes, not directly fighting. This was the early days of the Time War.

The founder of Time Lord civilisation, Rassilon, was resurrected around this time in order to lead the Time Lords against the Daleks. He once again took his place as Lord President. At this time in the Time War, Time Lords were being sent out far and wide to combat the Dalek attacks. Indeed, many of them were killed or became missing in action.

Rassilon met with the members of the High Council in the Capitol. One of the Councillors began addressing the Council. "The Daleks are closing in on Gallifrey. Our bases on Karn and Elysium have been invaded many times. Every time the Daleks are defeated, they just seem to return with more Daleks. I fear that unless we take action now, we may not have enough Time Lord forces to withstand the Dalek threat."

Another councillor replied to the first councillor's point. "I agree that we must take action. I propose the enlistment of ordinary Gallifreyans into the military for the purpose of fighting the Daleks."

Rassilon had his hands clasped together, elbows on the table. He was looking down on the table, forehead on hands. When he heard the second councillor's proposal, he shook his head. The Chancellor somehow understood what Rassilon meant, and so told the two councillors, "Enlisting ordinary Gallifreyans into the military is impossible. They can't regenerate like us Time Lords can. Sure, our race can be tough and invincible, but we're not immortal. If we use up our regenerations, we die. Ordinary Gallifreyans die, they die."

The first councillor replied, "Then why can't we just allow them to regenerate?"

A third councillor, a woman, said to the first one, "Because they're mere peasants. We Time Lords are the elite of Gallifrey. If we let ordinary Gallifreyans have the same privileges as us, who knows what chaos would be unleashed. It would literally be suicide for us."

A fourth councillor, another woman, suggested, "What about the Looms?"

The third councillor replied, "No. No one believes in the Looms anymore. The Looms are the biggest farce in Gallifreyan history. If you want my opinion, they should have never have existed at all. We should be very lucky that the Sisterhood of Karn undid that curse, or we'd be having retarded Time Lords walking all over Gallifrey!"

Rassilon was listening to the conversation and suddenly had an idea. "Enough! I have a solution that I have been working on for many years from within the Matrix, but the plans are locked in the Omega Arsenal because, (sigh), it involves medding with the biology of other races.

"I got the idea for this solution from the Looms. As you know, when Gallifreyans are loomed, they are born children in mature bodies. From that point on, they had to become mature in their own way. I abolished them because too many people kept making fun of them. Also, the stories the Loom-born tell; they send chills into my hearts."

The first councillor asked Rassilon, "So, what does your solution involve, Lord President?"

Rassilon showed the High Council a hologram of a vial with green liquid in it. "This formula, when spread among a certain species, will not have any effect on that particular lifeform themselves, but it will have an effect on their offspring.

Rassilon displayed another hologram. "This is the Lifestream. The planet of Gaia is home to a race called the Cetra. They worship the Lifestream since it contains the life essence of everything on that planet, even the essence of the planet itself. Mako energy is found in the Lifestream. My formula generates Mako energy in an adult organism, which is passed down to their offspring. The Mako energy can then be transported through time and space, creating an infant Time Lord here on Gallifrey. In this way, I can create Time Lords from infant organisms without the need for a body."

The first councillor then asked Rassilon, "So, is this going to have any side effects to the target organisms?"

The Chancellor replied, "Who cares about side effects? Winning this war against the Daleks is our overall objective. All of time and space is at stake here."

"I'll admit that the reason my formula is locked in the Omega Arsenal isn't just because it meddles with the biology of other races. It's because of the side effects. There is a prophecy. According to the Matrix, there have been offspring from organisms who have been affected with my formula. The other normal organisms are having fun torturing those affected organisms," Rassilon said.

The first councillor asked, "Lord President, what are the side effects?"

Rassilon replied, "This isn't something the Matrix can predict. We'll just have to implement my plan and see for ourselves."

The second councillor told Rassilon, "Lord President, no one has taken anything out of the Omega Arsenal in over 400 years. If your formula is taken out of the Arsenal, then other Time Lords will see this as treason."

"Then I hereby give my decree. As of this day forward, access to the Omega Arsenal will be allowed only to Time Lords of high ranking. However, there is a weapon that will still be forbidden. May Omega help us all."

The second councillor asked, "Is it the Moment, Lord President?"

The Chancellor replied, "I think he knows what he is talking about. The Moment is the scariest weapon in the whole universe. None of us would even dare touch it."

On the other side of the table, the Visionary looks up from her drawings, gasping. "The… The… The… Hybrid… Oh, he burns amongst his kind and he shoots fear, into all our hearts…!"

The second councillor said, "The Hybrid? We've heard that same prophecy hundreds of times already!"

The first councillor replied, "Don't blame the Visionary. She's only repeating what the Matrix is foretelling to her. You can't help accidentally falling into the Cloisters and becoming one with the Matrix."

Rassilon sighed and said, "The Hybrid. Gallifrey's biggest threat, possibly the universe's. The Hybrid will unravel the Web of Time and destroy a billion billion hearts to heal his own. There is no explicit explanation for what species it actually is. Who knows if the Hybrid is Time Lord, Dalek or even, human?"

The camera rises from Gallifrey and descends towards Earth.

Fact File: Mako Energy (Final Fantasy VII)

An energy source used on the planet Gaia. The humans of the planet are said to be infused with this energy. Rassilon's formula contains Mako energy, which is passed down to the offspring of an organism.